Now they're pretending like people hate Asians...
Hashtag stop asian hate?? Fucking really , Google?




I cannot believe how racist these elitist corporations are... ALL they do ALL day EVERY day is sit around and figure out ways to pit one group of people against another.


It's disgusting and I hope Asians or some other group of people they target down the line with their fabricated pity party finally just tells them to shut the fuck up.
Pretty sure Asians are a proud people by culture (and otherwise) and I bet they sure don't appreciate a pitiful victim picture being painted over them with such a broad brush by power/money hungry corporate elites.

A proud, HARD working people... and typically with the highest intelligence of any group of people in the world. Asians should be offended and sickened by what's being suggested here.

It's being suggested that they're hated. Lies.

It's being suggested that they're all a bunch of victims. Lies.

It's being suggested that they can't do anything for themselves, poor things, so let a corporate tool speak for them all... right?

No fucking respect.

These racist elite fucks are the enemy of humanity.
Don't forget about what a harsh life being married to British royalty is!
Im so glad you said Asians, clearly you get it, cos Asian is a race, if you don't like the commie Chinese you get called a racist.
But Chinese is not a race. If you don't like Muslims you are racist too yet its ok to hate Jehovah Witnesses and feed Mormons hash cookies lol
I mean what is the harm from putting a little bit of bacon or vodka in some Muslims food? Dats RAYSIS!
it's prepositioning for china's aggressive mode.
rhombus will set you free.
My dog doesnt like asians , barks like a jerk at all of them . He is yellow lab pure bred many generations and is paying for it today by having his toe chopped off. All that pureness makes him get these fatty growths all over his body. Some mixing of races is good i think.
i feel the urge to also point out that official chinese mythology has them being created by dragon men from the moon. probably relevant with disclosure upcoming.
rhombus will set you free.
I heard a snatch of an MSM talking head saying something on the tee vee about rampant anti-Asian racism as I strolled by, and I was like

What The Fuck

are those assholes up to now?
Social media? No, my friend. Antisocial media. Cool

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