Avengers: Infinity War (2018) - Review & Commentary


Can I just say how stoked I am to watch this movie? I am actually watching just so I can see ScarJo as Black Widow. I am stoked on the Black Widow movie coming out soon, and I just wanted to see her in this.

I hear there is A LOT packed into this movie. A LOT. And it is damn near 2.5 hrs. long, which is gonna take me a while to watch. It'll probably take me the rest of the day. ROFL!

I am so excited though. I have never been purposely into the Marvel movies. I've seen some of them and they're great. I haven't seen any of the Avengers movies though, no Captain America or even the Iron Man sequels, so this is new to me.

Apparently like every single character in the Marvel universe makes an appearance in this movie, roflmfao. Nah I'm kidding, but I have read that there are a shit ton of different characters so I am pretty excited to watch.

1:40 what're these supposed to be aliens?? They look super weird, see this is why historically I've never been able to get behind these fantasy movies. I just can't get into the weird lookin' aliens and stuff, it just seems cheesy.

2:50 you know what... the fact that I HAVEN'T seen all the Avengers movies before this one is kinda becoming apparent. Seems like maybe I'm missing some information here roflmfao. Hopefully they explain enough.

5:10 wow that was pretty cool.

6:03 the alien is sorta growing on me though... he's sassy.

7:07 that was a really cool depiction of quantum entanglement right there, I've seen jewelry do that in real life.

7:35 ok, Loki is definitely my fave so far.

8:40 AGAIN they ALL stand back and let a big bastard strangle one of their people to death. Like WTF is wrong with these cowards??

Loki is the coolest character and they're just gonna go ahead and kill him off immediately?? Yeeeah this isn't turning out to be that great.

13:12 I see what they're saying... there's just an absolute shitload of famous people in this movie.

15:00 wow all this product placement/name-dropping is incredibly cheapening to the movie. I was taking it pretty seriously until just then.

17:10 it is a pretty funny movie though, very cute, I'll give it that.

18:43 "You never seen a space ship before!?" roflmfaolol.

21:55 coming from someone who has never seen these Avengers movies before, I did not expect them to be funny. Are they all funny?

IMDB calls it action/adventure/sci-fi, I don't see "comedy" anywhere. It's action/adventure, sci-fi, and comedy, that's how I would categorize it.

25:17 fuckin' Spiderman is in a precarious position.

25:55 this movie is some intense shit, but it is REALLY well made. I gotta hand it to 'em.

27:10 those portals they make are pretty cool.

27:30 wow, that metallic, glittery planet is like the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen. What if something out there really did look like that?

Definitely gonna rewind that.

28:37 the alien is playing a handheld game called "Arcade Defender" and I feel like that's a joke, and I think I get what it means, but I also can't explain it roflmfaololol.

Dude. Oh. My. God. Groot. Is. My. Spirit animal.

Lmfao I love that he's in this movie because GotG was never my cup of tea, I couldn't get into watching it and just never have. He is an amazing character and this was a very funny scene.

I want to see a movie of ONLY Groot.

34:30 the talking racoon, see this is an example of what really turns me off about these movies. It's just totally unbelievable.

42:45 what is this, the Hulk's planet or something? Is that why they're all green?

I gotta tell you, this movie is definitely not what I'd hoped for. Black Widow was just on but her scene was pretty short. Hmmm. And there's like an hour and a half left. Well. I think that surely the Black Widow movie will be so much better than this movie is for me.

44:30 wow this chick has a really interesting story.

56:15 Black Widow doesn't look as great as she could and it's all because of the hair color. It's a shitty horrible too-light blonde, what the fuck were they thinking?? They better do her so much more justice in her own movie.

TBH I don't think I can finish this movie. Not my shit!
(04-03-2021, 07:00 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: 8:40 AGAIN they ALL stand back and let a big bastard strangle one of their people to death. Like WTF is wrong with these cowards??

Seems to be a theme in these superhero/superpower movies.
omg you went into it blind! i consider this movie, and those leading up to it, a cinematic achievement. i didn't think they'd pull it off as well as they did, but they did.

i don't think you can look at this movie on its own. it's like the climax double episode at the end of a series.
rhombus will set you free.
That's what I was kinda thinking but man...

Even knowing that, I still don't think I would be into it.

It is extremely well done though, I agree with you there... totally amazing.
If it hadn't been for Black Widow, I would not have even thought of watching it!

So this is coming from someone who doesn't keep up with the Avengers or Marvel movies in general.
As someone who is totally unmoved by superhero movies in general, I will say that your commentaries are so great that it justifies the movies' existence.
You are very kind... thank you so much.

I have a few other things to say about it... let me just gather my thoughts.
What the FUCK were they thinking giving Black Widow that HORRIBLE, cool toned BLONDE hair???

The cut was great. The color?? A fucking ATROCITY. If I had been ScarJo, I'd have said FUCK this movie, that hair color sucks dick AND balls, and I am NOT doing this.

The Black Widow is supposed to have a black outfit and dark/red hair. BECAUSE THOSE ARE THE COLORS OF A BLACK WIDOW. NOT BLONDE. NEVER BLONDE.

If you look at Google images, ScarJo Black Widow, you can see that her hair is apparently the right color in other movies. I just cannot believe they did this to her in Infinity War.

I just looked at the poster for Black Widow (2021) and she has longer, darker, reddish hair, so at least they appear to be ATTEMPTING to do her right.

ScarJo is a beautiful woman who is GREAT in these action/superhero/supervillain/sci-fi roles and they at least need to do her justice.

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