W O O T !!!!
Dancing Banana 
It's Midnight! 

April 5th!

I'm feeling it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this day. 

One of the best days of the year imo.

By far.
Dancing Banana 
It's the Aries Solar New Year!!!

Group Hug
Also I've always hated Easter Sunday. For some reason I get this weird antsy existential dread throughout the day. It's been happening so long that it's probably just power of suggestion at this point. Although this year I actually had no idea it was Easter until that weird dread kicked in and I was like "shit, this feels like the Easter Jitters"; lo and behold. That happens a lot, I'm sure you know what I mean, where you're feeling a certain way and you just know it's a full moon, or Mercury in Retrograde, and you go and get confirmation. But the beauty of Easter falling on the 4th this year is that, coming out of it, we have the 5th, one of the great days of the year! So for me it's like out of the frying pan and into the rainbow. Rofl. #facts
Easter was great, I was really feeling the whole Jesus/Resurrection narrative.
Speaking of Jesus, kind of, I had a dream, around the onset of the pandemic, that Lucifer summoned me and I had to go into this massive chamber, like the size of a small planet, but it was indoors except the earth at our feet, which was rivers of lava and incredibly ornate stone paths and weird foliage, and a bunch of people were standing around dressed like extras in a rock n roll biopic, and Lucifer stood in the middle of this large stone circle, and he was fucking amazing to behold; over ten feet tall, and ... "punk rock" or "gothic" in a way that was so much more intense than anything fashion could hope to produce, rendering those terms useless, because they don't even come close to describing the sheer fucking glory of how wickedly and jaw-droppingly cool he was. It's more like those elements of fashion trickle down through our subconscious as an ode to HIM, but don't even come CLOSE to capturing it. No human being could even dream of TOUCHING his vibe, it was so absolutely beyond "aesthetic" or fashion or whatever the fuck. It was eternal. But he was also kind of decrepit. Like his skin was stark white, and his eyes were just jet-black almonds, no whites, and his lips were heavily grooved. He basically looked like a ghoulish Danzig, with a tiny bit of Eddy Munster, but that sounds too specific and, really, trite, to even vaguely come close. His presence invoked sensations that are beyond words, literally beyond words. In my dream, that is. I'm not saying I think Lucifer is real. I am merely trying to capture the essence of the dream. So I walked out onto the circle and he held this large velvety jewel-box looking thing down to me, and opened it, and there was this glowing orange key talisman thing, it looked like it was made out of freshly cooled lava, very porous and gnarly, but enchanted, and the people standing around all gasped in disbelief. And Lucifer said "take this. It'll make sense later". And I took it and it fused into my hand and forearm and disappeared, and then I woke up. Very (very) weirdly, I have since been able to play guitar W A Y better than before... better than I ever thought would be possible. (agitated voice) I'm not saaayyyiiing I think he upgraded my rock prowess, or that he's even real. I'm just saying, isn't that novel?
they are going to use sonic weapons on all of us near any city with population above 100k

just like those diplomats in Cuba , prepare to barf and feel dizzy and unable to function
Where you get your information from Guest?
(04-05-2021, 07:00 PM)Guest Wrote: they are going to use sonic weapons on all of us near  any city with population above 100k

Any old city with a pop above 100k, huh? lmao. 

Guest's process:

Deep Thoughts
(04-05-2021, 05:03 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Easter was great, I was really feeling the whole Jesus/Resurrection narrative.

Thats hella sexy

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