Alex Jones PHYSICALLY STOPS CAR full of migrant children about to be smuggled...

Hooooooooooooly fuck.
I'm not 100% convinced that they were being smuggled. It may be that there's just such an overwhelm of kids flooding in that they can't just wait on the proper seating. There's a possibility that the guy was scared and didn't trust the Jones posse to give him is ID or talk about his position and where the kids were going. When the cops showed up he immediately pulled out his ID, and the cops didn't arrest him--which I think is of note. The cops looked amused, and even one of the kids stuck his tongue out at the camera. The Mom just looked inconvenienced. That all said, I think it's fucking beautiful that Alex is trying to send a message, and seeing him try to not just stand in front of a 2-ton vehicle, but physically try and stop it, that's some superhero shit.
Well it was a suspicious situation in his opinion and he was going to intervene because he thought they needed to be protected...

He is right to blame them for putting the kids in the car that way without proper safety precautions.

What, they don't have to follow the same rules all the rest of us do? Oh, okay, I see how it is.
But yeah dude that was some hardcore superhero shit and even though I WILL ADMIT I didn't watch the whole vid...

I do appreciate Alex doing what he felt was right.
However I will say this you guys...

Alex has been making a lot of waves lately.

I hope my feeling about Alex being at least genuine for the most part was accurate.

That's all I'll say about it because I don't want to speak some unnecessary crap when you all get what I'm saying anyway.

These are sensitive matters, sensitive topics, and that's the truth.
(04-08-2021, 12:02 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: But yeah dude that was some hardcore superhero shit and even though I WILL ADMIT I didn't watch the whole vid...

I didn't watch the whole vid because, honestly? These kinda vids make me nervous. It wasn't the first 'Alex Jones in the wild' type of vid that I have simply just not been able to watch.
Here's the problem I really have with all this...

How are these "migrant" children getting here??

Why are they just suddenly coming on in??

Are the facilities really over capacity??

How many kids are there really??

What are they doing with them??

Is this simply human trafficking in plain sight??

Wonder what Alex says about it...

Heck I guess I should watch his show.

Anybody have ideas what his narrative is on this whole kids on the border situation??
Looks like this vid is gonna answer all my questions. I didn't know Harrison had his own show, he's a good dude.
I do think Alex is a little full of shit, he's kind of like walking click bait, and tends to sensationalize, and DEFINITELY tends to put a shit ton of spin on very complicated scenarios, etc. But that's part of why he's so successful and gets so much attention. Sensationalizing stuff is how he sells tickets. To me, the far cooler aspect of Alex is his spiritual beliefs and his ideas about trans dimensional aliens, God, good and evil, so forth. Also his chemistry with other people. I have a hard time watching his show on his platform, but if he's on anyone else's platform, I'm making popcorn.

TL;DR - His philosophy, which comes out when he's a guest, is more interesting to me than his philanthropy, which can be found daily on his show.

But I do like that he's taking a blowhorn to this issue, like directly to it, live, in action, because there needs to be a light shining on this shit, but here's the thing: I'd like to see him CONTINUE to fight this, and be passionate about it, and not just have it be a one time photo op.

21:00 more on the trafficking topic and what Alex thinks is really happening to these kids.

He basically said that they just disappear, and that's what I'm thinking too.
I also wanna give Alex props for calling out how evil circumcision is... I agree with Alex on a lot of stuff and I'm glad he speaks the truth.
There are so many kids that fucking NEED a super hero. 

Imagine how fucking amazing it would be if Alex actually started channeling his resources and energy into this fucking plague and started to make a real difference, not just in calling attention to it, but in altering the landscape in a super positive way. THAT would be heroic for real. 

Instead of moving on, stay with this and actually impact the situation HARD, like a fucking charging bear; mean business. 

He's fearless, he's got the resources, he's got the connections, he's got the DOCUMENTS, meaning he knows exactly how to target this if he wanted to take that on in full, as a life commitment.

Alex, if you ever read this... please, man... nobody is as equipped as you are to change the world and help these kids. Nobody. It's got to be you.

I get it, though. You're raising a family, you're also an entertainer, this might not be your calling. But ... you of all people would scare the shit out of the enemy. 

Here's to hoping.


"Men" are ordering these pregnant teenage girls?

What could they possibly want with pregnant teenage girls?

Well from a "future voter" standpoint, it's brilliant to round up all the very young pregnant women and bring them to have their babies in America...

They got rewarded for being pregnant. They were chosen to come to America because of it. What do you think they'll keep doing once they get here? With the 20+ years left of their childbearing years? Yup.

But what if the story is even more warped than that?

What else could they have planned for pregnant teenage girls?

Are these "men" basically ordering a tree about to bear fruit for them to eat, sacrifice, whatever?

I think with these kinda stories, the question is always how deep does the rabbit hole go?

Hell, these facilities holding people like sardines? If you didn't enter into one pregnant already, you might leave pregnant.

They want as many pregnant people as possible.
I mean, that's just creepy.
I'm sure there's no limit to the evil going on in the world but...

Come on, there HAS to exist the equal and opposite.

I think the question is age old, how do you stay 'good' when you know about all the evil!?

How does it not drive you either in one direction or the other in a definitive way?

People like Alex are hella mad all this shit is going on and even though Alex is highly trained...

Sometimes I think he goes against better judgement and vaguely loses control of himself.

I dunno, he's just an example of somebody who seems to be fighting mad over these issues.

It's CRAZY shit going down here, you guys...

But where are the holy and good things going down in the world??

Where is the equal and opposite force of light??

It's GOTTA be somewhere, because we live on the EDGE of balance.

Whenever something happens which restores natural balance, the shockwave is usually too intense for most lifeforms to survive.

That's how much of a correction would probably have to be done at this point...

Regardless, some always survive. We live right on the edge of balance and one tiny bit in one direction over the other gets SET STRAIGHT with HUGE consequences, so WHERE is the force of light?
If there's all this darkness and evilness in the world, where is the light???

Where is the force of good at work and exemplified??

I mean where the fuck IS IT!?!
It appears the most imporrant thing in mr jones life is food. And sex with his wife(russian spy/handler)
See right now i am waiting for my girl to feed me and its late, i am a big cat on the savannah

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