Russell Brand's YouTube Channel - Review & Commentary

A pretty good video, helps to gauge the general population's mindset about crypto...

The comments section at least at this point (the video was only posted today) is way less informed than I figured it'd be.

Russell continuing to do the Lord's work...

Slow Clap

Every time I get to thinking Russell is too liberal, I'm surprised by how red pilled he is in many respects.
Russell Brand presents: Kabuki Theater, starring Dr. Blofeld von Evil and Mini Me.


Seems like Russell is just going straight up gloves off these days, no holds barred...

For real.

And I'm glad.

I think he knows the time is now and this is what people want and need to understand.
its getting as bad as when the king of France in the 1600's wanted everybody to be only catholics and wanted to wipe out the protestant huegonots ... the elites are suffering from mental illness , compromise has left the building probably on purpose so we have a real civil war
It's the same kind of attitude people will have towards those who don't want to become cyborgs.

Just because we don't want unnatural shit in our bodies (with permanent and deadly fucking consequences), that makes us demonized.

It's ass backward and this world ain't the prize, muhfuckas...


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