Russell Brand's YouTube Channel - Review & Commentary
(04-08-2021, 06:17 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

It's crazy that even an hollywoodite such as Russell Brand is trying to sound the alarm on this shit!

That's how you know things have gotten out of hand pretty hard.

Really crazy shit, you guys.

Wow, I just cannot believe this.

Maybe we've underestimated some of these people.

These fucking videos man...

This shit is serious.

Are we to believe RB is a free agent?

Because I don't trust any of these hollywood fuckers...

Is this just another role he's playing, putting out sorta 'controlled opposition'???

I feel like it's NOT.

For real.

And you guys know how paranoid I am.

I haven't looked at his channel for a long time, years probably...

I was always under the impression that he was alt-lite and mostly full of shit.

But now I dunno, his titles certainly look very nonconformist, to say the least.

I might have to watch a couple more.

This convo today made me realize that I need to go apeshit on Russell Brand's videos, NOW.

I have been missing out on this dude's content for at least 6 months... he's been making better content for probably at least a year longer than that though, and I am not necessarily saying his stuff hasn't always been good.

But THIS shit?? This is life or death kinda shit right here, and Russell like many others appear to be taking a stand, damn the torpedoes.

Pretty interesting times.
TBH, he talks too fast.
I can deal with it, it's just...

Not somebody I'd typically listen to...

I just don't really jive that well with this dude.
He's an extreme Gemini, I'll just say that.

I'm not necessarily a huge fan of Gemini because sometimes they are just talking a bunch of shit, and some of them will even admit it.

And it's not even necessarily about deception with Gemini, like it would be with other signs, it's often harmless...

But it's unnecessary fluff BS that way too easily allows for confusion and obfuscation.

0:40 so far, so good.

I just wasn't expecting him to do this well, and I am very pleasantly surprised.

2:30 but I will say this, thank God for Geminis. Somebody's gotta be able to talk.

4:20 I think Russell is being a little too critical of these laws to protect police officers... come on man, they have been heavily targeted and attacked by a literal army of America haters, on American soil. Fuck that noise.

5:05 have to agree with Russell on this point though. That's a little too "social credit score" for my liking.

It's a slippery slope though, I'll give 'em that.

Damn... them's fightin' words right there.

So why are 'they' just allowing Russell to talk this way??

Do they not really care about him that much??

His film career just wasn't all that extensive??

Maybe that's what it is...

3 million subs isn't all that many compared to some YouTubers.

I am not sure what I ultimately think about Russell...

But I can't see how his content could help the evil agenda in any way, and that makes him okay in my book.

I wouldn't say his content is all that mindblowing as a general rule...

The videos in the OP were definitely excellent.

As for his older videos, I dunno...

I just get the sense that if Russell is genuine, he's only just now really decided to take a stand.

I think his newest videos are probably some of the best he's ever made on the topic of current events.

There are a lot of spiritualist topics on his channel and I'm sure those videos are probably really good.

But I am more interested in his view on current events right now.

It kinda looks like I need to raid Russell's closet.

3:42 he makes very good points.

6:10 I agree with him here too.

11:05 amen, Russell Brand!

So far I have been really pleased with his vids today.

This is 100% related to the topic of 23&Me,, and other well known DNA dataminers...

"23andMe & teaming up with social media giants to catalog userbase DNA"

"DNA being collected under the guise of finding 'true love' on a dating app"

I think Russell is playing it safe by saying the TV show is good, etc. I think he is just being polite.

I mean, it IS absolutely ridiculous. There is no way to take this shit seriously.

So he is right to make light of it, and after all, he's a comedian.

I think, all in all, Russell Brand is doing it right.
You know what, one reason I do kinda like Russell is because in some ways, he reminds me of myself.

I won't expound upon what correlations I see between us, but I think they are great qualities to have.
Its funny how kramer , rusty, and borat just aint funny anymore.

Oh he's definitely talking to me with this video!

Pretty intense topics he's discussing here...

1:50 doesn't sound like the kinda shit a tool would be saying, IMO.

I think he's genuinely trying to bring attention to how fucked up and undesirable all of this stuff really is.

4:40 he's kind of like Joe Rogan in a way. I can see what he's doing here. I don't really think RB is all that funny as a standalone, but I guess some people might think he's really super funny. This is kind of like the Russell Brand Experience. Only I think Russell is a little more likely to call shit for what it is on its face than Joe Rogan ever would.

The only real correlations between Joe and Russell are that they're both comedians who make vids online under their own brand.

It makes sense that a higher demographic of comedians would be enlightened since they are pretty intelligent people typically. But I discussed the dangers of the comedian label here the other day:

9:30 I think he's mostly genuine... but this video does become some kinda vaguely anti-police rhetoric. It's not like only the police are using this shit!!! ROFL!!!

14:38 he is right about that though.

These billionaire elite are some freaky lookin' motherfuckers!!!

You can't blame people for saying they might be aliens!!!
Elon is the most normal looking one but we have gone over how he isn't actually that rich, he's just a model/frontman/actor for the Tesla company.
Elon bald getting hair transplants lol
I am just a poor country boy lookin for some nice girlish bottoms

8:40 precisely.
Russel talks very fast , about 2 words per second

that's over 2000 words in that last 17 minute video

maybe he needs to be more choosey and pair that down I don't feel like my ears got good value

RB's doing good work.
Please lay on my couch. Time for papaya massage

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