Close Calls: A movie or show idea...
Dancing Banana 
If anybody with the ability to do can take this and run with it, fucking do it man, I wanna see this shit!

So the idea is a movie or an entire show/series of nothing but close calls...

People who get CLOSE to experiencing a dangerous, deadly, or life-threatening situation, but have NOOO idea what almost happened.

Like they never even realize they almost died or got hurt in whatever way. It could be ANYTHING, the possibilities are endless.

So it's all these close calls where people are just going around doing whatever obliviously, and the viewer sees everything that COULD HAVE happened, but the character remains totally oblivious that they almost just died.

I think it sounds super entertaining and could be thought provoking, or even useful... could show scenarios that are possible in everyday life and what could go wrong, as sort of a warning to people.

It could be very funny as well, it doesn't have to be serious, in fact I recommend it be a comedy for the most part. It can have serious shit in it, but ultimately it should keep a sense of humor.

Just an idea!
There may already be something like this out there! I dunno, it's just something that occurred to me a few mins. ago.

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