Marfoogle News is a sometimes useful, mostly annoying, dramatic doom whore...

He's had some great content, don't get me wrong... but I've been observing his channel for a while now, probably over a year, and this is what I've concluded.

I'm surprised his approach even works... I wonder if his audience has a high turnover rate.

I've seen him do some cool stuff in the past, but when there's nothing going on that he can investigate in person, it's boring and he mostly just exaggerates in an almost clickbaity kinda way.
They just want money I think, and its a travesty, that all people think about now is money.
I told it 10 years ago we were entering the age of selfishness.
There is nothing wrong with money, but its just a thing, like a rock, or a random piece of plastic flying down the street.
Its how you get money and what you do with it which is what determines you as a soul.
You can't take the shit with you.

Have you watched the film Troy with Brad pitt?
Where he plays Achilles?
He tells the boy, "That is why no one will remember your name".
Think about how many times people think of your name now Achilles the murderer?
Not often.

2:55 Marf thinks space weaponry is causing these ship fires.
I definitely don't 100% agree with what Marf says in this vid.

I think he's a doomwhore, and the truth is in the middle somewhere...

But, shrug. Who knows. I think he underestimates the level of the games they play...

"Real things" may be going on, but they're still orchestrated, so what about that??

I dunno... Marf is decent but he's not 100% trustworthy not to be a doomwhore.

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