I just used an electric shaver for the first time!

Can't believe I used that caveman razor bullshit for so long, this electric shaver shit is amazing!!!

Super FAST and I don't think this will cause any razor bumps on my extremely sensitive skin.

We'll see though. I was scared to use it but then I just went fucking ham with it in the shower.

From what I can tell it gets a close shave even around the knees where because of all the curves it's super hard to get all the hair.

But it really did a great job and I am stoked.

I'm the type who doesn't care much for shaving and mostly wouldn't do it, historically I have gone without, and those were great times in my life.

Regardless, the seasons and cycles of life do their thing and now I am back to seeing how I can get an easy shave in the least amount of time.

I dunno, it's the little things in life I guess.
My ankles are feeling a little itchy though.

God I hope I don't regret this.

My skin is crazy sensitive and I don't see how this is any different from regular razors which cause me so much razor burn on my legs.

I should have done a patch test on one leg, but I like instant gratification.
Literally cannot cut yourself with an electric razor, it's fucking magic!!!

I can be totally careless and still not get cut!!!
I guess I should clarify it's the first time I've used an electric shaver on my actual body, I've used one on my head before ;)
Do you mean clippers like you shave your head? Or like those Braun shavers?
Cos ive tried the best of the best Philips, it wont eat through my whiskers.
I didn't know you had facial hair that's cool dude lol
I had a haircut I used to maintain with an electric shaver.

You'd be surprised what you can do with an electric shaver as far as cutting hair.
(04-24-2021, 01:23 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I had a haircut I used to maintain with an electric shaver.

You'd be surprised what you can do with an electric shaver as far as cutting hair.

I don't think you understand just how much hair we have to deal with on this side lol
Well it's been all day, and so far I don't see that it's upset my skin too much. Ankles and some other midcalf areas sorta irritated but it's not bad.

I have to say it's not the closest shave, but for how easy and fast it is with no risk of cuts like with regular razors, I think it's worth it.

I'm kinda special needs and a bit of a tard, I don't like to be in control of sharp objects, I use blunt edge scissors etc., so this is a great solution for me.

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