Is all this cyber attack BS just an excuse for them to use the internet kill switch??
Just a couple examples of recent stories in the news about these cyber attacks...

We know the meat plant attacks are BS smokescreens furthering the global anti-meat agenda, they want us all vegan and malnourished/retarded.

But what about the other attacks? Is it just to disrupt the supply chain?

Doesn't make that much sense that an internet-wide kill switch would be used over these cyber attacks because obviously the places being attacked need their internet connection to function properly...

Maybe they're just trying to roll out targeted internet shutdowns and this is the excuse.
more than likely knowing how these creeps operate

the fact you cannot find one single u.s soldier torture video after two decades in Iraq and Afghanistan tells me all I need to know about how much control they already have over ever single facet of the internet ...oh but help yourself to thousands of drug cartel beheadings
ransomware is amateur shit. teenager shit. give me free money cus i'm angsty and found CIA Tools shit. third world shit.

i call BS.

if we were this vulnerable, consider the tactical weakness that would pose. they could have hit multiple pipelines, food plants, and healthcare systems simultaneously. we could be crippled before a hot war. would this be allowed?

it's like the capital on jan 6 and before. was there ever really any security? at this point, i say no. there is no actual security because there are no actual enemies. the exposure of that, however, prevented enemy action. that's what i conclude this BS is. OH NOEZ, THEY HACKED THE PIPELINE. it's fixed and they can't do that. OH NOEZ, THE MEATZ@ ..fixed. we know your plan. we're ahead of your plan. your plan is an idiot, and you've already lost.

the tomfoolery ends soon.

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