presently, doesn't allow just anyone to stream to their main site. they do allow people to stream to the edge nodes, though. they've had a program going in which one may accumulate 300 followers and 200 hours of content watch time through the edge node streaming to get a full on streamer key. they are now holding an event on friday where they are more actively combing through the edge nodes to find new streamers. i reckon they want to beef up content ahead of mainnet 3.0 launch.

i had been farming followers through edge streaming for a while, but got discouraged as literally no one was trying to watch edge streams, just farm up their own 300 followers. this thursday even is a really good chance for me, and everyone else, to get in on prior to the meteoric rise of theta as a brand. i would love to be able to stream in HD on their network to show off all of my interdimensional entity captures, make NFTs, and doing some gaming as well. don't think i'll ever give that up, though i'm certainly feeling like an old man playing certain games these days.

you need to download and install the edge node in order to watch edge node streams. it also lets you stake TFUEL, and earn TFUEL by sharing bandwidth and/or computing power. partnerships with sony and samsung mean you will see this around you fairly soon. software updates will put the edge node software onto ps5 and samsung tvs.

while started out as, a gaming stream service like twitch, they do seem to be putting focus onto non-gaming related streams such as nasa, cryptocurrency, art, and even a politics section. i look forward to being able to express myself politically there in the future, when my type aren't so assassinated.
Please tell us about NFTs and show us the way!

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