In celebration of the Ring of Fire solar eclipse, I will be reading a book that will
The Code To The Matrix 
by James Evans Bomar III 

as read by ‘Savvy Serpent’

Book description: 

This is everything you need to know right now and if you are reading this then you are the Resistance. We will come together, We must.


This is my first time reading this book; 

I have not read ahead or tried to look up correct pronunciations for names, sometimes I mispronounce things, some field noise, occasional misreads but for a first take and never having read the material and being so unprepared I think it came out great. 

Please enjoy and share wherever you can! This is amazing material and needs to be heard by all.

Also this is not monetized in any way, and is offered freely on many places online. I trust Mr. Bomar would be pleased that I could help spread this material, 

Thus we will not worry about any copyright. 

This needs to be heard.
You know what I think is interesting?

This is my personal story and perspective about this current eclipse cycle...

I am still totally quenched by the 2017 eclipse.

For real.

That eclipse experience was dank and dope enough to last me a lifetime.

But it's cool that eclipses keep happening.

What I would assume is that because I'm so intensely unaware of this current eclipse dynamic, I will probably be super effected by it! lerl!

So that sounds cool and interesting, sounds mysterious so I will just let that do its thing, cuz I am not going to look into any astrology vids surrounding the eclipse...

Mini Dancing Banana BESIDES THIS ONE!!!!! Mini Dancing Banana
Hearing the crickets and other night time creatures in the background is just off the hook with this recording!!!

You have a great speaking voice too, I really think you are doing the right thing producing content of all kinds...

Sharing things you're interested in like this is so great and whether you're singing, playing instruments, reading aloud, all that matters it that you create!!!
(06-10-2021, 12:11 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Hearing the crickets and other night time creatures in the background is just off the hook with this recording!!!

You have a great speaking voice too, I really think you are doing the right thing producing content of all kinds...

Sharing things you're interested in like this is so great and whether you're singing, playing instruments, reading aloud, all that matters it that you create!!!

I have to say something MO, 

I don’t really even want to talk about this on any other forums but I have to say this, 

Something happened when I made that recording. 

I don’t need to make anything up you already are so supportive of what I make, you love it anyway and have always been encouraging, 

So I hope you see that I wouldn’t need to make some fanciful bullshit up to try to make it seem more impressive to you, 

I’d be doing myself a much graver disservice to do something so idiotic and deceitful as lying for the sheer sake of theatrics. 

Which is why I feel that I can ONLY tell you, though I did tell my mom too I was so shook up like very empowered and stronger than ever and more rooted in my own convictions than ever before but it was a freaking rush like you wouldn’t believe! 

I’m gonna just say this and get it out there. 

I was sitting outside I made that recording probably about 4am or so. 

When I was done reading, before I had even listened back to the recording, I hear this voice that sounds very far away almost like when you’re at a fair or a music festival and you can hear someone on stage or from a loudspeaker and I can only make out the sound of some very distorted garbled yelling a male voice gravely, almost like cartoonish. Kinda reminded me of Pete from like Pete and Goofy, I’ll find a YouTube to show you an example. 

It kept getting louder and it’s just ferociously yelling screaming like I thought maybe someone in the house was watching a movie or listening to something or maybe my boss was watching something on YouTube like a fight or something but I went inside to tell them to turn down the speakers a little bit cause I could hear it way outside. 

But everyone was asleep. 

I honestly felt like crying for a little bit because I thought I really had just lost my mind that was my first reaction was something snapped in my head and I’m crazy I’m just hearing some shit. 

But I snapped out of that thought also and was I know the difference between an audible hallucination or an imaginary voice in my head and if someone were outside or in the house making a big commotion so what’s really going on. 

And I go outside and I can hear the voice from off in the woods or these bluffs but it sounds very large whatever it is it is something huuuuge but even that book said the Nephilim those giants don’t exist in physical form anymore only spiritual forms. 


And then I realized why it was angry.

Whatever shit is in this book, whatever shit I’m reading out loud..

I mean honestly, I hadn’t even read this book before or looked at it much at all and just started reading it, 

Okay all I knew was that it’s free use not copyright protected and can be shared freely, I also knew that it only existed as an audio book on YouTube but read in an AI computer lady voice and ppl had commented that they wanted a narrated version like someone actually reading it, and that I’d thought about doing audiobooks before. 

I love my reading voice way more than my singing voice and I love my singing too haha but I could read out loud all day long haha but that’s just my own weird ego haha but fuck it. My point is, I just thought it was cool alternative history comparative religion esoteric kinda conspiracy book. 

But SOMETHING whatever the fuck that was, MO. 


There’s something to this. 

I was communicating with it, every time I’d go back to my phone I had the description box opened up on soundcloud typing things up getting ready to put it online and every time I’d go to finish uploading it that thing starts screaming again MOTHER FUCKER YOU BETTER FUCKNG NOT IM GOING TO KILL YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU YOURE GOING TO PAY MOTHER FUCKER I HATE YOU. 

And I said GOOD! 

I said do you realize that your hatred and your violence and your rage towards me, you realize that it makes me SO SO much stronger than even I thought I could be!? 

I said I ALREADY believed whole heartedly in there being more to this world more to existence more to my identity more than just this body or my mind more even than just merely my soul but there is something more and I knew that I was a very real key component in this whatever ‘this’ is. I ALREADY believed that. 

So I told it, BUT NOW?!? Hahaha holy shit I mean I’ve got you popping up now out of the blue like where the fuck have you been hiding? Oh you didn’t want me then but what’s wrong! Now I’ve got you by the big giant demongod demigod balls? Well now you’ve just made yourself manifest to me, you fucked up honestly. 

If you hate me so much come on go ahead I’m giving you permission and authority I’m saying right now if you are SO angry SO violently enraged at me then show yourself come down or out of wherever you are and SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT. Strike me down right here. You have my permission. Hit me with your best shot. 

And it can’t do shit. 

It tried being very whimpery nice and mad but like lol kinda like a big kid that’s still a kid like he is a big fucking mean bully at school and a little shit wanna be badass all tough but then mom show up at the principals office and big crocodile tears BUT MOM OKAY MOM FINE WELL PLEASE MOM FINE ILL MOW THE YARD ILL DO THE DISHES ALL WEEK MOM JUST DONT TAKE XBOX AWAY PLEEEEEEEAUUSSSSSEEEEE MOM ILL DO ANYTHING lol like big fat ass mean kid but sounding super fucking pathetic and lame
And you’re like dude just chill out NO WE ARENT GOING TO MCDONALDS you little shit eat your damn graham crackers I brought for you in the car we can eat when we get home you got a snack
Right there you’ll be fine YOUR FINE okay you keep crying you’re grounded TWO weeks then how’s that sound? 

Like that’s the type of dynamic and this real pathetic blubbering loud blubbering DONT DO THIS TO ME FINE ILL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO ME TO DO FINE YOU WANT ME TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE FINE ILL GO TO HELL IF YOU WANT ME TO GO TO HELL FINE ILL LEAVE JUST DONT DO THAT TO ME,PLEASE DONT DO THIS TO ME now it’s got a mad pouty still crying pleading sound and I said..

Hahahahaha bro just stop. You thought you could get one over on me?

Like I don’t ALREADY KNOW that this is hell. You dumb fuck. You just wanted ME to grant you the authority to be here since you are here without permission as an invader in this realm, you and your whatever nephilim annunaki giant buddies.

I said that’s all you got? Big scary loud booming voice. Throw something at me, hit me, take me out. Knock me out. Throw a lightning bolt at me fucks sake come on I thought you had powers? You’re pretty freaking lame. Lol I’ve done a freaking SIGIL MAGICK SPELL once that worked so efficiently it got me out of jail in a very supernatural manner like reality moving a mountain or something I said so that was just me making some scribbles and yet you are this big magnificent spiritual thing that’s soo ancient and you and your kind have been idk supposedly y’all are pretty fearful but I gotta say you don’t really impress me. I’ve taken poops scarier than you. 

I said but no thanks for making this all very very real to me and taking away virtually any last little bit of doubt I may have had left in my mind but you better do something cause I’m putting it online 

And I put it up and it just kept screaming for a while but then it just disappeared I stopped hearing it. 

So now it makes me wonder,

Is it actually very very very weak? Is that it? It can scream at you and make loud commotions and make threats but it can’t do anything to you just make you scared??

Or am I actually very much stronger than I let myself believe? 

I will say this, I know most people would’ve freaked the fuck out the second they hear some big giant spirit voice screaming and yelling at them threatening to kill them and rip them apart limb from limb yeah idk most people would have had a mental breakdown honestly. 

I honestly believe I’ve eliminated most all of the fear I had left. Thanks to that experience. 

I know I sound nutso but I had to share that with you! 

Curious to hear what you think, I mean let’s pretend I’m not crazy, let’s pretend that really happened...

I mean damn I’m really starting some shit aren’t I? ?

This is almost EXACTLY what that things voice sounded like.
Dude you summoned a nature spirit...

That's what I gather.

Some of them ain't nice.

Leprechauns are not nice, but they're still out there.

What about fairies!? It's not all dolphins/rainbows with them either, amigo!!!
I am just saying... let's not be too quick to judge the origin of certain conjured spirits though, like, who really made it? There are sentinel spirits out there. There are spirits that come from other dimensions, there are 'manufactured' spirits (which really are just organic too, but they're made BY organics)... there are all kinds of spirits with all kinds of origins.
The power surrounding this whole thing is CRAZY!

The eclipse, the magic in the air, it's like static!

Fuck, I hadn't noticed it before and I swore I wasn't gonna acknowledge the whole astrological aspect of it, or really any sort of metaphysical aspect of it, but...

Figures it'd turn out to be all supernatural and shit!

Figures it'd demand my attention this way!
This was hardcore.

Like way hardcore, I just wasn't expecting this.
(06-10-2021, 04:33 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: This was hardcore.

Like way hardcore, I just wasn't expecting this.

Hell yes. 

It sure is!

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