Tucker Carlson under fire for being too honest!
Sad Nana 

Uh oh...

Well I guess Fucker Carlson done goofed!

I mean, he was actually kinda growing on me TBH...

I have talked a lot of shit about him, but in all reality, I do like the guy.


Strange days indeed, folks.
I think "false pragmatism" is really generous of Styx, lol. Jesus, man. How/where does he get this information, I wonder? On one hand, it seems so obvious that this is happening (US and Brits scratching each other's backs with data sharing as a loophole to invade privacy of their respective citizens), but on the other it would be really damning if provable. So is Styx just being his usual brilliant self and putting two and two together, or is there any documentation of this activity?

I wish we could see Jeb Bush eating the Illuminati Owl. That's how you Minecraft, motherfuckers. Please, NSA?


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