Dude, the global headlines about Biden are baaaad...

"Biden continues to 'demonstrate his non-public dementia diagnosis' almost every day"

That's BAAAAAAD. lol!!!!!!!
Big Sad Nana
So sad that they put these mega elderly senile folks in these ultra serious positions...

It's just total abuse.

Like yeah, Joe's a freako perv from way back in the day, and that's probably the least of his bad qualities...

But it doesn't mean he deserves to be treated in an inhumane way at this juncture.

These mega elderly politicians need a permanent visit to a real nice geriatric ward and younger folks need to take over.
"Winter is coming, Joe Snow."

Seems like Grandpa Biden is being set up for a fall.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
Creepy Joe has alluded to the possibility that something may happen to him and Kamala would have to take over.

If you ask me, Kamala is already calling the shots. That doddering old senile fool Creepy Joe lacks the mental capacity to run the country.

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