Excerpts from Elon Musk's Ongoing SolarCity Legal Battle
The entertaining vitriol being spilled here is between Musk and the opposing team's Lawyer (last name Baron) with very brief input from Musk's lawyer (last name Chesler). The spans of time between dialogs are indicated by a series of asterisks " ***** "

Quote:Musk: You do realise that it’s been a century, a century since any American carmaker has reached volume production. One hundred years, that’s how hard it is. Many have tried; they’ve all failed. And here you are attacking a company that has done this, done this good thing for the United States, ultimately something that benefits you and the world.

Baron: To bail out Solar City?

Musk: You are a shameful person. 

Baron: To bail out Solar City was good for the world you’re telling us?

Musk: Advancing solar is absolutely good for the world… Do you just think about money? Is that your motivation? What is your purpose in life?

Baron: My purpose is to try to get honest answers out of you, Mr Musk. I’ve not been successful thus far.

Musk: Why do you do anything?... What motivates you? Is it money?

Baron: What motivates me now is to try to actually get honest answers from you, Mr Musk. So let’s see if I can achieve that. --

Musk: Yes, I was aware that there was debt Tesla was taking on. 

Baron: Do you recall how much?

Musk: Not the exact number

Baron: Let me show you a document

Musk: People like you make me sad about the future and sad about America. 

Baron: It is not my intention to make you sad, Mr. Musk.

Musk: Instead of doing useful things, you do this. Instead of making things, you destroy.

Baron: That was not a joke?

Musk: No, it wasn’t. How do you live with yourself?

Baron: Go to page 11 of this presentation, please.

Musk: Are you a happy person?

Baron: I’m an extremely happy person.

Musk: That’s tragic. You shouldn’t be… You must have no conscience. Yes, that rings true. I can tell by the laugh.

Baron: So do you bully people all the time? Is that sort of your regular course of conduct?

Musk: No, that’s your job. 

Baron: I’m just asking you questions. I have not insulted you once, Mr. Musk. 

Musk: You are a professional.

Baron: Mr. Musk, I have not insulted you once. You’ve insulted me a number of times. Is that just your regular course of conduct? Is that your regular course of conduct, to insult people because they ask you questions?

Musk: You are a professional bully. That’s what you do for a job… you chose that as a job. 

Baron: I’m asking you a question, Mr. Musk.

Musk: Why did you choose that job?

Baron: I’m asking you the questions. My question is: Are you a bully to everybody or is it just in this particular context?

Musk: Why did you choose professional bullying as a career?

Baron: All right. We’ll move on.

Musk: That’s very sad.

Baron: I’m the one that gets to ask the questions. I’ll keep asking them until you walk out and then I’ll bring you back.  

Musk: You just want to waste everyone’s time and be a blight on the economy. 

Baron: Again you insult.

Musk: Statement of fact

Baron: You do acquiesce to me moving on, though, right?

(Musk’s lawyer): I endorse it, affirmatively

Musk: There could be a name for a like a new pack of water, “acquiescence”.

Baron: Aqua essence.

Chesler: If you start the company and I can invest, the answer is yes.

Musk: It’s like when Will Smith’s son, Jaden, he came by before doing Just Water. And he wanted to ask my advice on, like, starting his company. I said “Okay. Well what is it?”. And they literally said, just water. I’m like are you serious?


Musk: It was back when LIBOR and everything was basically zero. It’s London Inter-bank Offered Rate, which, by the way, turned out to be like gamed by all the banks. It was shenanigans. 

Baron: So it was a waste of time and we sued them.

Musk: Oh did you sue them?

Baron: Of course.

Musk: Did you win?

Baron: Of course.

Musk: Okay. Well, good one. That’s a good one. 

Baron: I’m glad you approve. Now you like me?

Musk: No. Don’t jump to conclusions. 

Baron: All right. So let’s just talk about the solar bond.

Musk: I’m not saying they are all bad. I think the percentage of class action lawsuits that are good is not a good batting average. That’s my issue with the class action stuff. So you can point to the things like the LIBOR stuff; that’s good. And obviously there’s other shenanigans that are good, but then, you know, when you run out of real shenanigans, then you look for the fake ones and that’s like this one. And this is not good and you are causing trouble.

Baron: All right.

Musk: Causing trouble, sir. 

Baron: All right. So let’s go on to this.

Musk: I’m certainly not going to listen to Moody’s. Those guys got it wrong all the time. Look at 2008. They screwed the pooch super hard. You probably sued them too. Did you?

Baron: Actually, yes.

Musk: Is there anyone you haven’t sued? 

Baron: A few people.

Musk: Okay. Do you drive a gasoline car?

Baron: Yes.

Musk: How embarrassing. You can afford an electric car. Save the environment.

Baron: I’m one of the few. 

Musk: Why do you hate the environment?

Baron: I haven’t sent a rocket into space, so I haven’t hurt the environment doing that.

Musk: What is it, a Mercedes, an Audi? Is it a diesel Audi?

Baron: Nope.

Musk: Okay.


Musk: We were trying to figure out -- as I said, what is the most morally and legally right way to provide interim financing for SolarCity. One of the paths would have been Tesla providing that bridge financing. That is most common in a transaction, public or private. However the the thought was, well, you know, there is going to be some set of jerks that file a lawsuit against us -- that being you -- and so what is the most defensible thing we could do? And that’s working out with the solar bonds.

Baron: That’s when you said 'the most defensible thing we can do is for insiders to buy the bonds'.

Chesler: Objection to form. Don’t answer that question. He’s just…

Musk: Don’t worry. Specifically because we knew some jerk, like you, would file a suit and so what is the most morally and legally defensible way to provide interim financing? Solar bonds seemed like the best way to do that. We could have done it from Tesla but better to do it with solar bonds. Now you know the answer. It’s you.

Source: Elon Musk’s SolarCity suit deposition: the highlights | Financial Times (ft.com)
Musk was in court having this dialog while Branson flew into outer space with civilians and then landed safely, literally launching the era of commercial space fairing. Quite a contrast.
Elon learned it from me...

He's definitely an annoying bitchboy on some levels, but I think that's an act...

He's throwing their own BS in their faces because he knows they can't say no.

It's actually brilliant. I remain proud of Elon, and I mostly like the dude.
He shouldn't be sad that they got people into space commercially. It's not that impressive what they've done anyways, though it's a good step in the right direction...

There's still plenty of time for Elon to do what he needs to do and I think he will.
Yeah, it was kind of absurd for me to lump them together. Branson and Bezos are the ones gunning for commercial space activity. Elon is gunning to colonize Mars (among all kinds of other things) and thereby increase our odds of surviving as a species. Big difference there. That said, I still do wonder if Musk is lowkey going for the minerals on Mars. You have more faith in him than I do, but I'm open to the hope that he's genuinely not motivated by money and is altruistic.
Even the commercial space activity is all about mining.

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