How the fuck are people STILL hanging out on Instagram posting pics of themselves??
Aren't they just straight up OVER IT yet???
I mean this has been going on for YEARS.
Aren't they tired of fuckin' posting pictures of themselves on there?
They ever gonna get fuckin' tired of it?
Shit, I guess not.
One thing that fucks me up is seeing the young chicks get older...

Lmao, now listen. I am NOT shit talking. I am NOT.

I'm also a chick who was once young but did the getting older incrementally thingy as well, it's not an insult, it's an observation...

And what always happens is the loss of the youthful, healthy, skinny frame.

Life gets weird and stupid, they can't find good men or they're with a stupid man, they're struggling on their own making bad decisions...

Whatever the case may be...

Inevitably the pudginess happens.


Now, of course it can be a passing phase...

That's not to say they'll STAY pudgy, it happens to us ALL, ESPECIALLY after 30, etc.

I get it, I get it.

But I personally get to this point where if I see fat starting to collect anywhere that makes me feel uncomfortable in my clothing or just AT ALL?? I will only exist in that state for a short amount of time before I decide it's time to either make exercise a HABIT in my life, or dabble in anorexia again. I am just being real.

This time I've hit that cycle, and I've made a choice to take months making daily exercise a habit... making it a habit over a long period of time is the way to success. Having a toned, fit body is better than anorexia, but doesn't sound as easy... mentally, it's a huge deal to get to the place (as a formerly inactive person) where you are truly ready to move your ass and sweat it all out every single day.

When I started exercising for hours a day every day, I realized the body responds to that kind of care in a very eager way. Anyone can do it, but I am sure it's harder for some people than others depending on their genetic situation or whatever, I am not an expert. I just know that there comes a time (especially as a woman) when you gotta make a fucking choice... and I will also say that you do it for yourself, not anyone else or even the idea of anyone else. When you do it for yourself is when it really works.
It is true that the people who go to the gym every day and enjoy an absolute command over their diet ARE totally fit even through their 60's. I know some of them. Anyone can do it, really.

I can't go to gyms; it's just not an environment that I feel comfortable in at ALL. I feel way too aware of myself and everyone around me, and so I just can't relax and get into it. I feel that way whenever I get around groups of people that might be described as "yuppies" (back in the day); just generally healthy boring smug white people. I get deeply irritated by humans when I see them cluster together all doing the same shit, like they're ants or cows at a trough. I start to get this unhealthy impulse-thought, like "would it really be that bad if a meteor wiped the slate clean...?"

That said, I have found something that really works (for me), and I mean this shit WORKS, and it only involves 2 things.

1. Intermittent fasting (no eating before noon or after 6, but I'll stretch it to 11am - 7pm); no processed foods or heavy meals. 2 reasonably light meals a day. The most important thing is no late night snacking. That's the kiss of death.

2. Walking at least 2 miles (round trip) a day.

I have lost most of my dad bod weight doing this. At my peak I was 240ish, and now I'm hovering around 185, which is close to optimal for my height (a little over six feet).
No need for a gym... there are certain foundational principles of movement you gotta grasp and then you can do it anywhere. I think the gym thingy is just a social phenomenon... some people need that, I don't.
I will also say that being boring holds a lot of people back... some people hate exercising (repetition, etc.) and just won't do it, but they also won't do anything alternative, like dancing.

Who doesn't like to dance? Sure, maybe you suck at it like I do, but at least you can do it somewhere no one will see you, lol! It's just about moving your body, and for lazy people, it can be a hack into fitness.

It starts as dancing and then you realize what's really happening is targeted movement and working out those fatty areas. I call what I do "dancing" as an excuse, it's really just targeted movement.

There are other layers to it, but from a sort of 'exercise' standpoint, that's all it is, and that's all you have to know.

No need for gyms or any of the typical soulless boring shite you think of when you hear 'exercise'.
This is part of the reason there are so many fatasses out there today.
(07-13-2021, 07:46 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Aren't they just straight up OVER IT yet???

I was just reading that Facebook owns it. I had no idea. I'm out of the loop. Definitely not surprised. 

What about TikTok? (Retching noise). Look, here's some dude doing a backflip off a building top and hitting the ground running and then flipping over an alligator and shitting into a cup in midair while ripping his shirt off with his free hand to share his tattoos. Actually that wouldn't be half bad. I'm doing the content too much justice with that.
(07-13-2021, 01:57 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Who doesn't like to dance? 

I think this is a great question. I can't imagine that there's anyone who just "hates dancing". It's definitely more about social awkwardness or fear. I LOVE dancing, and I suck at it too. I seriously doubt you suck at it. If that's you dancing in that beach video, you know the one, then you are full of it, because that was amazing. I dance like an Indian trying to make it rain, lol.
I have never darkened the halls of TikTok nor would I, but since it's centered around doing a ton of stupid dances, my guess is most users on there are both not fat, and also 12.

I think dancing is an incredibly natural inclination and I just can't imagine people not liking to dance, even the most boring people out there... but the fact is, some people don't.
And I wanna say this...

There are some gorgeous women on my Instagram feed (that I rarely ever look at BTW, but very occasionally I do)...

They're not all thin super model chicks, but they are very beautiful...

I am not saying they're unattractive...

I am saying that when you get fat it's because there's something wrong.

Just the same as being too thin, there's clearly a problem.

There's a balance that can be struck but it usually takes people taking a trip a little too far into the fat zone before they find their groove.

You can be a traveler passing through the fat zone... just don't stay there.

Where does the motivation to get out come from?? It may seem like it has to come from somewhere, but the truth is it's a choice you make within yourself, and it depends on only you.

Just start moving, even if it's a little at a time, every day... even a little bit is better than nothing, then you work your way up, and it becomes habit. The path to making it a habit can be fraught with hardships though, fair warning...

Once you make the decision to better yourself and your body, you better watch your ass because the devil and all his minions are gonna come out of the woodwork and try to kill your progress. You'll be shocked the kind of bullshit that will happen just to try and shake you back into your old ways.
I'll also say I reached a great point with my body before deciding to take up a daily exercise regimen.

I wasn't fat by any means, not even chubby by my own standards, but I was definitely... fucking delicious if I may say so myself.

I looked delicious, felt even more delicious, and it felt fucking good to feel that way. I felt great being slightly too pudgy for my own comfort... UP TO A POINT.

And I remember exactly when that point happened... I remember looking at and feeling myself and realizing the ABSOLUTE HEIGHT of feeling INTO those curves, and the comfort and warmth of it all.

Then after that, probably no more than a week or two, I was lollygagging around as one tends to do, and realized that I tipped over the scale from juicy, to danger of just being a sugary sticky mass. Gross!

At that point, I said you know what, fuck this. It was nice feeling that delicious bodaciousness deep down inside, but now we've gone into extreme comfort zone territory, and I'm not having it.

It takes deciding that you just aren't gonna be fat, and you're doing it for your own sensory experience, bottom line.
(07-13-2021, 02:31 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I was definitely... fucking delicious if I may say so myself.

That's a big FUCK yes. 

Quote:It takes deciding that you just aren't gonna be fat, and you're doing it for your own sensory experience, bottom line.

This is pure truth. I am relating to this so hard that I can feel it in my butt cheeks. It's like I want to flex them right now to release some energy from the muscles because I so completely grok this. When I start to fall off, my sensory experience starts to SUCK, so much so that the fear of experiencing that suckage is greater than whatever fears were causing me to gain weight. So it's not like I'm super disciplined, I just want to feel good. I feel SO much better where I'm at with my body, and just a tiny bit in the wrong direction and I'm back to the suck. Sensory experience is an amazing gauge! I'm so glad you brought this up. I think this is so huge, to know this and let it serve you.
The secret to having fun at the gym is steroids. Just have a dude inject it in your butt and enjoy your workout ! Really hard to motivate ones self to exercise daily . lots of buffed asian guys where i live pretty sure they all inject

I am currently feeling like i got on a pair of cement shoes , super tired and achy ...pretty sure these clowns in my building have infected me with spiked proteins .
Well you do MO you lying tongue 10 name.
Long tongue liar.
Diet and exercise? Anorexia?

Oh, please. Those Instagram influencers photoshop the shit out of their pictures.

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