I want one of these so bad...
They're only 50k. Decent land with proper hookups can be purchased for less than that, so that means one could own their land, install a basic, suitable foundation and have this home on it for less than 100k, depending on where you purchase and the size of the lot. 

BOXABL CASITA – Accesory Dwelling Unit

Something about the layout and the modernity are hugely appealing to me. Also the fact that it's in the realm of possibility. At 100k, it's like... oh wait, that's doable without a mortgage... hmmmm!!!! Fuck. 

I've been watching the virtual tour off and on. It's just very appealing for some reason. 

I can see people buying these in clusters and renting them out. The monthly lease option is $250, and the average USA market for one of those would be around 1200 a month.
It seems cool and all but I wouldn't trust it to be durable in the long run, I think there would be a lot of trouble with leaking and all other kinds of issues.

My suggestion would be buy some land somewhere that appeals to you and makes sense, then get the local Mennonite/Amish types to build you a pole barn garage/house.

Doesn't matter where you are...

Those types of people who build these pole barns exist all over the country, I guess in the west you'd be looking for cowboys instead of Mennonites or something, don't know, but it's the same principle.
You could also just buy a big shed.

Wire it, plumb it, insulate it, finish it out, etc.

Have somebody build you a carport.

That'd be the cheaper way (maybe) to go than a full on pole barn garage/house...

But a pole barn is better for the long term, bigger and better construction.
Sheds are... tiny.

It'd be fine for one person who was just gonna be alone forever, but for most people, pole barn.
Holy shit... Elon Musk...


I may have to rethink this...

Thanks for the cool tips btw. Def looking into Pole Barn.
Elon's clever... good team up, good advertising.
A hundred grand is a bit pricey for 375 square feet of living space. For comparison, a typical studio apartment is 600 square feet.

I'd forget about shipping container tiny homes too. Once you start cutting doors and windows into a shipping container, the structural integrity goes to shirt without great deal of reinforcement. Not to mention what you'll have to do to it to keep from baking alive inside a metal box.

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