Alright, it's time to talk about Aaliyah Dana Haughton...
(07-23-2021, 02:18 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

Around 0:40 in this July 2001 interview, you can see that she seems very distant, her mind is elsewhere... somewhere troubled.

Had somebody threatened her?

Did she know something?

How did she know it?

That's not the face of a beautiful, inconvenienced, in-demand R&B diva...

That's the face of a very worried person.

0:47 look at the way she's staring off into her thoughts... even the sort of nervous motion of her left hand denotes she's very distant, lost in those thoughts.

She has her right hand secure between her legs for comfort... to hold it still.

Like yeah the camera guy was going ham on the super facial closeups, but Aaliyah's screen life was nothing but a huge super facial closeup... so I don't think that's the culprit of the weird vibes.

0:58 when they were close to ready to start talking to her, she warmed up immediately, started coming closer to them with her presence... bringing it in from wherever her troubled thoughts had been.

She was sooo young. Sigh. She should have had so much more time.

2:50 oh my fucking God...

"From the moment I stepped foot on stage at 6 years old, in the play 'Annie'."

Oh my God.


I can't.

I fuckin' can't.

Keep in mind I have never heard this before and did not know that.

What the actual fuck is going on here.


Why am I even surprised?

Quote:"My first performance was at 6, I was in the play 'Annie' at school, I wasn't Annie, but I was an orphan, and from that moment I knew that I loved the stage and loved to entertain," she told Inside Edition in 1997.
So Aaliyah found out that her true passion was to be a performer, when she was in the play "Annie" at the age of 6...

So many connections here. Maybe I'm not AS crazy as I originally assumed. These are definitely signs.
It never gets old.
Let's take a peek at her birth chart on Astrotheme and do a search for red flags...

I adjust the settings to Mean North Node/Lilith and no house shifts, so the results may be different in some places than the info at that link. They don't choose the settings I use by default.

So this is the first red flag from the chart...

Quote:Midheaven 8°56' Sagittarius . . . The royal fixed star Antares promises glory and power, but also upheavals, slanders, and violence.

Here's the dancer aspect...

Quote:Uranus 20°19' Scorpio, in House IX . . . One may also be an excellent acrobat.

Another red flag...

Quote:Cupido 5°20' Scorpio, in House VIII . . . A strong Mercury in the natal chart offsets the danger of violence and ruin heralded by this degree.

This one's interesting, she was definitely very exotic. I've never seen this one before in any of the charts I've read, and that's a lot of charts...

Quote:Proserpina 1°47' Scorpio, in House VIII . . . Long travels, international politics, and a strong taste for exoticism bring about success and prosperity.

This one is accurate too, Aaliyah was always known as a sex symbol, here's a quote from her Wiki: [Aaliyah did not have a problem with being considered one. "I know that people think I'm sexy and I am looked at as that, and it is cool with me," she stated. "It's wonderful to have sex appeal. If you embrace it, it can be a very beautiful thing. I am totally cool with that. Definitely. I see myself as sexy. If you are comfortable with it, it can be very classy and it can be very appealing."]

Quote:Poseidon 24°28' Libra, in House VIII . . . Success and wealth are achieved owing to one's good-looking features and sex-appeal.

Portends of an accident...

Quote:Vertex 13°32' Virgo, in House VII . . . This degree indicates a risk of accidents or of losing a limb.

And the exact same portend shows up again immediately...

Quote:Saturn 13°28' Я Virgo, in House VII . . . This degree indicates a risk of accidents or of losing a limb.


Quote:Jupiter 5°07' Я Leo, in House VI . . . This degree warns against reversals of fortune, as well as injuries and traps, and urges to avoid situations of violence. If in the natal chart, this degree is in conjunction with the Ascendant and with the Sun or the Moon, it indicates a potential danger for the head and the eyes.

I don't know if I've ever seen so many portends of accidents and injury in a chart before...

Quote:Vulcanus 8°42' Я Cancer, in House V . . . There is a danger of accidents caused by a weapon or a working tool.

This one is pretty creepy. I don't think Aaliyah was a bad chick, I am just posting all the red flags that appeared in her chart, so don't shoot the messenger...

Quote:Kronos 12°42' Я Gemini, in House IV . . . One builds and develops one's wealth on other people's unhappiness and ruin, but sooner or later, the day comes when sword of justice puts an end to one's reprehensible deeds.

God dang dude, red flags fucking everywhere...

Quote:Admetos 6°44' Я Taurus, in House II . . . One must not overindulge in sensual pleasures because this degree indicates a danger of violent death or ruthlessness, whether one is the perpetrator or the victim.

This isn't a huge one but it is what it is, nonetheless...

Quote:Chiron 5°03' Taurus, in House II . . . This degree sometimes indicates a physical flaw at birth or following an accident.


Quote:East Point 5°24' Pisces, in House I . . . In most cases, a serious reversal of fortune wreaks havoc on the family.

This is a big one...

Quote:Vesta 15°51' Aquarius, in House XII . . . One must be very careful in the selection of business partners because there is a danger of being taken advantage of, particularly by people who do not belong to the same social circle. This degree warns against possible swindles and violent death, whether one is the perpetrator or the victim.

Also pretty serious, remember the earlier statement about a well placed Mercury avoiding the violence indicated by one of the former degrees, well here is her Mercury...

Quote:Mercury 11°14' Capricorn, in House XI . . . However, if mental cleverness is misused and serves illegal purposes, one incurs a heavy punishment such as a prison sentence or exile.


Quote:Neptune 19°22' Sagittarius, in House X . . . Sometimes, if in the natal chart the Moon receives hard aspects, this degree indicates that deceits and misfortunes are brought about by females.

Again with the influence of Antares, as we saw earlier...

Quote:Venus 8°59' Sagittarius, in House X . . . Ambitious, magnanimous, and passionate character endowed with unyielding willpower, which brings about success and fame. Under the influence of unforeseeable outer circumstances, life suddenly takes an unexpected turn. The royal fixed star Antares promises glory and power, but also upheavals, slanders, and violence.

Astrology just doesn't lie...

Looks like she had a target on her from the start. Definitely seems like outside sources were to blame for her demise, possibly even a jealous female involved somewhere along the line.
I just looked up the astrological synastry (the comparison of two birth charts as they relate to each other) between myself and Aaliyah based on our birthdates/times...

There were 3 aspects mentioning 'telepathic thought projection' and 3 mentioning 'psychic' communication...

Pretty rare. Sometimes you get a few of those in charts that really jive together, but 6 different aspects saying the same thing is a bit unusual.
Don't forget about the vampire movie she was in.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
Yeah Queen of the Damned...

A lot of people claimed she was into "DARK THINGS" and that's why she died.



I am just saying.

I thought those people were pussies then, and I think they're pussies now.

Life is a fusion of light and dark...

You gotta know both.
R. "Piss the girls and make them cry" Kelly
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
His Native name is "Pisses On 13 Year Olds"...

Dry Heave
Hell, maybe it was R. Kelly who wanted Aaliyah dead...

According to that article they were just the best of friends...

What a joke she would have seen that as if only she had lived another 10 years and realized what had truly happened to her.
Whenever a man says he's "best friends" with a girl he put into that position...

You know that motherfucker is real, real full of shit.

Yeah, age ain't nothing but a number as long as it's low enough for R. Kelly to be attracted to you.

Wow there is sooo much footage I have never seen.

Been a great many years since I looked into Aaliyah at all...

Probably not in the entire life of YouTube.

She was just exquisite...

Such a gorgeous body, I remember a ton of chicks back in the day were so jealous.

Just ran across this, I'm sure I've heard this song before, sounds familiar...

Never seen the video before though, I love it.

Obvious Aaliyah influence in every way though...

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Mya got a fineass tight little body, I love it!
I love all the little tittied ladies, sooo sleek and timeless.
What a fun video, crazy hot.

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