Alright, it's time to talk about Aaliyah Dana Haughton...

Aaliyah was an R&B artist, dancer, and actress who died age 22 in a charter plane crash in the Bahamas along with 8 others in August 2001.

Her death was almost certainly a ritual sacrifice. They'd been using and abusing her since she was a young teenager, with R. "Golden Showers" Kelly even falsifying documents so he could marry her at age 15. That's abuse. Of course that illegal marriage was quickly annulled.

They focused on her death in the media as much as they possibly could (known as a loosh harvest, read more: and in 2002, they released her final eponymous album, her final film, and continued pushing her legacy as high as they could in order to rake in cash from her tragic death.

Sometime in 2002, they began airing her music videos on MTV, and I fell in love with her beauty and her amazing dancing, her incredible body, all of it. I wanted to be just like her back in those days, she really was one of my earliest role models. I owned her eponymous CD, the red version: and I bought the white version when it came out too:

All these years later, I have none of the CDs anymore, I truly don't know what the heck happened to them... not keeping them more safely is something I now absolutely regret. Back then, Aaliyah's CDs literally grew on trees. They were absolutely everywhere. Thankfully I ripped the songs from them (my favorites at least) long long ago, and I still have those recordings...

Why is that such a good thing? Well, I didn't know this until very recently, but apparently, Aaliyah's music has never been made available digitally. The CDs now sell for no less than $40, in questionable condition at best.

I never would have thought that her music was not available online. I have never seen this with any other major artist... ever.

Apparently her family have been trying to get her music online for years but "something" keeps delaying and stopping the process.

Fans don't understand, nobody gets it... why the hell is her music not available?

It makes no sense.

If she was a giant loosh harvest (which she absolutely was for several years after she died, probably up to a decade)... why are they not making her music available??

I KNOW this was a ritual sacrifice. But something just doesn't add up here. It just doesn't add up at all.
I wanted to make a thread as soon as I found this out, but I decided to wait... I needed to think about the situation and let some more inspiration come to me.

So today I went to look for interviews with Aaliyah, for some clues.

I notice she was always very mature, always had a very serious energy about her...

But some of these interviews closer to her death? Man, she seemed distant. Troubled.

Since Aaliyah was such a fixture of my life at such a developmental time (~12), I want to take serious care and respect in analyzing this.

It may take me a bit, but I wanted to get the topic started, cuz some shit clearly needs to be said.
As odd and completely ridiculous as it sounds, I've always had a connection to Aaliyah...

The first time I ever heard her, I was actually 7 years old...

My grandma had taken me to see Anastasia (1997) because, of course, that's my name.

Aaliyah had a song on the soundtrack...

Of course it'd be 5 more years before I ever really got introduced to her, but already back then, she was in my sphere.
I mean she's literally dancing with Anastasia in that video... like come the hell on, man.

I only found out she was even on this soundtrack last year when I randomly decided to watch Anastasia again.

I thought to myself, "What a strange choice of artist to sing this, what interesting lyrics, what an interesting video. Hmm."
You gotta understand my perspective on it knowing what a big deal she was to me as a kid/teen.

Shit was weird, mkay.
On a totally superficial note...

I love Aaliyah's style.

The baggy clothes look so damn great on a svelte female...

Knowing you're a sweet tiny little package under all that baggy shit...

Man that's just plain fucking hot.

I'm obsessed with the flatass stomachs that these hotass late '90s-early 2000s chicks were rocking...

I want that look for myself and I am pleased to say I am very close to it even as I stand here today.

I thank God for Aaliyah's influence on my life early on as far as dancing...

If I'm being totally real about it, the true gifts that were bestowed on me back in those days have only just now come to fruition, now that I'm a FULL grown woman.

I'd been practicing for a lot of years, never truly being able to do it, never truly understanding it...

Until recently.

Now when I dance (my version of exercise), I am absolutely tapped in to every part of my body, can flex anything at will regardless of being in motion or not...

And Aaliyah's particular gift and blessing she shared with the world (on a dance/fitness level) was teaching how to work the core/belly/pelvic region.

She was an amazing dancer, and I hold that as having been her #1 talent, though her voice was very beautiful.

Speaking of not being able to find an artist's song online...

Jimi Hendrix is one of the main artists you can never find on YouTube as far as studio versions go.

Unlike Aaliyah's, they're available for download on all digital music platforms though...

(07-23-2021, 01:44 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: If she was a giant loosh harvest (which she absolutely was for several years after she died, probably up to a decade)... why are they not making her music available??

Maybe it's just a form of control and punishment.
My guess is, Aaliyah never made the Crossroads Agreement...

She came on the scene at about 14...

Usually it's the parents or other controllers who make the deal for them when they're kids.

She didn't make the deal, and they made sure to sacrifice her at age 22...

There's meaning behind that '22' number in this context as well.

It's always reminded me of this Twilight Episode, "Room 22"...

Spoiler alert, and TL;DR (going off memory)...

A woman narrowly avoids a plane crash (Flight 22) by listening to her intuition after a series of disturbing visions of a woman telling her "Room for one more, honey."

The airplane scene at the end (the creepy black haired lady is the stewardess at the door) is not available on YT or I would have posted that.

It's said Aaliyah had a strange recurring dream...

Quote:The month before she died in a plane crash, singer Aaliyah said she had a recurring dream that she was flying away from her problems. ... I'm scared," she said in an interview with German weekly Die Zeit, which was released yesterday. "Then, suddenly, I lift off. Far away."

It's also said that she told people with her at the time that she had a bad feeling about the doomed charter plane, but that has never been verified as far as I know. Still worth mentioning.

Around 0:40 in this July 2001 interview, you can see that she seems very distant, her mind is elsewhere... somewhere troubled.
Had somebody threatened her?

Did she know something?

How did she know it?
That's not the face of a beautiful, inconvenienced, in-demand R&B diva...

That's the face of a very worried person.
0:47 look at the way she's staring off into her thoughts... even the sort of nervous motion of her left hand denotes she's very distant, lost in those thoughts.
She has her right hand secure between her legs for comfort... to hold it still.
Like yeah the camera guy was going ham on the super facial closeups, but Aaliyah's screen life was nothing but a huge super facial closeup... so I don't think that's the culprit of the weird vibes.
0:58 when they were close to ready to start talking to her, she warmed up immediately, started coming closer to them with her presence... bringing it in from wherever her troubled thoughts had been.
She was sooo young. Sigh. She should have had so much more time.
2:50 oh my fucking God...

"From the moment I stepped foot on stage at 6 years old, in the play 'Annie'."

Oh my God.


I can't.

I fuckin' can't.

Keep in mind I have never heard this before and did not know that.
What the actual fuck is going on here.

Why am I even surprised?

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