I've lost over 20 lbs. since June...
Don't lose any of that weight, I bet it's all in your tits.

Okay I am gonna STOP perving on you now, GG!!! LOL!!!

I just tried the jiggling method you described and realized some of it is fucking ENERGY, am I right about that? Like an intense energy builds from pulsing and putting pressure on certain areas, and it becomes almost like a sexual energy, and that energy helps you push harder and deeper (no innuendos intended), which builds more energy, and you go harder and deeper, until eventually you're sweating and out of breath. Like, it's not just simply aerobics, there's something that happens when you do the pulse thing, where you're making an area flex and go soft over and over, that creates this energy.
It kind of almost reminds me of religious people with snakes, speaking in tongue or whatever, you know when they start going crazy and jiggling around? There's some kind of energy that takes them over.
I'm being 100% serious. I just tried doing it and it got really intense. And I think that's part of the secret. I was wondering how you lost so much so quickly, and then I remembered how much I lost and how quickly, and realized... some of that is just willpower, and that energy feels like it's coming right out of my solar plexus and spreading to the areas I'm focusing on.
Yep you are essentially totally right on...

Sounds like you definitely tapped into it.

I'm glad you bumped this thread because I discovered another excellent way to exercise tonight while I was cleaning up after dinner.

It's even a hack for people who can't seem to get into the jiggling groove and tap into it like you did.

Basically what you do is...

Save a juice jug after it's empty...

Then fill it up a little more than half way, hold it longways between your hands in front of your chest/stomach and SHAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was perplexed about how I was gonna jiggle the remaining expendable jiggly off my arms...

Well, this is the answer...

And it also jiggles the fuck out of your asscheeks! It targets the areas that I wasn't sure how to target and jiggle the rest off of.

No BS.

I wasn't ready for that step, til TONIGHT!

Super fun way to finish out the remaining jiggly bits here basically at the end of my jiggly shedding process.

This is where the toning part comes into play... very exciting!!!
This method of exercising that I've developed suits me personally...

It may not be for everybody, but I still don't see how trying it out could hurt anything.

For real, it's very fun.

But I see that it's perfectly suited to me because it jiggles off all the excess without building muscles.

I've never been into muscular women, it just doesn't appeal to me.

I didn't wanna do anything that makes any area of my body BIGGER.

This is gonna work perfectly for me. It'll be the sort of least fun/spontaneous part of the exercising I've done up til this point, but I was totally aware that the ending phase/toning process would require a little more 'attention' than the rest of the process did.
I will say though, the muscles in my legs have definitely gotten stronger/toned, particularly in my calves.

It's fine though, the legs are small and that's all that matters.
It's given me exactly what I needed, everywhere I needed it.
A funner way will be to shake the bottle to some music. I was just washing the dishes when I did some test shaking earlier.

When I bring it into my disco lair, it's gonna get at least 30% funner.
I'd say shaking the bottle to 2 or 3 songs, twice a day at the most would be more than enough. Don't wanna push it.
For women specifically it could tone the titty muscles too.

It's important to work those titty muscles, but the thing is like...

The only way I've ever seen it be suggested is through push-ups or pull-ups which is just waaaaaaay too boring, strenuous, and frankly, manly.

So of course, no, the titties themselves don't have muscles... the muscles are under the breast. I dunno what they're called, I ain't no scientist.

man i got so excited when i saw instructions to fill up a jug and start to do things, but then it didn't involve blowing over it to play it like an instrument. immeasurable disappointment.
I had enough of that jug band shit in my past lives as a heavily bearded Kentucky man!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't have any jugs (sorry fellas), but I do have 1.5-liter water bottles, so I can hold them in each hand and go through my routine. Never thought of that before. It's actually pretty cool; it enhances grip, and the way the water moves adds slightly extra amounts of resistance beyond the weight. They're probably too light to make too much of a difference. Maybe I should look into finding something made of glass that's a similar size.
This bottle is 1.89 liters and PERFECT.

The key is to only fill it up a little more than half way.
(08-19-2021, 10:13 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Don't lose any of that weight, I bet it's all in your tits.

Okay I am gonna STOP perving on you now, GG!!! LOL!!!



I looked it up today. I have 36Ds - and I got some info that said 38ds weigh 15 to 20 pounds. The site said it was like carrying around frozen turkeys. Then I thought about it and there's no way in hell that boobs weigh that much. I've weighed mine before and I'm guessing they weigh about 1 to 1.5 pounds each.

But yeah. I'm kinda booby. 

(08-20-2021, 08:09 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: So of course, no, the titties themselves don't have muscles... the muscles are under the breast. I dunno what they're called, I ain't no scientist.


That would be a perfect username.
TBH, I weigh like 2 lbs. less after I take a shit, so I am guessing titties really do weigh that much though.

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