I've lost over 20 lbs. since June...
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Fattest I've ever been?

135 lbs.

I'm 5'4", BTW.

I'm now 113 and that means I'm only 5 lbs. away from my goal weight of 108.

Why 108? Cuz it gives me wiggle room...

105 would be a little too small for my liking, but 110 is a touch over the line...

Aiming for 108 gives me a few lbs. to play with.

How did I lose the weight?

I shook it and jiggled it off...

All you gotta do is shake that ass til you sweat a few times a day, eat less and better quality food...

And you can just jiggle it right off.

Why does this make me happy?

Because I'm over 30 and now it's time to be serious about my body...

For women, it's an extra 10 lbs. every decade past 30.

That means if you can maintain a goal weight that is close to (if not EVEN BETTER) than when you were a teen or young adult...

Then you are doing just fine, and as long as you're not fat, little else matters.

Not being fat is going to help our lives in so many ways.

Don't listen to the propaganda that says you're gonna be a fatty past 30 or 40 and there's nothing you can do about it.

Sure, as the years go by, it's gonna be harder to shed the pounds just because of the hormonal changes that go on in the body.

But if you shake it and jiggle it til you sweat (and eat right/less), you're not gonna be fat... it's just simple math okay.
But I do want to send some compassion to anyone out there with physical limitations or injuries that make it impossible or uncomfortable for them to shake it and jiggle it.

Anybody able bodied, though... doesn't really have an excuse.
108 is a magic number in eastern traditions. a lot of mantras are repeated 108 times.
No way??

Holy mackerel!!!


I've always held the goal weight of 108 since I was a teenager, and whenever I told people, they'd be like "WTF, why 108?" and thought it was kinda stupid.

I didn't know it was a special number!!!

If you don't know HOW to shake your booty or you just can't figure out the frequency with which you need to jiggle it...

All you gotta do is pretend you're being electrocuted over and over.

I like to stand on my tiptoes, put my hands up in the air, and tense/jiggle my entire body until I get tired.

Anybody can do this, you can be a woman or a man.

Shakin' it is universal.
You can target any area of your body by tensing it, "sucking it in", making it hard...

And then work it, just sorta gyrate while you tense it or suck it in super hard.

Call it dancing, perfect excuse.
Makes it easier for me to throw you over my shoulder and run into the bushes, chopstick.

~fap~fap~fap~fap~fap~  8===D~#~~#~~~#
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
The way you position your feet targets different areas of your legs.

Same with the arms/hands.

You should be able to feel all the areas that are being targeted once you tense up in different positions.

But sometimes it does help to have a full mirror so you can jiggle in front of it and check out which parts are jiggling, how you have to move to jiggle another part, and how much there is left to jiggle off.
(08-19-2021, 01:46 PM)Dark Dick Wrote: Makes it easier for me to throw you over my shoulder and run into the bushes, chopstick.

It's worth the risk!
Don't hurt yourself jiggling though...

Keep your body lubed by drinking PLENTY of fluid, make sure you eat enough omega-3 or take a supplement.

Once you have started sweating and you're glistening, it's mission accomplished, you can lay off.

It is supposed to be exciting and fun, not a burden or strenuous.
(08-19-2021, 01:45 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: "sucking it in", making it hard...

do go on
I do not aim for any lower than 108 though because I naturally have big hips and mad ass...

I know if I go below that weight, I'm eating into reserves that shouldn't be fucked with.

Been there, done that, and I know it is incredibly bad for my health.

There's a very happy medium, it's around 108 lbs. for me and my body type.

That's the smallest of the spectrum for me where I can still be healthy.

I don't mind getting over 115...

When I was around 125, I felt incredible (physically)...

There was this warm, comfy bodaciousness going on...

It felt amazing.

But I noticed that was a brief window and that it's not possible to stay there very long without going too far in the fatty direction.

So I don't have a fat phobia, per se, and I am not demonizing fat.

I have no problem with being 120 as a mainstay, as the decades pass and nature shits on me as a woman.

But I am not going to settle for being over 125, and I don't tend to get there unless I go full retard on candy and other stupid shit!

It's really not very natural for me to get over 125... I have to be lax and doing things all wrong (food-wise, inactivity-wise) for me to end up there.

In short, if a woman is overweight, there's something wrong in her life.
(08-19-2021, 01:55 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: In short, if a woman is overweight, there's something wrong in her life.

It's the whole "Why your wife turned into a fat bitch" discussion...

But I only seemed to reference couples who have reproduced together...

I should address those who have not.

The fact is...

If your wife (or GF/fiance) is already fat, and she's never even had a baby?

Honey, run. Don't walk.


She's not happy with you, she never will be, AND she's fat already when there isn't even a logical explanation for it.

No one deserves that kind of torment in life...

Save yourself. Dump her. Now.
Any woman who is with a man and they haven't even had any children...

And she's already fat?

She's with him for convenience, familiarity, etc.

Nothing else.

That's stagnancy, it's a comfort zone, and it's gonna do nothing but get worse.

Do her and yourself a favor...

Dump dump dump her, now now now.
Does that sound cold?


Guess what?

When you see her a few months later after you dumped her fat ass and woke her up?

She'll have probably lost a very noticeable amount of weight.

Don't ever take her back though...

She's already proven herself to be a failure as far as a partner goes, remember, she was unhappy with you then, and she will be again.

No second chances...

Exes are exes for a reason, no regression allowed.

You did her a favor by dumping her and in turn caused her to shed weight.

Leave her for the next dude to deal with.
I decided probably a solid 5 or 6 years ago that it would be exceedingly important for me to get into good shape after the age of 30...

I chillaxed and let things sorta slide up til that point as a kind of resting phase where I could enjoy being physically lazy, before it was time for the big hurrah.

There is so much that naturally comes against women after they're over a certain age, and the very least any smart woman can do is make sure that her body is in good shape in order to combat all the inherent struggles that come along with the passing of time.

This is why I am so adamant about dumping a fat chick who hasn't even had kids (and has no other logical reason to be fat)...

Because she has already shown that she just doesn't care.

She let herself get fat.

She isn't prepared for the future.

She has no idea what's coming for her.

That is not a good mate, unless you like to suffer at home, and have affairs to keep from fucking killing yourself.

I'm just saying.

ALL men deserve better than that.
i got a feeling there won't be nearly as many fatties this time next year.

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