Longest lasting Facebook outage ever!!!
I've heard different accounts saying it's FUBAR'd though and apparently it'll be hard for them to actually get it back up in working condition... people have been saying it could be down for days, which could cause the company to go under. How AWESOME would that be?! We can only hope!!! Oh man, it would be amazing!!! No more Facebook!!!
Early Christmas!!!


But then again, I mean...

I keep forgetting it's not just FB.

So what's really going on??

There are a lot more ISPs on there having problems than there were earlier too...

Big or bullshit?

My guess right now is BS, probably be back up within a few hours, probably be fine.

Just one of those weird random internet-wide effected outages you get every great now and then!?

But for FB at least, it's definitely historic.
Looks like the whole thing got wiped!!!
Apparently this outage is costing a lot of money in a lot of ways...

So that's one consideration that is outside of the realm of the internet nerd sphere.
(10-04-2021, 04:10 PM)Atma Wrote: Looks like the whole thing got wiped!!!

Great avatar!!!

Fuck yeah man, that's what I'm hoping!!!

Could you imagine!?

Hey, I always said people are dumb as shit to rely on FB (or any other site) to host years of photos and memories for them...

All it takes is something like this, and it's gone forever...

But everybody's too dumb to take heed.

Maybe this'll really teach 'em!!!

Rub Hands
Sectual > Facebook and all other forms of social media all day long. If sectual went down, that would literally be a crisis in my world.
I’m in the Mt. Hood brewery that is literally ON mount hood right now having an IPA and they’re playing amazing lo fi 90s rock and people are in here straight up chilling. No one in here is giving a fuck about no fb. They better hurry up and fix it before the webbing dissolves and the spell breaks.
I think today may inspire people to start their own sites...

Probably very few, lmao...

But I bet there will be an uptick in people starting their own sites.
Oh and also there's the theory that these social media platforms are being taken down before a big real-world, worldwide attack is about to take place and there needs to be an info blackout.

I don't really think that's the case, but if Twitter goes down I may consider it as a possibility.
Apparently FB is responding now but showing an error message.

Still holding out hope that the entire site has been wiped!!!
Dammit, looks to be back now...


Well, it was great while it lasted.
I wonder if it works or if it's just cached. Like if it's actually live or if it's just a save.
Some people are saying their pages will load but they can't post. It'd be awesome if it was all just cached and never really worked again!!!
Dancing Banana 
(((Still clinging to hope)))
One thing I noticed reading the Twitter/Latest on the topic was that most of the people coming over to Twitter to bitch about FB being down sounded even dumber than your average internet moron...

Like way dumber. And they weren't even trying to be funny either, like it wasn't sarcasm. It was legitimate.
it was taken down at a level that precludes some sort of hack.

this is red october.
I definitely agree.

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