TikTok Live Is Extremely Dangerous For Children... #CancelTikTok
'TikTok Live is INCREDIBLY Dangerous' by Jaime French

This is absolutely fucking horrifying.
Reason one million eight hundred thirty-seven thousand five hundred and one NOT to bring children into the world... ever.

The internet is 1000 times more dangerous than it was when I was a kid.

I would never want to bring a child into today's world.

What a fucking horror show.

Verified... TikTok is full of people using the platform solely for access to the children.
It's a no brainer but yeah... TikTok is a scourge and needs to be investigated and info should be collected on all of the perverts.
With the presence of literal inmates on TikTok... odds are they will use the platform for sex trafficking. Guarantee there will be a higher rate of sex trafficking facilitated by the use of TikTok than on any other social media platform (or website in general), ever in history.
It's simply vomitous.

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