Emaciated farang dumped by 19 y/o flip
Poor guy went to Philippines with only $ 30k  at 57 y/o , been through 3 women already 
Started at 175 lbs now down to Ethiopian weight class 125lb ,lol

I'm just being honest.

That's what I think when I look at him, and it's a well known fact that the sex slaves in these massive human trafficking Asian countries have a high rate of HIV infection.

Sexual tourism is a scourge...

These governments have sold their people (man, woman and child) into sex slavery and the westerners who go there to take advantage of that are the worst kind of scum.
Not to mention they bring those diseases back to the US.

It shouldn't be allowed... it's a world health crisis.

Never doubt the contempt these Asian countries have for their own people.

If they stopped encouraging the sex tourism, the world would be a healthier place.

But they won't because they worship money and will sacrifice any man, woman, or child that they have to in order to keep the money flowing.

The people of poor Asian countries need our prayers, and they need hope for a better future.
I like the ladies to keep their dress on as long as possible, it’s all part of the mystery the enchantments. 50 dates before I wanna see even a nipple that’s how my darling mo wants it and so I have to control my urges even though I prefer not wearing underwear. We need to be grateful for a very slow courtship

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