Fleeing the Plantation
I'm going to do it.

I've finally had enough.

On Friday, August 12, I'm going to put my clothes and computer in the car. I'm going to go to my Friday appointment with the wound care specialists as usual. I'm going to pick up my paycheck and cash it. I'm going to delete my contacts and text messages from my stepmother's iPhone, take it to the post office, and mail it to her. Then I'm going to gas up my car and hit the highway.

I don't have anywhere to go, nor anyone to turn to, but I don't give a fuck. I'm just going to go.
Absolutely excellent choice.

I'm proud of you.

The only part about it that makes me nervous is the wound care part.

I hope you're healed up enough to be out of infection danger zone.

If you're not, I'd urge you to stay until you are.

Otherwise, I hope you're able to sleep in the car if need be.

Pick a town, feel out a place to stop, and see what kinda job you can pick up nearby.

I think it's a plan that was meant for someone who's in such as a situation as you find yourself...

Totally fed up and really with no other option than to do something entirely left field.

I think you can do this. Just make sure you don't get any infections.
There are a lot of people who wish they could do what you're planning to do.

Get in the car and just go. Leave it all behind and just go anywhere new.

But many people are trapped into situations (particularly with kids) and they feel there is no way they could ever leave.

When you leave out of there, remember those countless others and give it all your best in their honor, the whole way.
I don't have any ties here. My narcissist abusers have turned my dad against me. Not that he ever particularly liked me in the first place. He's always been disappointed that I didn't turn out exactly like him. They all hate everything about me, and never miss a chance to tell me how useless I am and how they want me to be gone. You'd think I was literally Hitler, to hear them tell it.

The wound is just about healed, but I have another outbreak that's going to require more surgery. It's not an infectious disease, but the surgery wound could get infected. I'm going to check in with the VA hospital when I reach my destination and rebuild my entire medical care team: primary care provider, surgeons, wound care clinic, and home health nurses. They ought to be able to get my records from the VA hospital here and pick up where they left off.

I cannot stay here while I have the next surgery and spend several more months recovering. I'm going to snap and butcher a couple of psycho Boomer witches any day now.
Dev, you can do this.

You deserve so much better.

When you get free of those who are feeding on you, your healing and general health WILL IMPROVE.

I'm rallying behind you with LOTS of love and pure, total belief and knowing that your future will be what you want it to be.
It sounds like you've been dealing with an extremely toxic, draining situation for a very long time...

Those types of situations can cause very real physical problems.

Especially when it comes to the stomach area.

Holding in all that pain, internalizing all that abuse, it can cause so many problems and depending on the type of pain (emotional from an abusive family member for example), it will manifest in specific areas of the body.

Cutting yourself loose from the feeders will allow your body to start mending itself with that extra energy that would have been spent either on them directly, or on the pain and sadness they're actively causing you.

Take those steps, go the distance, and the way will appear before you.

Never forget, you're a man and you are innately POWERFUL. Your body would always be able to run in good order, heal itself, and be healthy if only you had a healthy environment (mentally above all).

Keep us updated...

And don't change your mind (health emergency aside, hopefully nothing arises), and don't ever go back to that abusive situation.

I'm sure you've concluded by now that sometimes it's just better to be dead than to be beholden to douchebag forces.

And we here WANT you alive, and THRIVING. So do what you have to in order to get free.

Between now and the 12th, expect the energies to get weird. They may not consciously know your plans... but nothing is secret. The energy surrounding the situation will KNOW.

Be set in stone with your plans, and don't fuck it up in the meantime! You're leaving, and there's no reason to be too upset by anything they say/do. Don't be too nice either though... just be your typical self and try not to arouse any sus.
This dude had to leave also
Felt smothered and wanted new adventure

I wish you well Dev. A full recovery and a quick return to a life that is your own.
Also wishing safety to our friend Chatwoman. That you & yours are not affected by the
turmoil inhabiting y'alls neck of the woods. : )
Oh don't you be worryin' about me...

That's not Garth Brooks. Kinda figured as much. He's one of those artists whose recordings never turn up on YouTube.
There was actually a popular bar in Oklahoma City called the Oasis.

One night some guys robbed the place after it closed and gang-raped the bartender for hours.

It eventually closed, and was demolished. The lumber yard next door bought the property to expand their business.
Lolol... Devvie Downer.

I'm fuckin' with you.

Been thinkin' about ya, Dev... check in sometime, praying for your success and happiness hon.
I arrived at my destination, about 700 miles from my previous location. I’m staying in a homeless shelter until I get my disability benefits.

The eville stepmother had my phone turned off when I didn’t respond on cue, but the interwebz still work on open Wi-Fi.

I swept out horse stalls at the state fairgrounds yesterday and made $75.

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