Johnny Mnemonic (1995) - Review & Commentary

So I guess this movie is kinda like The Matrix, is it any coincidence that Keanu Reeves stars in these kinda movies?? Probably not.

0:38 "guerilla-fighters in the info-wars"... aha, so I guess now we know exactly where Alex Jones GOT HIS NAME FROM!!!!!!!!??!

Just by this opening screen I can tell this movie foretold a bunch of the stuff that we're seeing today and will probably see in the future. Especially with the "Nerve Attenuation Syndrome" (NAS).

1:07 so I gather from these scrolling word thingies that Keanu's character in this movie is gonna be a mnemonic courier. That's hot.

1:55 TBH the graphics aren't even that bad.

1:59 this is the day it's supposed to be in the movie...

I have a pretty good guess what I was doing on January 17, 2021.

3:13 nice green satin sheets though. I sleep with a clean green satin pillowcase every night.

6:12 the elevator attendant's reaction to the TV interception was so perfect... that dude is hot AF.

6:33 so it's essentially NeuraLink.

7:00 160 GB is still a decent-ish size.

8:50 there are a shit ton of super hot Asian dudes in this movie.

Why would he purposely take on a task that he doesn't have enough storage for when the consequences are so dire???

10:18 that's like, super complicated.

12:50 ew, that's not hot.

15:55 that was a great disguise, it totally would have fooled me.

16:00 this movie is classed as "cyberpunk" on Wiki... I wonder how long that term has been around??

Oh wow...

Quote:The word cyberpunk was coined by writer Bruce Bethke, who wrote a story with that title in 1982.

Way older than I would have figured. Strange that I never remember hearing the word before the late 2010s.

18:38 this Denis Akiyama guy is crazy mega hot.

20:42 this chick with the bitchin' hairdo and the weird makeup is Tracy Tweed... she's a Newfie.

24:48 hey, that's Ice-T!

26:46 Keanu was 31 in this movie... just a young whippersnapper.

27:18 why did sci-fi films in the '90s apparently think weird opera singing would be popular in the future?? Lmfao.

27:56 this '90s babe is mega fucking hot... apparently her name is Dina Meyer and she's still smoking fucking hot to this day, what the eff.

31:10 Shinji is definitely my favorite, even though he's a bad guy. There's just something about him.

33:09 "Loteks" ohhh I get it... low tech. I like that! I'm all about lo-fi.

38:40 I think they tried to keep the music a little more '80s in this movie on purpose... almost like the concept of retrowave.

39:20 the graphics are honestly pretty good. I'm impressed with how well this movie has stood the test of time.

42:40 yo, I think it's your fricken mom, bro.

43:50 these video calls are a trip.

46:46 yeeeeah, I dunno if I'd be trusting this wigged out chick talkin' about some dude named Spider?!

48:22 nail on the head... absolute 100% fucking truth right there. That part of the movie would make a great clip to proliferate about what's going on in the world today.

1:02:16 "And screw the physical disability, you know what I'm sayin'?" Roflmfaololol, I love his lisp.

1:02:50 I mean... it's not the greatest movie ever, but it's pretty decent. It's hard to believe The Matrix came out only 4 years later... it seems like a lot of progress was made in those years. Then again, I guess this movie was going for a sorta 'retrowave' feel. A lot of it may be on purpose. I dunno for sure.

I tell you what's for certain though... Keanu Reeves has been in some of the most important movies ever fucking made.

1:04:00 who the fuck is this hottie in the weird goggles?? He looks familiar.

1:12:46 this is kind of funny, lol.

1:13:28 there was sooo much virtual reality predictive programming in the '90s man... when you see these movies, it just makes the tech seem so old.

It's like this is a simulation and we're all in stasis... we never really get there. It's all the same concepts rehashed over and over, and we're in a dream within a dream. It's all perpetually ever so slightly out of reach.

1:14:30 so Buddy (the goggles hottie) is Coyote Shivers... never heard of him, pretty cool name though. I looked up pics of him and he's definitely fine as heck, but I don't totally recognize him. Kinda strange. Looks like he was in some weird, kinky, super obscure movie in 2003 called Girl in 3D.

1:14:58 he seriously needs a bite guard right now.

1:18:08 oh my God, I forgot about this Shinji hottie. Fuuuhhhhck... *nanarub*

1:26:00 lol, Ice-T is fucking iconic.

1:27:50 sure, the graphics (special effects) are a bit strange... but I can't say they're not good. Do they look dated? Meh... I dunno, I can't even say they do. They just look like a unique artistic style more than anything else. The whole thing really is incredibly well done.

1:28:55 you know, Keanu Reeves is a great looking guy. Super hot. But it's hard to look at him in a sexual way. Like, for me... I really can't look at him in a dirty kinda way. It's like he's a holy man or something. That's not even my opinion of him, that's just the way it makes me feel.

Holy shit man these celeb deep fake channels are epic... I mean, I know that tech can be used for untold evil, but this is just glorious.
I fucking love DeepTomCruise too...

The difference between DeepTomCruise and that Keanu fake is that Miles Fisher has been a Tom Cruise impersonator since way before deep fake was a thing, lol, he's like mega talented.

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