Gigi Young: Soul and Ancestral Lineage
(06-07-2018, 08:34 PM)MO Wrote:

14:35 she's so right, it's so true.

Who is she? OMG! She makes my balls boil! Fucking literally!
I would so cum my litre of sperm all over her head! I would drench her in cum!

2:30 you know it's pretty interesting, I was one of those people who "couldn't see past" 2012.

13:57 ROFL it's so true!
11:40 - remarkably similar to the trio of experiences i had way back when, with the viscous drop of shimmering golden light.

2:17 she's totally right, science absolutely is a religion.

9:49 awwwe, Gigi is so amazing and beautiful, absolutely love her!

20:15 great words, so true!

Gigi is so gorgeous, OMG. She is so fine.

I mostly don't agree with anything she said in this video though.

5:05 - 5:20 I honestly totally disagree with this... I feel zero connection to Sirius whatsoever. I mean for real, what's this "we" shit?

6:29 how is it "referencing Sirius"??? I don't get that at all. We're just as connected to Sirius as we are to literally every other star and planet in the entirety of existence, which is ILLUSORY ANYWAY.

I don't disagree with most of the stuff Gigi says... but this is stuff that just doesn't ring true to me. Sirius is just a microcosm of our connectivity... why focus just on Sirius? I understand having attraction and fascination surrounding particular stars... but let's keep ourselves in check here and not act like the whole of our fricken existence revolves around one star system.

I feel like a lot of people don't agree with her on this topic, but they don't say anything or thumbs down the video because Gigi is pretty and means well.

16:14 now even though I don't agree with her about specifically the Sirius bit of this issue, I have to say that the point she's making here definitely makes sense re: the chimeras/hybrids.

It's an interesting question/topic. The fact that the matter is even being contemplated is proof in my opinion that it's real. Having said that, though it seems like an expansive concept which breaks through the limits of perceiving oneself in 'time'... it's actually a limited concept too. We are all things, and all existence is taking place at once... there really is no time.

But I appreciate the direction Gigi takes with answering the question, re: healing trauma. I don't too much view it as directly related to the opening topic, but they're valid points nonetheless.

6:36 she comes back around to the original question and addresses the concept further. I've seen the ghosts of people who were alive at the time. I've seen "regular" ghosts. And I know that I am haunting places, but I'm still alive so... all my personal experience is proof that it's a real thing.

9:10 Gigi's right as fuck about that too.

Gigi is such a foxy bitch, dude, OMG.

I'm not sure about anything she said in this video because I wasn't really paying attention, but wow, so pretty.

Dude that intro music is FIIIIIIRRRRREEEEE.

OMG, CERN though?!

She's had a personal psychic experience with CERN eh...


GOD, Gigi is such a fucking fox. She's MESMERIZING.

2:00 she needs to get to the fuckin' point though.

3:06 she's right about that.

3:31 she gets into her personal psychic experience.

4:20 she's fricken losing me here.

I might have to put this on 2x speed.

Wow she's the most consistently understandable person I've ever heard on 2x.

This is fucking amazing. I wonder what it's like to be with Gigi causally in everyday life.

9:00 wow, she just dropped some far out info... that's deep shit right there.

11:57 "Your consciousness sets the tone for all dimensional travel."

She's so right.

12:47 - 13:33 she's right.

I agree with her partly, and I've touched on this before...

I used to consider "interdimensional beings" and "aliens" as two different things.

"Aliens" are "out there" in the PHYSICAL universe, on other planets.

"Interdimensional beings" are in other dimensions...

Not all aliens are traveling or communicating interdimensionally, CONSCIOUSLY.

But the real kicker is that TECHNICALLY, we are ALL interdimensional beings.

God fricken dang, just LOOK at how GORGEOUS Gigi is.

Just LOOK.

I don't give a fuck about hearing her talk about this for 30 min. but HOT DAMN she's fine.

Creepy experiences in the WOODS?!

What the fuck is Gigi doing in Kennesaw? She's freaking Canadian.

Is she traveling around for this series?

5:00 palm/hand chakras. Wow. This is why I love Gigi. She mentions stuff I never thought of.

God Gigi is so sexy.

She's got a great nose... reminds me of my nose.

5:52 "In this dimension, we perceive our soul through our sensory experience."


I wanted to reject this statement on its face. But the more I think about it, I admit it's an intriguing concept.

It makes you think.

9:14 ooo I love it when people use that word, "cockles"!!!

13:34 it's a powerful statement, she's right.

22:05 another great point.

3:38 I prettymuch totally dislike these parts in her videos where she fucks up the flow and switches over to pictures and text and weird music, like WTF.

Again, it's like she's trying to make her videos like some shit on Gaia TV and we all know that Gaia TV has come under the microscope for hosting disinfo agents and propagating disinfo. I mean it's VERY dodgy and I was always suspicious of Gaia... anything that comes on the scene touting "truth" especially of an esoteric nature, being popularize and peddled... well it's likely a trick. And years later, turns out, it pretty much has been.


I mean, Gigi's videos are still great, she's still got a great message and I agree with what she's saying. But she needs to stop trying to be like a mini Gaia TV, or trying to make some kinda "Gaia Approved" portfolio because she WANTS to be on Gaia TV or something. It's just unbecoming and getting associated with their brand would (in the long run) prove to be regrettable.

She's been very influenced by them, and she has been for a few years now since she started mentioning watching them a lot in her videos.

OMG would you just look at how FUCKINGGG gorgeous Gigi is.

God I wish GG would stop trying to be like Gaia TV with her editing.

I wouldn't criticize the editing style if I didn't KNOW she was being "inspired" by fucking Gaia TV.

If it was JUST from HER artistic direction, it would be fine. But it's just not.

She's trying to be like THEM.

And it takes away from her GREAT message.

The music in the background, the clips interspersed through the message, agh...

It fucks with the flow and the power of what she's saying and it pisses me off.

And I have issue with her using these clips, it's best not to use ANYYYYY clips whatsoever in your videos because they could be used to copyright strike your content in the future.

Now more than ever in this current internet climate and the foreseeable future, it's SO IMPORTANT not to use ANYTHING in your videos that you didn't make YOURSELF.

She should just go back to her old style of simply talking to the camera with no dressing it up. It's just not necessary to add all these things in.

25:26 holy shit...

She starts talking about the highly psychic Sami people...

Which I had NEVER heard of before...

So I look them up...

And I gotta tell you...

They look familiar and I HAVE had extremely bizarre experiences with people who look like this.

2:53 I fucking love Gigi.

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