Gigi Young: Soul and Ancestral Lineage
I want to see Gigi's oldest videos.

Oh my God I fucking hate it when Gigi edits video clips into her vids...

Totally ruins everything, I am not even going to watch this video because these stupid clips are peppered throughout.

We don't need fucking clips, we just want to hear you TALKING, GIGI.

Yet another unwatchable video filled with interruptions of useless film clips that do absolutely nothing but fuck with Gigi's flow and distract from what in the fuck she's even supposed to be talking about.
Too bad, so sad.

Stop it Gigi.

Talk to us.

We only want to see you...

Anyone praising the adding of these film clips is a brown noser or an outright celebrator of the fact that these videos will not reach as many people as they could if it was just YOU shooting from the hip and delivering the fucking message without a bunch of chaotic distractions which in no way match the tone of the footage of you speaking.

Just stop it. It's useless, it's not working, and it's just not you.

Thank God for a normal video from Gigi that doesn't have any of those damn clips interrupting her.

So I'm like 10 mins. into this vid and I really gotta say Gigi has her own unique way of getting around to things.

That's all I'm gonna say about it. She's a good chick. She's super pretty. These type of vids are her best.

But sometimes I don't fully dig the way she gets around to her points, even if they are totally valid in the end.
11:26 this is definitely the best point she makes in the vid yet.

I think the terminology of 'the shadow' is totally overused in every capacity by a fuckton of people out there these days but it's fine, the point she's making is really important.

18:10 Gigi starts talking about the show "Stranger Things" and how there's a shit ton of flashing lights/colors and other subconscious mind control tactics at play in the series. I've never watched it and have no plans to. There's nothing good and nothing free of negative intentions coming out of hollywood today, and that show is no different.

4:12 she's right.

5:30 LOL I totally wanna be friends with Gigi.

I absolutely hate that she uses all these clips in her videos though... it is absolutely not necessary at all and all it's going to do is cause trouble for her on down the line re: copyright etc. Good info should never, never be jeopardized this way and I can only assume she does it because she thinks it makes her content more like something you'd see on Gaia TV. Just another way the Gaia network is polluting the waters. It's basically a corporate entity... what, did you think they were up to anything good? LOL... =\

9:19 I love hoodoo, it's so natural and instinctual.

10:36 well I would never be with a dude who wouldn't eat my spaghetti, because it's one of my favorite foods and I'm like a fucking master at cooking that shit. Only mental weirdos would actually put menstrual blood in food or any spaghetti... nobody has to actually consume the menstrual blood for a spell to work anyway. That's just stupid.

I love hearing Gigi talk dirty!!!
29:32 - 30:50 she's right you know!!!
35:00 AMEN Gigi, WELL SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slow Clap
43:58 GIGI IS SO GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSSSSS HearteyesHearteyesHearteyes

Gigi is sooo retardedly fuckingggg gorgeous.
God man like...

To be THATTTT fucking gorgeous...

Like it's just unbelievable.
The Others (2001) was a fucking baller movie...

Hollywood is such pure fucking garbage but they did make some decent shit pre-2005.

6:10 I disagree with Gigi's statement that we're in the dark age, we totally are not in the dark age anymore...

There is no interconnectivity in a dark age...

Here's some information about our current position and progression through the ages:

(11-23-2018, 12:34 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote:


(08-17-2019, 06:14 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

7:17, 13:06 God I wish I could believe that...

Clif High has talked about this...

Maybe it really is true. Hope so.
(08-31-2019, 03:08 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

6:57 Gigi is right for sure, Jesus needs to come back and set all these churches straight on everything they're doing wrong.

7:30 she says we're coming out of the dark age, and that's true but the thing is... we're more in the area toward the golden age than we are toward the dark age. There's that space in between and that's where we are, so TECHNICALLY you can't say we're "in the dark age" because we're not.

With the level of interconnectivity we have right now, we are at the VERY pre-beginning of the golden age.

So it's not pure trash like the dark age, but it's not pure goody goodness like the golden age either.

24:27 it's really adorable that Gigi is trying to find the beauty in the dark age... so cute.

9:30 she very accurately assesses the transhumanist agenda...

I wish I was literally Gigi Young.

Can I forfeit my life and just be Gigi?

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