Actual Thoughts I've Had, Verbatim...
Oh, ya boy done went and did some online research, a la Amazon!
Next order juuuust might have me some pencils and art pads. Maybe even a desk lamp.

It's gawn be some kind of an adventure, I tells ya! lol
"I wonder how many ice cream sandwiches it would take to make me sick?"

*stops at two*

"God I'm so amazing."
she really is , I am only tired of mo about 20% of the time

FEM like a g6 like a g6 ...dr fauci giving shots , somebody needs to do parody with that song
Joe Biden's dog is biting Secret Service agents right and left. An agent has been bitten every day this week. Some have been bitten more than once.

What does this say about Joe Biden?

What does it say about the dog?

What does it say about the Secret Service?
Sounds like things are going a liiiiiittle bit fucky on Pennsylvania Avenue.
It's like the Keystone cops ova theh!!
its too bad we cannot consciously live a second and third life and actually used what we learned in the first life

I want another go around please

maybe that's the secret of the 'elites' they have found a way to pop into fresh bodies and quickly excel in their next life
"You're fomenting a communist overthrow right here in the United States? Have you lost your goddamned minds?"
Felt like Saturday... ALL FUCKING DAY!!
all public speakers should be forced to wear paper bags over their heads so we only judge them by the content of their speech
I guess having your bladder wake you up in the early hours isn't always such a terrible thing.
It allows for some pretty decent thinking to be done. Good reminders - like why do actors
and entertainers, especially sports figures/athletes make sooo much money?

Could some of that reason be because they offer the biggest, most powerful distractions possible
to the masses? People who play dress-up-and-pretend - and grown men who play children's games.

Tens and hundreds of millions of dollars. You can't go and fight the evil of the world when you're
piss-drunk on the couch with a belly full of Cheetos cheering for adults throwing/kicking a ball around!

Sure, I like a good few TV shows and movies but I never let it distract me to the point of forgetting
what really matters. But a lot of people do. Not only that but it keeps a lot of people in a place where
they have neither the time nor inclination to even become aware of the problems that these bready circuses
are meant to keep us oblivious to.

Goddamn old lady bladder.
"Water muthafucka!? DO YOU DRINK IT??"

Me, just now. When I went into the kitchen for a bottle refill but only looked out the window
and walked out with no water. I caught myself though, just past the threshold of the kitchen
doorway. So, dehydration... SUCK IT!
Gosh i would love to snuggle on an old tweed couch from the 50s with a sweet dame like you
(09-14-2021, 09:13 PM)Guessed Wrote: Gosh i would love to snuggle on an old tweed couch from the 50s with a sweet dame like you

Oooooh, you're tho womantic!
At my house, chocolate cake is like a pretty white girl in a bad neighborhood...

After dark... Eek
On this unduly stressful consumeristic holiday, let us give thanks that I haven't brutally murdered a busload of Boomers and ended up in the state penitentiary. Yet.
Chatwoman should write a book about hotdogs called 'the good weiner'where she travels around america sampling random backyard bbq's , chatting with strangers about the almighty sausage and how all our lives intersect when we stuff one down
She could join the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile crew. Just fill out this application.
Is there any point in watching the final episode of a cancelled series, knowing none of the story arcs will never be resolved?

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