Yeah, both smokers and non-smokers have experienced the phantom cigarette thing. Here's a link:
I use to do a lot of reading at Erowid and of all the things I've ever read, online and off, those datura trip reports were some of THE most terrifying things I'd ever laid eyes on. I mean they really freaked me the fuck out! And I'd be completely straight & sober, not "on" anything. I can't imagine going through an experience like some of those trip reports detail. Gee whiz!

Neo style fucking whoa right now.


It reminds me of some kind of 100th monkey type of phenomenon.

People who don't even smoke tapping into a 'partying' and 'hanging out' type of environment where phantom cigarettes AND beverages are being enjoyed.

Indistinguishable as an illusory experience. Kind of like life itself.
(03-19-2017, 02:52 PM)MO Wrote: Schizophrenia needs to be understood... these people who can talk about their experiences effectively need to be listened to, this is invaluable information. There could be major breakthroughs from this... anti-psychotics are pure poison and the barbaric treatment of schizophrenics has got to stop. If humanity can't understand this and properly/healthily deal with this, they have no business trying to colonize space and all these other ridiculous things they're so obsessed with.

The use of the concept "schizophrenia"  already stands in the way of ever reaching an understanding of the phenomena we classify as schizophrenic, every individual experiences reality in a unique way, what gets classified as schizophrenia are just the experiences that threaten our illusion of being in a shared reality. If we want to reach a breakthrough, it's not gonna happen by continueing to use all these concepts of "mental illness" we've created to secure our "normality", we're not treating people, we're treating concepts we've invented and by doing that we've made it a reality that in my opinion only enhances the occurence of mental illness.
To reach a breakthrough we've to give up on everything we've created to maintain this illusion of a shared reality, only that creates the oppurtunity to redevelop our methods of interaction so we can embrace every human being as an entity with completely unique experiences.

In our current illusion of shared reality I classify as "schizophrenic" but I denied the diagnosis and instead decided to become a "clinical psychologist", first of all to realize these labels we're constantly forced to take on are completely subjective and can be altered by just using our own mind but that, is also the greatest obstacle cause we've never been taught to actually use our own minds, everything is given to us which for a lot of people works out alright but never too well either, good enough I suppose, so we continue, while for the ones it doesn't work out, the ones that suffer under this reality they're forced to take on, we can't help cause our help causes the suffering.
(04-06-2017, 08:30 PM)MO Wrote: So I've been coming across some info recently that suggests there could be a link between parasitic infestation and schizophrenia.

We've all heard about the possible link between toxoplasmosis and schizophrenia... so it's not a new idea. It has been studied. But apparently other parasites like candida overgrowth and intestinal parasites could possibly be a factor as well.

Everything happens cause of multiple (most of them unknowable) factors but all of the factors we can come up with are only being used as distractions to avoid the one factor that could possibly be the cause and solution of it all, it's a factor so impossible to avoid that we never even dare to acknowledge it, it's the factor that has created everything we're aware of so it should also be the factor that can change everything we're aware of, the factor i'm talking about is human perception and we're not using it, we're letting it use us by believing it's an objective unchangeable object located in our brain
Oh and you don't have to try to understand me, our need for understanding is a mechanism to maintain the illusion of a shared reality, which I believe is why so many "mentally ill" people find some solace in what we call "art", it's not actually in "art" they find solace, it's in going beyond the need for understanding through creation that doesn't have to be understood.
Unfortunately, even though this to me seems like a method that can help a "mentally ill" or any person, we ruin it once again by labelling it as "art" and by doing that we reduce it to something that can be understood as "art", educating people in how to make the correct "art" etc. making it another product of our illusion of a shared reality, another problem for the ones that can't take on the illusion of a shared reality.
nope, that's just how you decided (or want to decide) to read what I wrote
I am what's possible to be
Oh well, that's alright, your question is a good example of how we instantly fall back on our need for understanding, we do the same thing to "schizophrenic experiences", just subject them to our need for understanding while they can't be grasped by the understanding we're capable of. So the people we classify as schizophrenic get subjected to the same impossibility to have to understand, we make them interpret their very own experiences as bad while we don't even understand what those experiences are like, instead we expect them to explain their experiences to us until everyone us under the belief they can be understood. For the ones that don't have those experiences it's easy, for the ones that do have them, it's alienating, it creates a whole new problem.
I attempt to reject every label for that reason but I can't avoid being part of the illusion of a shared reality cause I don't know what life is like without it, i'm not focused on understanding though, i'm focused on the possibilities created by going beyond understanding
To think about what can be imagined wont get you anywhere new, you're just reasoning in a circle, only by thinking about what can't yet be imagined change can occur
what i mean by illusion of shared reality is that you have the need to understand what i mean by illusion of shared reality
You know what I think is really interesting...

I remember a handful of instances in my life, including one that was pretty recent where I was REALLY tired, and I heard voices.

I have only ever experienced this when I was basically exhausted. Late at night.

More evidence of it being related to sleep...

The veil becomes ever thin from the point of being near sleep/falling asleep, and deep sleep (REM state).

Again, someone who compares schizophrenia to 'nightmares' that continue in waking life.

Every time I hear this it just reinforces my assumptions...

(12-17-2016, 07:12 PM)MO Wrote: I believe the area in the brain which produces DMT whilst in a sleep state malfunctions and releases the chemicals which cause these perceptions whilst awake. Schizophrenics are essentially in a waking dream state all the time, and this is why the things they experience can be nightmarish.

We all know that FEELING of a nightmare, or even just a regular dream. That feeling is induced by chemicals in the brain. That feeling is what these people are describing their schizophrenia with and it only makes sense to assume that's because the two originate from the same place/are caused by the same chemical reaction.
I've known a couple of schizophrenic men. They had one thing in common: Neither had a realistic understanding of the value of things and spent money like it grew on trees, which put enormous financial pressure on their wives to keep up with their expensive whims. One person's reality may not be more valid than another's in a philosophical sense, but there are some realities that we cannot escape and must agree upon.

This video. Wow.

What is different in these people that causes them to experience these 'alternate' versions of reality?

Completely immersed in these experiences like they're just as real as anything else...

It really makes me wonder if there's not an element of timeline jumping here in addition to the 'dimensional bleedthrough' that I think causes these 'hallucinations'.
they all express that they had DEEP DEPRESSION prior to their voices and psychotic events , i think its pretty normal when depressed to get overly paranoid
They also used both analogies of schizophrenia being a 'waking nightmare' and, the matrix/simulated reality too.
My best mate was one he used to have some person living in his head with whom he conversed. He one day tried to kill me with a 3 piece staff martial arts weapon. He used to go to the Mall with samurai swords trying to kill imaginary people. My other Mate later in life was one I punched him in the head and kicked him out cos he was stealing off me. But then I had this other mate who was schizo born that way due to physical brain issue, he was the nicest dude on the planet and he died from a brain aneurysm.

I just can’t understand how anyone thinks that drugging these people is any kind of real approach to helping them or dealing with them.

I get they can behave in a frightening manner... but for God’s sake how can they just give them drugs and LEAVE IT at that??

It’s so dismissive. It’s so careless.

The issue needs to be approached and studied from every angle, physically, spiritually...

No stone should be left unturned... we have to find a solution and return these people to some kind of relatively normal state of awareness. To at least get them to a point of peace, instead of uneasiness or all out fear.
Well in the old days we would just lock them in asylums and electrocute them. Medication for schizos is like a relief from the constant fucking hallucinations they go through. My mate described it to me that its like a permanent never ending nightmare crossed with a bad acid trip. Yet in the old days the side effects from the meds were bad. But the modern ones now actually arent so bad. There is schizo's out there leading perfectly meaningful normal lives now which 50-60 years ago was unheard of.

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