Lucian Ilea has completely lost his fucking mind...
(12-20-2018, 10:21 PM)Guest Wrote: Then again, that might do about as much good as telling Eugenia Cooney she's anorexic. Sad Nana

Eugenia Cooney Astrological Chart Analysis:
She's a beautiful young lady. It's a real shame she's going down that road.
When I looked at her [first time ever knowing about her right now, from this thread]
I just think "court-mandated I-V feedings".

Sure hope she gets the help she needs. Seems like a sweet kid.
And I also hope Lucian gets some help. My heart always goes out to those suffering
illness and disorder.
(12-23-2018, 07:24 AM)somethingelseishere Wrote: I just think "court-mandated I-V feedings".

Yep that's what everyone else is thinking too...

13:54 Greg/Onision is saying everyone should report the situation to her local authorities.
Sad Nana 

Will someone PLEASE rapture Lucian and do SOMETHING with him??

Lucian looks... terrible. Like he's not doing well at all.

I think having the rotten teeth is harming his health.

Having rotten teeth is bad for the heart.
Is there a channel that translates his speech accurately. Sorry i dont speak count dracula dialect
Meh, he speaks English sometimes.

Big Sad Nana
Dancing Banana 
I gotta thumbs up that shit!
1:39 did he just say a submarine sank in "the streets"? leeeewlz

Luci's life is soooooo depressing.


Why does a being choose to embody and live this existence!?!?!

Is it because of the power of imagination?

Because what he imagines is so real to him?

And don't get me wrong, it's not like he has the worst life ever or something...

God no, I'm not saying that. But still you gotta admit...

That's some fucked up shit!


One thing I sincerely respect about Lucian is the fact that he will address ANYONE.

Doesn't matter who it is...

Doesn't matter if there's a snowball's chance in hell that they'll ever see it.

Doesn't matter.

Luci's gonna address you, he's gonna say it...

And that is what truly matters.

That is what makes the difference between creation and nothingness.
I just hope he's not suffering torment daily. Inside.
No idea what his situation is but I really hope he's at least somewhat OK with his life.
Makes me sad.

Oh, Luci.
give that dog a muzzle and toss his ass in secure fully medicated nut house before he learns the launch codes

Lmfao Luci looks ON ONEEEE.


I wonder if Luci legit does drugs.

This is the most likable he's ever been.

I love hearing him cuss, it's good.


Big Sad Nana
You may have noticed that Ilea stopped posting videos for a while.
A while back he received some (negative) attention from the /r/Romania subreddit and eventually created another YouTube channel:
I'm not sure if the channel was made as a consequence of the attention or for some other reason, but the video and audio quality also got drastically worse on the new channel.
What worries me is that he hasn't posted in over two weeks, AND hasn't been online anywhere. This is his Steam account: and it has not been used for two weeks, whereas before he'd be online almost daily.
Sounds like he's using the old mic (and maybe camera) that he used years back with the atrocious sound quality.

I think it's most likely he got in trouble with the law and is either in a mental hospital or in jail.

He's probably not dead, although he could be.
Pretty sure Luci has been living with his grandma for many years... since at least 2006. I'm sure she must be very elderly, so when she passes, who knows what will become of Lucian.
It is worse than before though as the image just freezes. In this video: he claims to have changed a lot of his computer parts and that he has a PSU issue.

So, one other possibility could be that his PC broke entirely. It did seem problematic for a while, I recall some videos a while back mentioning a graphics card upgrade, then weeks later that graphics card not working anymore.

I found his phone number, but I'm not sure if I'm more curious than I am reluctant to call it.

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