Lucian Ilea has completely lost his fucking mind...
Sad Nana 
Turn volume down before you click play...

It's sad as shit...

I remember Lucian from when I was like 16.

He's been sitting in THE SAME ROOM for that entire time.

I video chatted with him on MSN Messenger like 10 years ago...

He randomly grabbed a sword and put it in his mouth, and I told him fuckin' stop or I'm blocking you.

LOL, so he put it away.

He's been making shitloads of YouTube videos for years, nobody really watches mostly because I think the background looks too chaotic and the audio is awful.

That and he doesn't consistently speak just English or just Romanian. So you never know if he's even going to be talking in a language you can understand.

Poor dude has been off the rails basically his whole life.

But I randomly clicked on this video tonight when I saw the thumbnail and thought man oh man, he's really lost it.

And he's saying he's 'standing in his grave' or some shit. Meh, it's a world full of all kinds of riff-raff out there.

At least he's had a roof over his head all these years... he could do with a change of scenery though.


805 uploads.
Ironically that's about the most cohesive video he's ever made...

He basically blamed his grandma for his life and then begged someone to nuke Romania because it sucks.
Sad how he's lost his teeth.

Are there not mental hospitals in Romania?

Might be better than that room he's been in for God only knows how many years.
I bet Luci watches so much porn.
For real though, Luci's channel is proof that even putting out a massive amount of content doesn't get you attention on YouTube.

Like seriously damn near 1000 videos and he has 25 subscribers.

That's just an atrocity, a heinous injustice.
What did Luci do in a past life to be born super crazy in this one, and to end up sitting in one room for at least a decade solid?

And is it possible that his past life was even worse?
Is this Luci's karma for something?

I mean he is a total pervert.

But can he really be blamed for that?

After all he's certifiably insane.


Yeaaah, I'm starting to think Luci had some drama in a past life and that's why he's in this situation.

Don't throw in the towel, Luci, suicide is forfeiting the game... runs the risk of incarnating into something the same or possibly worse next time.


I guess Romanian mental hospitals are a little like Turkish prisons.
Lucian is a good example of someone who should have found a sugar momma when they were young and the crazy was cuter.
Because Luci was adorable and even respectable looking...

What the fuck happened?

Schizo break in his 20s?


How can things start out okay and then just snap?

Why do people go insane?
I bet Luci didn't kill himself and he's watching porn right now.
I bet Luci watches furry porn.

Furry porn lite.

Like the kind with those chicks who use the animal tail buttplugs.
Because hardcore furry porn is just people dressed in animal costumes rubbing on each other.

Kinda like UFO porno...

UFO PORNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I'm done.

Aaaaaand, he's speaking Romanian again.

The fuck is he saying?

Is this the same fucking message as the other one, just in Romanian??

He keeps saying "familia".
Is Lucian really too crazy to do ANYTHING?

Crazy people run successful websites all the time...

Why didn't he do that? Why didn't Luci ever do anything?

Why doesn't Luci do something?

What the fuck is he saying about windows??

And his family??

Why is he not speaking English??


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