Clif High: One of the greatest minds of our time...

2:15 he says the ice age "officially" begins in 2041.

3:50 he says he got the cancer from working in the chemical industry since he was a kid.

4:15 he says cancer is a metabolic disease and he says it's fueled by sugar basically.

5:06 he says colloidal silver is a fragile approach to the cornavirus (or any other virus) and explains why. Also, 6:30.

8:53 he addresses hand wipes/sanitizers and says they are less effective in reducing virus exposure than taking all stainless steel door fixtures out and replacing them with copper because touching copper causes a microcharge which kills the bacteria/virus. Watch the vid for his exact wording. Also, 9:40. This makes me glad I bought some copper coins a while back =P

21:26 what he says here about cancer/sugar is interesting.

23:30 he talks about why veganism is stupid (my words).

24:30 he talks about why vaccines are bad.

27:20 he explains vitamins.

31:00 he explains vitamin C.

32:30 he discusses vitamin E and says they treat varicose veins.

36:30 I love you Clif.

39:30 he's talking about peptides. He says they used to call peptides hormones.

39:46 he says that hormones start decreasing for women at 29 (men at 36) but then he says that women shouldn't bitch about it because men's start to decrease rapidly after 40 at a higher rate which is why men die sooner than women. I like the way Clif likes to comfort people.

41:20 I love hearing Clif drop the f-bomb... it gives me a satisfaction I can't describe.

51:08 that's the sexiest dollar sign I've ever seen.

52:00 he talks about mushrooms re: health.

6:22 it begins.

8:10 he said he reached out to an old friend for info about the coronavirus.

9:30 he says they're freaking out in an atypical kinda way. He says they're freaking out because of the atypical government response.

11:00 important points about the way the government's harsh reaction/treatment of the citizens.

15:00 God that sounds so dangerous.

18:30 he's been playing his theremin.

18:50 he goes into an entertainment only woo-woo segment about history... "woostory".

20:45 he talks about how history has been edited.

22:00 this discussion involves the royals, and elongated skulls.

29:40 he says that two monk were our main sources of history and their records had to be approved by the pope.

34:15 he says there are 1053 bogus years in our history. This was the topic I wanted to hear him explain a while back.

36:40 I feel like counting up time, keeping calendars, watches/clocks etc. are all sort of pointless and unnatural anyway.

37:38 makes sense to calculate things by a geological record instead.

41:20 he says there's never been an end-to-end magnetic pole shift/flip on the planet and there can't be for a lot of natural reasons.

1:00:30 fascinating.

1:02:00 he says in history there were huge die-offs (20+ million) of humans in the Americans over a span of 100 years due to disease spread.

1:04:55 random Q&A.

1:05:58 he addresses baking soda re: health.

1:12:10 he says the coronavirus will have an economic impact and cryptos may become more popular as a result.

1:13:00 he addresses someone who asked about bee pollen. He says if there's no receptor in the body for any substance, then it shouldn't necessarily be consumed.

1:16:00 he says "black goo" doesn't exist and never did exist. He's probably right about that.
Brando Eyeroll

Just when I thought Clif High couldn't possibly appeal to me more, he makes an informational video about cytokine storms!

Starts at 4:10.

4:30 he's going to talk about the coronavirus.

4:50 the screencap he's talking about was fucking photoshopped and it's a fucking embarrassment that so many people fell for it. My God.

5:55 he talks about why the 1918 flu was called the "Spanish Flu" and the long and the short of it is that there was censorship in the media. They weren't allowed to report the real death toll, but Spain said fuck that and was honest about it in their reports.

6:55 I dunno if I believe what he's saying, but I'm not blaming him.

7:30 who the fuck would want to kill Asians though??

10:15 he shows the stupid fake screencap of the bogus numbers again.

12:55 I still value what he's saying... but basing future projections off a fucking photoshopped screencap? Fuckin' really? Sigh.

16:28 oh so ZeroHedge was responsible for putting steam behind the circulation of the bogus screencap? Great... two fuckups ZeroHedge made with this whole coronavirus situation.

17:30 he says this virus will probably target young, healthy people with good immune systems. I guess I'm safe!? *dancing banana* Okay okay, bad time for jokes. Besides, I'm only KIND OF fucked up, and only KIND OF young. Okay, maybe I'm a little bit more than kinda fucked up.

He says vitamin B6 stops cytokine storm and should be taken in fast acting form (liquid).

30:33 he discusses how the coronavirus was in the webbot reports.

31:55 he discusses the dangers of oregano oil, and fuck you better bet that shit is true. I will never forget the experience I had with oregano oil many years ago. Long story short, fucking NEVERRR use it without a carrier oil, and actually... just watch the fuck out.

34:50 he says this could go on for 4 or 5 years.

35:20 he addresses elderberry.

1:44 he opens up the video talking about his study with magnets and light.

6:20 he talks about "Love in the Time of Cholera" in relation to the coronavirus.

8:23 he addresses the implications of a global pandemic.

12:00 he addresses the benefits of assuming there's been a bioweapon release.

15:30 he addresses MMS and chlorine dioxide. He says it shouldn't be ingested because it causes cancer.

16:49 he says chlorine in the gut causes trihalomethanes which activates cancer cells.

26:50 he talks about the severity of China's response and how important it is to take it seriously.

29:55 he talks about the mean age of death, based on the numbers right now.

35:00 he talks about the importance of protecting and not drying out mucus membranes.

37:10 he talks about hygiene and sterilization.

38:30 he talks about government institutions.

40:20 he gives general advice.

41:30 he discusses how this could interfere with voting.

42:00 he says we're in sci-fi world.
Wonder why Clif removed his new video from today.
I didn't get around to watching it before it was taken down.

So he says this is a redo of a discussion about the coronavirus which he did yesterday, and he says the sound was quite bad on the removed upload.

The discussion starts at 4:20.

He gives important general updates.

6:17 he says we can't be faulted for assuming it's a bioweapon and reacting as such, with prudent overreaction and by this I assume he means prepping, safety, etc.

7:05 he gives some history about information he studied in the 60s which is pertinent to these sort of matters.

8:48 he says that are indications of CRISPR (genetical engineering) markers in the sequencing of the coronavirus.

13:50 he says that at a certain point this virus will be predictable, and I really bet there are a lot of organizations working on predictions all day every day right now.

14:00 he says engineered viruses are made to span three years. Watch the video for exact quotes. He goes on to explain with the graph behind him.

17:00 he's saying by May or so we will think it's died off and then we will go back into mass contact throughout the summer and beginning of the fall, after which time the virus will ramp back up and kill more people than it did before.

These progressions are called 'waves'.

18:15 he says everything he's saying is based on the assumption that this is a bioweapon.

19:24 he shares info a contact in China told him about the progression the virus.

19:35 what he says about the virus hiding in the spinal/brain fluids and suddenly reactivating makes sense re: all the stories about people suddenly dropping dead.

20:00 he has the chart spiking at 1918 Spanish Flu levels a year from now.

22:20 I like that fucking beanie he's wearing.

22:28 he postulates on the numbers of dead.

25:55 he explains that after August we should know whether or not it was a bioweapon.

26:20 he talks about indicators by June.

27:45 he says circa June if it's a bioweapon, the next big outbreak will be in Africa because of the Chinese cities located there... he explains with the graph, watch the video for exact wording.

So it seems like by July we should know if it's a bioweapon and whether it will follow this course on his graph.

29:40 he addresses money.

31:00 he addresses societal impacts.

37:30 important points about diet and vitamin levels.

38:10 he says vitamin C gets burned up by viruses, so it needs to be replenished in your system frequently when you're fighting a sickness. Again, watch the vid for exact quotes.

41:28 he says MMS causes trihalomethanes which forces scurvy upon cells and causes cancer.

Great informative video.

2:07 roflmaololol

8:32 bahahaha oh... Clif, you're the greatest! Heart

1:00 he starts talking about the cult-like pushing of MMS onto people. Wow, this is really sick.

11:00 lol.

13:15 he says there's no way chlorine dioxide can be used as an effective disinfecting agent coronavirus, he explains why in the video, just watch.

15:50 sounds like a lot of dangerous culty motherfuckers are out there influencing people for the worse.

20:40 lmao this shit is honestly sad =/ *sadnana*

23:08 lmaolololol.

29:10 oooOoOooooOooOoo I love it when Clif talks this way!!!

1:20 they've said the fatality rate approaches 5% which is pretty fucked up. I read this lastnight or so.

4:40 Clif starts discussing one of his Chinese contacts/info sources.

7:35 he says he's reporting encouraging things.

8:05 he gets around to what his source says about it.

8:15 he says his friend knows some people who are in one of the Wuhan buildings that have been welded shut.

12:45 very interesting... so inflammation is a huge issue with this.

18:50 all the supplements are fine or whatever, but if you can't survive with good ol' vitamin C & D then fuck it.

19:40 Paul Cottrell is a fucking fruitloop.

20:05 there is a lot of merit to birch bark though.

20:25 Clif address birch bark and clarifies that it shouldn't be taken for that long.

27:00 he discusses the benefits of chaga.

3:10 so true, just like in the 1918 Spanish Flu when the workers were so swamped that they stopped recording details about the dead. I posted that documentary here:

6:50 he addresses the apparent lack of springback with this virus.

15:20 since Clif is a very smart dude, I don't love hearing this kinda stuff from him, but it is what it is.

Just a terrible situation and I really hope it all turns out to be BS.

16:08 whether the virus is real or not, this finger pointing/blame aspect of things is definitely real and it's enough to lead to war... worst part of this situation by far in my opinion. And I've been following it closely for a long time now, given it a lot of thought.

China is already warring with its people and the surrounding areas on certain levels... it's not as if the Chinese people are safe. Very sad.

16:50 he makes interesting points about the Chinese internet re: discussion of this situation.

19:00 he addresses the need to be very considerate with any travel plans around April. Essentially travel could be shut down and people will end up trapped wherever they are.

19:50 interesting statements re: the possibility of this being a bioweapon.

26:15 he addresses the inaccuracy of the tests, and actually no, those issues have not been corrected... so I disagree with him there.

29:10 he starts talking about his opinion of the timeline with this virus going forward.

32:05 China may be issuing earplugs... so goggles, masks, and ears are entry points.

35:00 he addresses chaga mushroom as an antiviral agent among other benefits.

37:28 he says the HIV inclusions may be this virus's weakness.

38:00 lol I love Clif.

40:20 he addresses the vaccine issue.

I never watched this one when it came out so I am gonna give it a look now. He just released another vid today so now I have a Clif High backlog going on.

1:40 he starts discussing cognitive dissonance about this CV situation.

3:00 LOL I am not always in the mood to watch this kinda stuff, but I'm glad I'm doing it.

3:25 I mean he is absolutely amazingly fascinating.

5:25 people keep bringing up the phone records thing, but a lot of people probably couldn't pay the bill so it got shut off. I'm not saying a bunch of people didn't die, but I am saying Clif High is not infallible.

6:30 no more clothes/shoes... it's definitely a huge disaster and a situation that people in this country ain't used to. It also makes me understand why I've acquired the items I have over the past several years... because it sure didn't make sense at the time.

7:35 lol. I love you Clif High.

8:46 he's totally right about this. It's something I've been trying to keep in mind, and warn other people about.

12:00 could this be the end of the veganism tirade?! God I hope so!!!

13:30 he says Monsanto is fucked, good. All GMO food is fucked and gone.

14:50 we're 18 years out from a new, established normalcy bias.

One of the main reasons I love Clif more than words could ever say is because he explains things so simply and with such essential impact that it literally makes me... High.

We're really gonna need to be able to patch clothes... we're gonna need to be able to repair shoes. I've got a lot of thread... a bunch of super weird colors though. I should have loaded up on black but I just, y'know, didn't really foresee the fucking apocalypse... *shrug*

But now at least I KNOW what I'm lacking and can be sure to stock up for next time... if I live 20 more years to see a new normal?! Weee!!!

18:40 hmmm, that's vaguely exciting.

I'm understanding A LOT of things watching this video... sigh. I knew Clif would be delivering me with this one... that's why I had to wait til the right time and the right frame of mind to watch it.

It's not just about mentally and physically fortifying yourself... it's also about looking out for others around you in your immediate sphere and being able to foresee their situation too. We just have to make concessions right here and right now so that those people will have an easier time in the future with this mess.

23:30 the rise of a new male ethos!!!!!!! FEMINISM IS GONE!!!!!! Damn, I am LOVING this new world so far, I dunno about you guys?! No more vegans!?? No more feminazis?! HELL YEAH!!!!!!!

24:20 HOAs are toast... tehehehehehe!!! This is AWESOME!!!

25:00 damn... I need to get a goat =\

27:45 he discusses retooling and the timeframe involved.

30:15 he says 5 years from now we may be able to start producing vehicles.

34:10 honestly, I know Clif is acting like he doesn't like it, but I think he is enjoying the apocalypse.

35:40 he says we are lucky because in Europe and North America we are food producers.

He says we'll have to REUSE everything... we have to FIX and REUSE EVERYTHING.

37:05 he says problem solvers during this time will be rewarded by the universe and that this is a huge opportunity for those who were "stuck in dead end jobs with great dreams".

He's right, it's a great statement. It's the truth. "Build what you would desire to see." "Create the replacement that you want to see emerge."

3:45 audio is sorted.

5:20 Twitter censored him and he's moving to Gab... he says that Twitter could be CCP controlled.

6:30 he explains his process in going out and how he deals with making shopping trips.

13:55 Clif says that he knows a guy 6 years younger than himself who just died of pneumonia.

16:55 he says the more exposure, the harder it hits you... interesting.

17:17 he says he's not optimistic about the use of chloroquine as an effective treatment.

25:25 he says something really interesting here... he says the COVID19 shows a higher viral load in the throat than in the blood.

I think this is why inhaling hot air or using a neti pot in the sinus could be a good idea... as well as drinking shots of alcohol and inhaling the fumes on the way down to sanitize the area.

27:30 he says for those who have had the tonsils and/or appendix removed it's even worse, because the detoxifying effects of those organs are gone.

28:50 he says healthy cats and dogs are immune.

30:20 he starts explaining how vitamin C works in the system and it's fascinating.

37:15 Clif says he smoked cigarettes for 17 years, OMG wow, I didn't know that! He explains how schizophrenics self-medicate with tobacco. He says he quit in the 80s.

9:54 alrighty well...

My life has been made.

I can die happy now...


Re: horseshoe bats being studied at both bio labs in Wuhan.

2:35 it is not true that horseshoe bats don't make vitamin C, that's why vitamin C is so critical to the novel coronavirus.

9:23 it's a bioweapon and vitamin C is a primary key.

13:02 we don't know the two different kinds of signaling molecules that turn the virus on and off.
Maybe if we eat fat cats and rats it will protect us from the bats and gnats. Put on a fancy hat try not to be a brat and come suck my dick, stat.

Dr seuss , yeah i got meth mouth
Lol Huh
<3 uncle clif <3 my fav <3

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