Clif High: One of the greatest minds of our time...
What a great honor it would be to carry and birth Clif High's genius babychildren...

I can imagine no greater gift for any woman on this planet!!!

Oh Clif! Over 50 minutes of sheer heaven! Let's begin!!!

3:13 I never use them as tablets either!!!

6:00 that looks like a shit ton of fluorescents, WTF!!!

Fuck that noise!!! Way too cool toned!!!

12:01 whoa this is SOOOOOOO trippy because between 12:05 - 12:08 you can SEE Clif's brain "switch gears"... you can see him basically leave one 'room' and enter another one. It's a fascinating (and rare) insight into how he stores data and sorts through it and taps into it. Totally fucking amazing, I LOOOOVE this man.

12:40 he gets into the titled subject of the video, "First Contact".

16:50 amen Clif OMG it's soooooo stupid that they call them "races" rather than "species"... I HATE that!!!!!!!

30:13 he states that he thinks Oumuamua was an "automated interstellar freighter"...

30:30 he begins discussing that there's another interstellar object moving through as well.

33:40 he says he will explain why Oumuamua couldn't have been a natural object. He says he thinks we will be encountering more of these objects.

36:00 he starts explaining why Oumuamua was not a natural object.

40:43 he summarizes the points of his discussion.

We've been blessed with another video by my beloved Clif High.

45:00 of sheer heaven awaits us!!!

1:20 everything Clif says is so fascinating.

4:50 it's so hot when Clif cusses!!!

5:20 you never hear anybody talk about Rense!!! God I love Clif so much!!!

8:20 Clif is just too smart for everyone else.

11:20 Clif says his mom died due to statin drugs which ultimately gave her dementia.

23:18 oooooh I just loooove watching the way Clif moves... he's so fast!!!

He's soooo attractive <3<3<3


29:20 I'd loooooove to take some of your DNA, Clif!!!


(09-23-2019, 12:19 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

Google has already been "reading minds" for years...

Some have suggested they're "predicting the future" but I find that to be an overcomplication of the truth...

They are reading 'waves', they're reading the unseen 'data' that we emit with our thoughts.

It helps if you keep in mind that the scope of what we can see with our eyes is incredibly tiny compared to what all really exists around us.

If you're somebody who has seen the world with the blinders off, you know that there is a huge amount of 'aura' surrounding everything. I described and discussed it here:

Clif High also covered the topic of AI, quantum computers, and the limitations thereof:

I didn't have time to catch this vid when it first came out, but I've got some free time today and I really want to see what he's saying here.

Apparently there's an echo issue up until 12:31 so I am gonna skip ahead to that point and then begin my commentary.

God I love Clif so much.

13:35 God it'd be awesome to trip balls on psychedelics with Clif High. I've learned a lot in the few experiences I've had.

15:36 I think that's a good allegory for the experience of life itself.

What a fascinating man.

17:00 he starts discussing the darkweb/what it is.

18:00 it always fascinates me when he talks about alchemy.

19:00 see, that's what I'm saying about "virtual reality" via the use of these ridiculous gadgets and goggles and all that other total nonsense. We can achieve these things NATURALLY (albeit, as Clif is somewhat discussing, via the use of psychedelics). LIFE ITSELF is a game of virtual reality. "The way" IS NOT to put on goggles and blinders and be in some "virtual world". THE WAY is to do these things naturally based on what we're already working with and able to do if the consciousness is trained correctly/aware of these possibilities on an individual basis.

20:00 he briefly discusses (essentially) the technical dangers of the darkweb.

20:20 he discusses some crypto issues. Sounds a tad gnarly to me. Yikes! No thanks!

24:00 he discusses face paint as a method of thwarting facial recognition and the workings of the software involved.

27:22 "anomalous variant lighting extremes" LOL... God I love this man.

31:40 sigh... where is my own personal Clif High in this world, my dream guy, my very own brilliant man who will share his sacred genius DNA with me so we can create a genius babychild?? Where oh where oh where is he??

31:52 Clif says that the 'kundalini awakening' that is often discussed is a release of DMT in the brain that can be achieved in a number of ways. I think that's the same thing that happens when you die.

33:11 Clif says that hyperspace is not the same as the astral realm.

34:00 Clif says that he won the genetic lottery... and it's true, he really fucking did. God I want that DNA so bad.

37:09 re: hyperspace and space travel... yes, they are related. And I'm sure that "folding space" will be involved on some level, but it won't be the way people think it is. There will still be vehicles used.

42:11 LOL God... can this man get ANY. FUCKING. BETTER? Like... I think not. I just... God. I just. PLEASE. PLEASE send me a Clif High. PLEASE.

44:36 look how nice Clif's arms and hands are...


45:40 OMG :( :( :(

46:30 sigh. Clif is such a strong man.

No matter how long or short my life is in this BS world, Clif's discussions have enriched it enough to have helped make it worth the journey.

49:35 Clif relates schizophrenia to vitamin B levels, some kind of relationship there apparently... check out the timestamp yourself to ascertain what he says about it.

53:07 he says that he wouldn't recommend microdosing for schizophrenia due to the absorption levels of nutrients in schizophrenics often being low. Wow. What he's said about this particular topic in this video is very interesting, go to the timestamp and listen for yourself to understand the info.

54:07 he says that vitamin D and vitamin B really impact the mental state. He says deficiency in either one can be a serious detriment. He says that schizophrenics (essentially) need to look into vitamin B and niacin. On a person level I find this info very helpful.

55:45 he says he's really diving into Chinese medicine lately.

1:06:40 this is a very interesting segment re: fenbendazole as a potentially useful cancer treatment, but you should tune in and listen to this yourself.

1:11:20 he says that ulcers aren't just caused by stress, they're caused by various toxins.

1:14:45 he addresses hemorrhoids and what can help.

This was a great broadcast, absolutely love Clif forever and ever.

LOL Clif is savage!

God Clif is so sexy.


So does this mean that Earth is going to become a lightning planet?



It's so true... being vegan even for a short time can be disastrous for your health.

I like checking on Clif's Twitter every now and then, he's the only person I look at on there, whenever I load Twitter, it's always to go see Clif.
There's a new almost 3 hour Clif High interview on Forum Borealis...

Oh God.

Oh God yes.
And it's on one of my FAVORITE topics that he ever discusses...

It's called "Beyond The Gates Of Death"...

I'm so stoked.
"Beyond the Gates of Death: Transmigration, Reincarnation, & Metempsychosis"

1:26 "A lifetime mystic and spiritual practitioner" *ferociously rubs nana*

2:08 "A psychonaut" God that term turns me on so hard.

Forum Borealis is a good narrator/host.

3:10 Clif IS very humble... so hot.

5:56 LOL @ how he said "bon appetit" because I went and cooked dinner just before watching so I could eat whilst listening and devote my uninterrupted attention to this lengthy video.

6:00 the interview starts.

7:00 God I'm so fricken in love with Clif High. He's so great and wonderful and truly amazing and soooooo lovable. Love him so much. Everything he says and does is so perfect.

8:18 Ex Machina was an okay movie, but "The Zero Theorem" (2013) was a movie that should be on that list way before it.

9:10 "There's nothing more intriguing than the metempsychosis" See this is why I love Clif... I agree with him 100%.

I honestly want Clif's genius babychildren more than anything in the world. Read about my 'freezing genius sperm' fantasy here:

Clif is definitely the #1 in the world for me... I dunno if I mentioned him in that thread though, it's pretty old. But after spending years bathing my soul in Clif's videos and interviews, I've decided it would be my greatest hope and dream to have Clif's babychildren. I would love them even if they didn't turn out to be geniuses... at least they'd be Clif's!!! <3

10:45 the fucked up part about it is that I've commentated on Clif's discussion of metempsychosis before several times, yet the word doesn't show up anywhere in this thread. I noted the first use of the word in the database on a thread about the X-Files the other day: While it's unfortunate that apparently I was misspelling it before, I'm not going to take it back... I consider my original spelling/interpretation of the word to be valuable as a study of my own mind (which is what this website is actually about).

16:00 they're talking about the tantric yogas.

18:08 this Forum Borealis dude is definitely not interesting compared to Clif though. No offense. He's awesome or whatever, but yeah, no.

Pretty sure I've NEVER been bored by Clif... in the history of ever.

19:40 LOL that's so funny <3

20:45 he starts discussing the different human minds.

22:00 I do agree with Clif about this... before or at about 2 years old is when the consciousness solidifies into the body.

24:45 it's so exciting to hear Clif talk about reproduction!!!!!!!!!!! <3

25:30 so basically Clif is saying that the soul is a template.

26:50 so well explained... fucking obsessed.

27:27 he says the soul template magnetically and energetically surrounds the fetus. Reminds me of the 'cutout' which I've talked about before on this thread:

29:35 I love how the interviewer guy interjects on this point. My first memory was at about 7 months after I was born (click here to read) and I do appreciate hearing about people having instances of even earlier memories. I can tell Clif already has his response ready to whatever this guy's gonna say though, LOL. He's so brilliant and fast.

31:30 Clif starts discussing his first memory... *cries* So in love with Clif High, I can't even stand it.

33:20 Clif mentions the the Jain concept of "karman" and their studies of karma: Pretty damn interesting.

34:28 I always think it's interesting when Clif says the soul is responsible for our physical appearance.

39:00 I totally fucking agree with the interviewer guy about this, the term "I-ness" or whatever, it's just obnoxious LMAO. I think my first time hearing it was from Bentinho "Cult Boy" Massaro and now I just ugh... can't.

40:30 Clif starts talking about patterns and trials that we are presented with, kind of talking about karma here.

41:30 this discussion about destroying the body quickly after death makes sense so that the soul can move on with its processes.

44:40 Clif discusses our personal heavens which we experience after death, and that there's no one else with us there, as the presence of other would interfere.

46:20 "You can't microdose ayahuasca" ROFLROFL amen... oh, Clif is so funny and perfect, he's always so nice with his answers.

53:18 Clif is basically talking about how to properly trip, and at this timestamp he mentions the "machine elves" which we've discussed before.

54:20 roflrofl.

56:15 yeah I have experienced those type of visits before.

57:30 Clif starts talking about how once you're a human, you basically stay human throughout your incarnations. It's a brilliant explanation, gotta listen to it yourself.

Love Clif so much, God... I just can't express it adequately.

1:09:00 the midst of a very interesting discussion of kids who remember past lives.

1:11:00 he starts discussing the "War Across Time" again... I love this topic.

1:11:45 cremation (destruction of the body) is "necessary because as long as the body exists in the materium, you hold the soul hostage in its hell"... it's an interesting statement and I see where he's coming from. Pretty sure the ancient cultures waited a few days before they burned the body so that the senses had time to fully die.

1:12:25 he goes on to say that any destruction of the body, such as being eaten by animals in nature, serves the same purpose and cremation itself isn't the end all be all. I would love for my body to just be thrown in the woods upon my death, and to be reclaimed by nature. That's the way it should be anyhow, and it's sad that we don't get to do that anymore in this society... it's really wrong.

1:21:00 brilliant discussion about estimating the period of time between lives.

What a great interview. Clif High is such a gift <3

1:25:30 is this talking chick somebody he knows or was it somebody he hired on Fiverr? It's too sexual and cringey.

1:27:45 he addresses transgenderism... it's actually very interesting what he says.

1:29:17 he addresses hormones and the impact they have on our experiences.

1:30:00 Clif tells a funny joke, the point of which is that the pancreas (as well as the vagus nerve) is the seat of consciousness.

1:31:50 addresses how consciousness can never meld with a machine in the way transhumanists want it to.

1:43:00 - 1:44:12 amazing statements about destiny. So in love with Clif High. OMG.

1:48:30 so true.

1:52:00 amazing statements about our individual heavens... it's fascinating to hear Clif explain these things. Clif is so wonderful and special... such a fascinating person.

1:57:40 Clif is such a deeply understanding person.

1:58:40 discusses the "elite" and how they try to game the system and engage in high level spiritual practices without actually having put in the work, receiving assistance from "experts" via twisted methods. 2:00:00 he discusses adrenochrome in relation to this topic.

2:03:00 he touches on the topic of luciferian symbolism and rituals like spiritcooking. 2:03:50 I wonder if the host is just fronting about not knowing dick about this topic... is he playing dumb? I find the "devil's advocate" type pretty annoying.

2:23:30 the subject of whether animals have souls etc. is discussed.

2:27:10 addresses the topic of suicide, which is referred to as a 'damaging setback'.

2:27:55 really interesting statement that according to yoga (and "Thinking And Destiny") schizophrenia in this life is a result of having been a channeler in the past life.

Very fascinating.

*mindless ravenous animalistic caveperson moaning*

Big Nanarub
Yes I realize I'm Clif's most disgustingly obnoxious, embarrassingly thirsty fangirl ever...

Am I sorry? No. Hell no!

Today we get to enjoy a Clif High video of considerable length which features the white board. This should be great. According to the title, this video contains information which is mostly pertinent to men... these are some of his best videos. Here was another such video that I commentated on: I'm not a guy, but I do cherish the wisdom Clif shares with the male portion of the audience and I imagine if I was a man it would help me a lot. But I find value in the info for myself in case I should need to pass it on to males in the future.

Clif's family recently suffered a loss, and I think that's what necessitated this message today.

Let's watch the vid.

Clif is so compassionate... I really can feel his emotion. I appreciate him thinking about this info and presenting it to us... this will help people.

1:20 this is going to be a really important video, I can tell just by what's written on the board.

2:00 LOL I love that he takes the time to spell out 'metempsychosis' for us. I love you so much, Clif High. So, so much.

3:48 "Consciousness has no particles, it's entirely energy."

4:22 he goes on to explain this point... Clif is such an amazing teacher, he explains things in such a way that everyone can understand.

4:42 this is how I feel about 'virtual reality'...

7:24 so fascinating... I love how Clif understands things. He's so special... I really treasure this information.

8:50 oh wow, this is very interesting... the whiteboard is very helpful to visualize things.

10:07 he says we live in a dielectric universe and he'll discuss that at a later time... I'd definitely like to hear about that.

12:28 re: your thinking being impacted... it sure can. That's a real problem here in the materium.

15:22 "Just as you don't want to live in agony all the time, you certainly don't want to live in ecstasy all the time" ... very important point to think about.

17:16 "Everything changes" ... it's a comforting thought, really. Hmmm. I needed this perspective adjustment.

20:46 yeah, I've experienced that. It's good that he ties this point in to the reason why schizophrenics seem to smoke a lot, a topic discussed here:

30:00 he gets into the topic of microdosing psychedelics. I absolutely do believe in psychedelics for therapy.

33:00 look at the way he gently strokes that whiteboard... so in love.

35:00 he starts making some really important points about schizophrenia and I may bump the schizophrenia thread with this timestamp.

40:00 Clif is so deep and poignant... he's wonderful person and I appreciate him so much. Watch this part of the video for yourself, I'm not going to explain it... it's too important for that.

Thanks for this video, Clif High.
Clif High is live on the Leak Project right now talking about the "firewall" barrier at the edge of the solar system...

Big Nanarub

Why are my soulmates always married and/or over 60!?

Want. Need. Desire.
It's seriously not fair.
Oh how I ache for Clif High...

Few can make me feel the way he makes me feel.

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