Clif High: One of the greatest minds of our time...
Oh, Clif...

I could write about how much I love you, ALL day!!!


But I have to stop now and go prepare dinner!!!

Maybe I'll come back later and confess my endless love some more...

Until next time, oh Clif!!!

Just to know you're out there in this great big world, sharing your warm, comforting presence with people...

Or maybe even doing random weird mad scientist thingies we don't know about!?

It makes me so happy and fills me with so much gratitude!!!

Love Bees
(09-04-2021, 10:47 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Once people start with the super elderly Biden-esque shuffle-walk, my sexual desire dies.

that's not exactly an elderly trait, that has to do with neurological degeneration and things like dementia. we're actually going to be seeing a lot of that in the vaxxed due to the spongiform encephalitis.

i got very used to all the dementia hallmarks when i was caring for my granpa. it's the kinda thing you can't unsee, and when you start seeing it in others, it's like oh fuck.
Well said, Genba... sigh. So true.

And about the vaxxed fuckers, man... what I believe without a doubt is that their goal was to make countless masses of humanity dependent on pharmaceuticals for their very lives. If they wanna live, they're gonna have to keep up on their shots/pills, due to whatever damage the vaxx has caused (and that'll only come out during the following years).

After all, word has it that HIV/AIDS came from an experiment with tainted vaxx in Africa...


All the same fuckers were behind that...

Now they're just doing the experiment on a much larger scale.

My concern is that if it's anything like AIDS, the whole of humanity will be wiped out from it, vaxxed or not.

Hopefully it's just not communicable.

This takes a lot of potential partners off the table, that's for sure. I'd never be intimate with someone who's been vaxxed.
The fact that the only people I've known who have had the CV have 'caught it' after being vaxxed??

That tells me that if CV is even real, the immune systems in the vaxxed population have been lowered by the clot shot enough to make them susceptible to catching the CV, whereas before, they apparently weren't susceptible to it.
And the peeps I know who have been vaccinated and then caught the CV? They tend to look considerably less healthy compared to their former state. Maybe it's just cuz they've been sick, but... I dunno, they just look depleted and rough. It's widespread abuse and delayed murder of the masses taking place by the globalists.
a layman can look at the difference between a regular person's blood and a cancer patient's blood. everyone associates cancer with tumors of some sort, but really it's a metabolic condition. things like spike protein and graphene oxide fuck up the blood and metabolism and create an equally easily distinguishable bloodstate.

so it would make sense for them to start to visibly wither away like someone in a cancerous state.
I just looked at the comments section of Clif's newest BitChute video and wow...

BitChute's comments sections have always been the absolute fucking worst on the entire fucking internet, no contest whatsoever.

Unfailingly useless absolute trash.

I wonder why the hell that is??

It's the truth on every single video, no matter what the hell it is, since the beginning of the site.
So I'm laying in bed, it's damn near 11AM, I have GOT to get up!!!

But I was looking at Clif's BitChute page and I had this super hot vision.

I saw Clif's big sexy man hands gently stroking down my chest, no BS...

It was like STUNNING detail, I could see his fingertips slide past my nipples, it was hot...

It was like this super sensual thing where I was naked at least from the waist up, and my skin was glistening, not in a full sweat, but in an aroused kind of turnt and lit sorta ever so slight perspiration.

Mega sexy and random, I didn't even really try to fantasize about it, it just happened!!!

Weird way to kick off a Sunday, but I'll take it?!?!?

So I was concerned I'd been making this thread too much of a cringefest recently...

But then I went back and looked at the first few pages which made me realize it's ALWAYS been a cringefest, so that's good.

What I find kinda startling is that it's coming up on 5 years since I first made this thread and I'm still hopelessly pining away over Clif...

That's some sad shit!

Am I gonna stop??

Well if it was that easy to stop, I probably would have by now, so my guess is NO!?

That said, I do recognize that it's futile and sad. I just want everyone to know that.

But I go forward into the future shamelessly...

The bottom line is, I invented this site so that I could have a place to spew all my frustrated feelings, all my sexual desires, and all my other extra/expendable energy that couldn't/shouldn't go anywhere else.

Everyone's mind runs on a loop, how ever big or small, and I'm no exception. I'm here shamelessly displaying my loop/patterns until I either die, the internet goes away, I can't pay for hosting, or any other type of calamity causes the cessation of my magnificent display here.

It is what it is. I am who I am.
This site is a map of my brain, that's why the slogan is "This is your mind online."

This is my mind online.


New interview with Clif, chillin' with Greg Hunter.

I like Greg, he does good work. He's a great interviewer.

0:50 I'm leaning on Clif High too, Greg.

1:35 yeah it's true, those local news compilations where they're all telling the same story are hilarious.

13:20 Greg is one of the most enjoyable people that Clif gets interviewed by.

21:40 Clif says he expects another temporal marker re: the global markets coming soon. He says the bond crisis will make hyperinflation visible, and this will destroy the deep state. Listen to it yourself for the exact wording, I'm multitasking.

22:49 lol, Greg Hunter is so cool. I really like him.

27:50 it's true... the gas prices are completely insane. That's the worst thing about all this if you ask me. It's the biggest sign that we're going the way of the UK, which is fucking horrible.

28:50 exactly... we still have our guns, and that's how you know it's not our own government trying to fuck us and take everything over, it's the commie Chinese who are controlling it now. They bought it, it was sold to them on purpose (by the Clintons for example), etc. If it had been our government, they would have taken the guns first before they tried all this shit on us.

I dunno if I'm gonna be able to finish this video today... I've been watching it on and off all day and now I'm in the mood to listen to music and dance around instead.

If it was Clif by himself I'd definitely watch it... but there's something about interviews that just makes me not care as much, no matter who's involved. Well, I mean, unless it's Alex Jones. Then I'd watch it no matter who else was involved, lmao.
RED WOO! - Explorers' Guide to SciFi World (

red alert
(09-10-2021, 12:43 PM)genba Wrote:

Wow, Clif made this one bright and early!!!

I really appreciate how he explains he took some flushing niacin, and he just laughs... he really cares about his viewers and making sure they know what's up. I'm kinda freaked out by the idea of flushing niacin though, as somebody who has a blood vessel problem, I dunno if it'd be a good idea for me.

I wonder what's the deal with the dollar he has up there on the whiteboard? Looks like he's got something written in red across it.

3:50 so far he's talking about Q, which is a topic I have zero interest in.

4:10 so glad Clif is still here with us... we came very close to losing him. Thank God he survived. I wonder if Clif has grandkids. He gives me good grandad vibes. I bet he'd be a fun grandfather to have. My grandpa was a blast... we had a lot fun when I was a kid. I've posted about it before.

6:55 re: communications blackout, I don't believe that at all. Not in any way, shape, or form. Sometimes, I completely disagree with what Clif says, and I think it's kinda regrettable for him to say stuff like this. But it's not like he's the only one who does it. At least he has redeeming qualities far beyond the typical, and that makes him worth listening to anyways, plus he's just likable.

11:45 I love it when he says "normies" roflmao, I just think the term is hilarious. I overuse it in real conversation. I will admit that. Lmfao. It's so perfectly derogatory.

13:00 totally not gonna happen either.

13:55 I don't understand why he's doing this to himself.

Why is he throwing out dates?

14:20 is somebody making him do this?

15:00 hmmm okay. He might be straight up putting out date disinfo for a reason. Sounds like he's trying to protect his own ass by getting up here and pulling a David Icke style "the moon is fake" red herring.

I don't hold any of it against Clif, he's great... but hell, it is what it is.

Wonder why he says the gov. is after him over this info?? WTF are they doing to him??

He goes on to explain it a little bit.

Well shit...

I've stopped watching the news. I've turned away from so much already.

Seems like now I'm gonna have to stop taking in information from folks I like as well.

Just a lil vacation, certainly not forever.

the apocalypse is nigh

I'm tempted to watch.

Not gonna lie.

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