Clif High: One of the greatest minds of our time...
clif's been talking about c60 for years now. i've tried a couple brands, one i felt was doing something decent. then i went with the cheap brand, didn't even finish the bottle. went ahead and got the expensive purple power c60 and tried it today and hoo boy, there is most definitely a difference.

0:26 Clif says he's about to discuss some "deep woo"...


1:10 he's discussing fermentation. I didn't really expect that!?

7:17 so we're talking about etheric fermentation.

8:35 we get to hear Clif type something!

14:20 man it's too bad they did away with mushroom beer... sounds like about the only kind of beer I'd be interested in!?

16:20 man that's fucked up.

16:55 uh oh, that don't sound good... they're coming after the witchy bitches!? I'm screwed!!!

27:00 I dunno, that kinda sounds like overkill. Like let's get real, they never really do anything to actually help people.

36:45 he addresses NAC.

41:20 he talks about soul damage/death, and discusses the soul in general. One of my favorite subjects he ever discusses.

44:50 getting eaten by wildlife is definitely my preference. Regardless, in no way do I agree that the soul persists in being bound to the body after death. There's no difference between consciousness and soul, IMO.

46:35 I agree with his take on fasting, hell yeah Clif! Fuck that shit!

All in all, I like Clif.

54:00 now people are dying en masse of heart attacks etc., so why is that? Is that a deficiency too? Wouldn't be surprised.

58:00 good advice.

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