YouTuber Debrajoy is entertaining as fuck...
So I ended up making a second batch (well, 4 batches of 4-5 cookies each, LOL)...

And I have nailed my signature cookie dough, that's a fact.

Baking is so much different from "regular" cooking, which I totally excel at.

I've never had a super win with baking before (specifically sweets)...

But I've struck on gold with this signature cookie dough taste and I gotta tell you, it's unique.

I was told that it tastes like a locally famous bakery's cookie dough, which was kind of a big deal to me.


Am I the only one who sees this thumbnail and has dirty thoughts?

I dunno what it is!

Great, now Debra's gonna make me have to get some mac 'n cheese.
I just want to thank Debra Joy, because without the motivation she inspired in me by posting her video about jam cookies, I probably wouldn't have ended up making my own and subsequently establishing my own amazeballs dough recipe... I did base it on another recipe besides the one that she shared, but she was the impetus nonetheless.

6:36 damn that looks delicious!
first 20 seconds , its no wonder that poor mutt is whining walking around in circles on concrete

its gone completely nuts
I like neverrrrr watch Debra's videos anymore...

But it's not because I don't love her.

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