Retrowave makin' me wanna WANK!!!!!
EVERYTHING makes you horny after you get home from church
Lost Nights - Words

This guy from Lost Nights does great retrowave vocal work.

Personally, I’m proud of him... it’s really not an easy thing to do.

The music itself is quite good... a bit too fast in some parts, but with the good vocals, I won’t complain too much.
You’re always better off opting for slower with retrowave.

Slow, dark, heavy atmosphere is what we aim for.

Weighty, slight echo on the bass percussions.
It should sound like you traveled back in time with it.
Brojak 2000 - Hotline Racer

Very well done... no mistakes.
Gold Fields - Waterfall (Com Truise Remix)

Very nice.
NICOLAAS - Real Escape (Robert Parker Remix)

Even if they could get away with the style of these male vocals (which they just barely can) the tuning on the part where it echoes "seatbelt" is a total dead giveaway of 21st century pop vocal influence... and that tiny part ruins the whole thing.

As if that wasn't bad judgement enough, the female vocals come in at 2:50 with absolutely no prayer of being legitimate retrowave vocals on any level. It's pure 21st century pop vocal trash.

There are a lot more good male retrowave vocalists out there than females...

And the chick in this song is no exception. Another great retrowave track totally destroyed by vocals.

A channel called "Old World Radio - Boston" is streaming this right now...

Night City FM - Cyberpunk 2077. Wow, this is fucking awwweeessooommme.
The coolest part about it is that the livestream chat is displayed there on the right in the graphic. I think that is sooo fucking neat.

Wow... whoever put this together did one heck of a job.
Let’s make babies while jamming to some cyberpunk, you can even wear my used long sleeve shirt to really spice things up!
*sheds a single tear*

That's so beautiful.
Wolfclub - Electrify

Solid garbage on every level, there is nothing good about this song.
ThroBak - LA Dreams

Not a single hint of the 21st century in there... that's what I call a good retrowave tune. Whoever made this is the real deal.
Verona - Life Will Never Be The Same

Could have been so great, alas... it's a failure. The way he says "lover" at the very beginning totally betrays an early 21st century vocal influence. Total letdown.
Wolfclub - Flame

More sheer and utter garbage from this embarrassment of a pop group trying to pass themselves off as "retrowave"...

A heinous atrocity of biblical proportions, I can't fathom why the "NewRetrowave" channel would allow this steaming pile of trash on their station. The music sucks too. Usually when you get total crap retrowave vocals, they're at least ruining a decent retrowave track, but with Wolfclub... no.
Earmake - "Between Good and Evil"

Excellent 'classic' retrowave tune. Perfectly executed.
I hate it when retrowave is too fast...

Whoever made this song truly gets it.
Perfect speed, perfect 'echo' on the percussion... perfect depth. Perfect in general.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!

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