Retrowave makin' me wanna WANK!!!!!
(11-14-2019, 03:37 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: PRIZM - Midnight FM (Medley)

Fuckin' despise the vocals, pure trash. Hell is a place where they play retrowave with horrible vocals for all eternity.

But somebody in the comments section made the statement that the original Jennifer from the first "Back To The Future" was way hotter than the other chick (Elisabeth Shue) who played her in the second movie... I kind of discussed it in my review of the BTTF trilogy:

I totally agree, Claudia Wells was definitely way hotter.

Why in the hell wasn't she in the second movie??? According to IMDb she didn't do ANYTHING between 1986 and 2008. That is a LONG time.
Claudia Wells was 23 in 1989. Shue was 26. So it wasn't because they wanted to cast somebody younger. Was Wells super pregnant or something?

The reason why is on her Wiki.

Well, have to respect her for that I suppose.


At least she's managed a pretty fly business for all these years... good for her!
Tonebox - System Error

One of the greatest things about retrowave is the art that you see so prevalently within the genre.
Tonebox - Cloud Ghost

Unique and amazing as always with Tonebox, and great art on this video... that picture is awesome.

I talked way earlier in this thread about NOT doing weird shit in songs JUST in an effort to be different or unique... and I don't get the impression that's what Tonebox is doing with this. It's strange, it's different... but it doesn't fall into the 'try-hard' category.

Thanks to the more mid-late 80s sound and feel, this song isn't AS horrible as the WOLFCLUB songs typically are...

But it's still mildly horrible.

If this chick is gonna sing, the least she can do is keep with this late 80s technique and practice, practice, practice.
Nina - Automatic Call

Pure garbage.
Someone's comment from that video...

Quote:Definitely this is the best voice in retrowave.

Comments like this make me want to puke...

They are going to absolutely destroy this genre.

KRISTINE is the best female voice in retrowave...

There is absolutely no contest whatsoever...

To even suggest there is better than Kristine is a joke.
Add Nina's name to the list of pop wannabe embarrassments within the retrowave genre, like whoever the hell sings for Wolfclub, and Jessie Frye... disgusting.
Guess it's time to start looking for other retrowave channels...

A couple I've found so far...


This channel has some good songs on it...

But they basically never upload.
Agamath - Highway Of Light

See, this is a great retrowave song with (of course) no damn vocals.

Does that sound like the kind of music that you should put vocals over??

Man fuck no it doesn't...

True retrowave needs no vocals.
Retrowave is meditative...

Vocals are not conducive to meditation.
Futurecop! - Against The Tide (feat. NINA)


An instance where Nina's voice/singing style is actually better than the music.

Can't they do anything right??
Absolute Valentine - Powertrust

1:40 they should have never done this part this way, but other than that, LMAO?!

It's good!!!
1:40 is very nice ! that's the transition part where we have some time to pull out our wankers and reinsert them into another hole
LeBrock - Interstellar

Oh Lord no.

Get rid of the singer dudes and maybe the video is okay.

But the song is crap, nothing retro about it.
Sandman - Hardline

Good shit.
I'll post this here since they'll probably ban me from the channel...

Never Sleep Again - Betamaxx ft. Vandal Moon

Quote:There is nothing, and I mean NOTHINGGGGG retro about this. WHY on God's green earth is this on the retrowave channel?? At least the vocals are decent. Now put them to ACTUAL RETROWAVE music and cool. BTW, leave all the sexual crap out of retrowave videos too... we want to get away from the total degradation of the 2000s, not perpetuate it.

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