Retrowave makin' me wanna WANK!!!!!
They legit blocked me from their channel ROFL...

This is why I post everything on my own site.

They can try to silence people who call out wannabes in this genre on their own channel, but they can't silence the whole internet...

They're fucking idiots for shitting where they eat.
It's a horrible song, a cringe, trash video...

Nothing good about it.

The vocal style is decent though...

Pair it with some ACTUAL retrowave music and it would be fine.

They make it a lot harder than it has to be...

Alas, they don't understand what the audience wants because they're only after infiltration of a genre for $$$...

Doesn't work because no one wants their crap music.

Please don't make any more videos like this.

Ready for blastiff
it reminds me of those fusions between downtempo and progressive trance like this

32:59 Chrononaut - Waves SEEEEEEEEXXXXXXXX.
Oh fuck its Sunday and this preveryt just showed me this chicks bum breathe breath no fap no fap.
I mean I let one out every couple of months to clear the pipes but shit her ass was like omfg!!! Me balls ache!!!
Palm Fires - Internet Crush (REMNANT.exe Remix)

Big Nanarub



Quote:00:00 Suprematix - Riverside Coast
4:42 Lyde - Recluse
8:19 Younsou - Street Fighter
12:10 Mental Minority - The Void of Atrocity
17:37 Chris Keya - Firewall
21:26 Ferus Melek - The Second Act of Time
26:45 Aeterno - Hard Shift
29:51 Joel Nox - Riskrunner
33:28 Don Alfredo - Redline Overdrive
36:21 Predator Technique - Stay
39:20 Timedriver - Venus Sky
43:37 PetRUalitY - Neon Night Walk
45:55 Restrictor - Stellar Waves
49:45 Synthwave Goose - Revenge
52:53 Zynth - Tropic
54:55 CARLIGHTS - Blurred Memories
59:14 Power Failure - Street Level
(04-04-2020, 01:05 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: 52:53 Zynth - Tropic

This one is awesome.

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