The Sage Wanderer: This guy's got some crazy stories!!!

Bwahahaha OMG this song is brilliant, this is great quality, I love it!!!

9:15 yeah you know people talk a lot of shit about gypsies, and I get it but...

I dunno, I kinda like 'em. I respect the hustle and I relate to the mobile living.

I wasn't really paying attention after 10 minutes or so but it's a good video.

First of all, Sage is pretty damn funny.

Secondly, wow, he sent in his DNA to TPTB's giant cataloguing experiment eh??

Well I mean actually, as we know TPTB already have access to our DNA info from birth from their government installments (hospitals etc.)...

So really the people running these DNA harvesting operations are likely private industries...


"23andMe & teaming up with social media giants to catalog userbase DNA"

Either Sage has innocently dropped the ball here, or here's got his hand in the cookie jar of the dark side.

This isn't the only suspicious thing he's ever done by a long shot.
If you meditate on it and are patient (it can take years) you will slowly start to piece together your heritage...

You don't need to send in DNA to find out...

There's no guarantee they're telling you the truth any way, LMFAO why the fuck would they?

Wise up, people.
(06-21-2019, 06:11 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: If you meditate on it and are patient (it can take years) you will slowly start to piece together your heritage...

And OBVIOUSLY you don't have to do this if your family lineage as been kept good track of...

ROFL! But I'm just saying, for those who are unsure, there are other ways than pulling an ultimate sheeple move.

Why is Sage in the middle of the hornets' nest again??

Shouldn't he like...

Not be there??

Awwwe, Sage used to stutter!!! What a cutie!!! Poor thing!!!

4:50 very interesting.

Great motivational speech by Sage, he's so right.

God, Sage's cabin/shed is the shit, that is my ultimate dream home. Look how warm toned it is. That bitchin' porch. Wow. He's living the dream right now.

5:23 LMAO. My God.

6:24 God he's got some great stories.

Love it... absolutely love it.

8:50 I agree, God bless Sylvia.

18:06 OMG that's so smart!!!

21:54 ROFL I love it!!! Yaaas!!!

Bruce Lee baby!!!


Wow, check out Sage's bitchin' glasses!!!

0:55 he really should put netting on his porch.

8:50 it's an interesting theory, but... dunno.

10:08 and he's still thinking the civil war's gonna happen...

It's not. Not in the way people expect it to look according to history.

The war has been raging for years...

1:38 EXACTLYYYYYY!!!!!! That's the point of those anony boards... they're ANONY!!!!! Nobody knows who fucking posted it, ROFL!!!!! Agh, my God... this is all so ridiculous. TPTB are a bunch of geriatric power hungry retards... they can't have the internet.

Sage's videos are being shadowbanned hard.
20:38 this is why I'm against HD video. People on YouTube filming themselves in 4K... idiots.

Sage is being kinda ridiculous about the dog...

Just let him be annoying and keep talking.

Sorta noob on the part of Sage...

I can't stand it when people get all stupid about background noises in their vids.

I feel as though Sage isn't in a great place lately.

I think he's dealing with a lot in his personal life.

1:20 it's all the legacy media doing its best to demonize patriots and nationalists. Period. That's ALL IT IS. THIS is the war. There is no "civil war" in "the future"... THIS IS THE WAR, and it's not civil. It's a global war. And it won't EVER look like they make it appear in the movies. Why? Because the movies ARE OWNED BY THEM, and they're used to DISTRACT THE POPULACE with inaccurate depictions of modern war because if the world doesn't look like that, then we must not be at war, huh? It's a giant red herring.
(08-20-2019, 02:52 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

3:50 he makes pretty interesting points.

(08-20-2019, 03:00 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I don't think they're anywhere near as good at the 'deep fake' vids as it's claimed they are...

I think it's bullshit and that the videos simply portray those they appear to portray.

Kind of like the whole "What Color Is The Dress?" social experiment...

They've run many massive campaigns to gauge the gullibility of the populace...

They've never been disappointed with the results.

They've been programming people to disbelieve their eyes for a very long time...

Even smart people have fallen for it and my guess is they will rely on all their past tests to back up their claims that these videos aren't real when they do come out.

"public disclosure of reality level CGI"

0:28 you couldn't get involved with somebody like that without confronting the crossroads anyway.

2:40 the only guy over 30, LMFAO they must have fuckin' sucked.

4:45 what is that, fuckin' 4 people living in a damn shed?! Uh LOL, wow. I mean it's not even funny but... wow.

9:00 I like Sage, he has a good personality.

I couldn't really be any less interested in this video/story but I'm watching it anyways.

4:33 he's absolutely right.

13:50 Sage has a good heart.
I just had a dream that Sage Wanderer was saying a bunch of cucked sellout stuff in a new video.

3:55 unfuckingbelievable...

What is the fucking deal with this Mandela Effect shit???

10:00 it makes sense if you consider that these people are paid shills...

Trying to detract from the Mandela Effect and trying to incite hatred of Trump.

11:10 finally he admits it.

17:06 he starts talking Mandela Effects related to animals.

19:20 Sage is so entertaining.

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