The Sage Wanderer: This guy's got some crazy stories!!!

4:58 I guess it sounds kinda fun.

15:00 Sage is a lil hard on himself for being a "sex addict" I mean, if you have a dick swinging between your legs, then it is a verified fact by nature that you only care about/want sex. I doubt Sage is even actually bad. Yet look how tormented he feels about it. Poor feller. Lmao. Sigh.

20:33 oh I DEFINITELY don't believe THAT! Lol. Oh my... apparently there are certain segments of society who are all worked up in a lather right now.

0:38 isn't that kind of... 100% not up to him?

It's not his choice whether this upcoming work of his is going to be the most significant and best he's ever done on his channel.

Not saying it's not possible for him to do even better than he's ever done before, and remember, this is the guy who actually composed and performed what I said (and MEANT) was one of my favorite songs OF ALL TIME.

So I am not a fuckin' Sage doubter or hater! LMAO! AT ALL.

And I am saying...

I think he's gone a little bit off-center, and something is leading him forward in a chaotic way.

He doesn't determine what has been or will be his best work.

You can't do that, nobody can do that.

UNLESS you basically created like maybe 2 or 3 things in your entire life and it can be definitively agreed upon that one of those 3 things is better than the others, lmao.

Other than that, you as a creator CANNOT say what your best work was because NO MATTER WHAT, your work will be open to interpretation by the audience.
No matter WTF you say your work means, regardless of what you think is best...

People are going to be drawn to their favorite part of your body of work.

There's nothing you can do about it.
I genuinely think maybe Sage is about to come out as gay or some kinda weird shit like that.
I honestly feel like he might be about to drop some crazy shit like that though...

I am 100% serious.
If he does? Total plant.
Total agent.

2:20 well there's nothing wrong with this question.
12:00 do you see what I'm fuckin' saying though??

All in all, I think it's a good thing he's preaching though.
It's just what he's meant to do by birth... be a preacher, play music for God, etc.

28:23 this is a very interesting video, gotta hand it to Sage.

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