The Sage Wanderer: This guy's got some crazy stories!!!

Wow, tell me she doesn't look like Cindy Kay Currier...

She's a pretty lady.

He looks good with her, they look right together.

It's not some weird shit, it's refreshingly normal.

Even with the crazy shit they're talking about, lmao.

4:50 shit, I think I'm fuckin' in love with her, roflll!!!!!!

6:40 he better marry this chick, no shit, don't let her get away Sage, bro don't fuck this up, man.

8:00 I'm sure it'd be the most vanilla shit you've ever heard in your fuckin' life.

8:35 he loves those titties. Can't blame him! She has a beautiful gaze too... I like her.

8:45 I'd like to hear that.

9:15 she seems humble and very nice.

I straight can't get over the resemblance to Cindy though, I can't lie, lmfao. It's a good thing, it's a good thing.

It's weird how her name is Kathy and Cindy's name is... I dunno, SORTA similar. Not hella similar, but you know. And like... her smile. And the glasses. I'm WTFing pretty hard right now.

9:46 wow, that's love right there.

10:00 I hate to break it to ya, Sage, but we all are. Lol. It's not that special. I get you, but... yeah, it's common. I'm legitimately descended from royalty too. It is what it is buddy... just be glad you weren't born on the throne this time. It's a shit fucking life.

10:20 I can tell she's been blowing smoke up his ass. Not in a nefarious way. But you can tell.

Her glasses are killer bro. I bet this lady is mad compatible with me, just like Cindy.

12:35 Sage bro, you can stop talking about yourself now, man.

12:50 I couldn't listen to somebody go on and on about their fuckin' bloodline no matter how much I loved 'em. Let's talk about your girlfriend bro.

13:15 she's like cutting him off in the most respectful way, but I'm thinkin' maaan... shuuut uuup though.

13:20 listen to how he downplayed her royal heritage, lmao. Sage... honey. You're not a prize. You're OKAY. But you're just a man. It's time to put the spotlight on your counterpart... we've heard your story.

If that relationship ends, it's gonna be his fucking fault for sure.

13:45 check it, they're in a hotel room. It's like, Sage. Dude. You live in the woods in a shack. It might be a better shack than the other shacks and the van and whatever, but it's still a fucking shack. She'd rather kick it in a hotel room. I'm just saying. Are you REALLY a catch... or are you lucky as fuck right now?? You're lucky as fuck right now.

13:55 I mean I get why he's excited, but it's kinda like telling people about some cute shit your kid did or how your dog smiled at you this morning when you gave it a treat, it's like okay man. That's great but let's like... move on.

14:15 he's so lucky she's even into him.

14:20 it IS low key her fault for blowing a massive amount of smoke up his ass though, let's be real.

14:25 she feels like she has power over him for it, but in the same token it's like she's created some kind of a monster. It's just a phase, he's just excited but... lmao.

14:58 she's smart and important and I like her better than I like him. Start her a channel now.

15:05 now you can see she's bored. She fought it for a while but yeah there it is.

16:58 God, just shoot me. For real.

17:53 sounds like he's finally gonna start talking about something else.

18:07 see this is why I don't read the news anymore.

18:20 they need to ditch that old school camera for a smartphone camera, I don't care how "HD" and "good" the camera is supposed to be. The constant clicking of the lens is so unnecessary... it's 2021, get with the fucking times.

27:15 oh I'll totally accept her as my Aunt Kat.

27:45 I'd like, much rather hear about her story than Sage's from now on.

28:10 that's hot.
@ 3:45 dude she was masturbating to sage

This was a beautiful story, legitimately made me misty-eyed... this is Sage's strong point. (And of course, music.)

But this is why I've always liked Sage, even though sometimes I don't agree with him.

2:32 he is making some excellent points in this video.

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