You Are Free TV: Odin's Eye, Snowden, Assange, QAnon, and the Deep State Takedown
(05-16-2018, 07:05 PM)genba Wrote: this is quite amusing to me. i've been suspicious of the Q group since they started posting. many just ate it up. now that the Q are referencing israel in a negative light, allllll these people are decrying the Q. i am now less suspicious of the Q.

i know it's not good to overgeneralize... but... anyone that supports israel is either ignorant or nefarious and evil.

fuck all the babylonian and khazarian gypsies. you are not hebrews, you are not iudeans, and you are not descendants of them. you are a bunch of lying shitsacks directly undermining humanity as a whole.

Very interesting, Genba, thanks for shedding light on this...


It's too bad this chick is a lesbian, she would have made a great mom!

Maybe she can help raise somebody else's kids!

2:50 - 3:12... I cracked up.

This lady's videos are really amazing.

She has great manners and she really seems like a good chick.

1:08 Sylvester Stallone at the White House? The heck?



12:48, go Italy!


14:11, wow LMAO LOLOL!

15:09, she's absolutely right.

16:08 - 16:26 LMFAOLOL.

20:56 - 22:06 this chick is so right, she's so down to earth and reasonable too.

24:24 amen, so true.

This lady is right up there with Mae Brussell.

Dude it looks like this chick has huge jugs! That's hot!

I wouldn't even have noticed if it wasn't for them sitting pretty under that Trump t-shirt.
Shes tryin to hide her boobies?
Oh for sure.

But she can't hide them sweater puppies.

22:03 this one is very interesting.
28:27, LOL this chick is great.

Dude I fricken straight up hate the guest videos on this channel...

Or any channel for that matter.

I won't even watch them.

I actually watched the one interview with this crop circle chick and it was good.

But I just hate seeing people have guests on their YouTube channels.

We watch YouTube channels to see ONE PERSON who the channel is about...

Historically, that is how YouTube works. It's a one person show.

Wow the info presented here is just mindblowing.

5:30 very interesting re: Trump/Pence water bottle signaling...

28:28 OMGWTF?
Someone was in the white house to assassinate Trump? Wtf?
I know dude that was my response too, what the hell?

First I've heard of that...

I dunno, that's why I watch this lady.

I'm trying to condense down my news sources to absolutely as few as possible...

And she's always saying some shit I've never heard of.
I mean it's not that surprising, it's just...

Yeesh, kinda stunning.
I loathe interview videos and I cannot lie...

Having said that, this one seems pretty interesting:

Even though they're talking some woo-woo shit (remote viewing and whatnot), I still think there's some very valuable info here.

The Getty family has needed the light shone upon them for a very long time... they are some very sick, twisted people.

I mean if what happened to John Paul Getty III (kidnapped, tortured, wheelchair bound) doesn't give away some of the plot, I don't know what does:

9:26 re: Andrew Getty who died of intestinal hemorrhage and "meth use" in 2015:

He was responsible for this movie:

"The Evil Within" was inspired by his "childhood nightmares", and it was about a "special needs boy"... sound familiar?

John Paul Getty III appeared naked on the front of a gay magazine when he was 16, the same year he was kidnapped... and the magazine wasn't released until after he was kidnapped. Loosh harvesting much?

Pretty sick... pretty twisted.

28:10 very true.
Off topic, but the thumbnail of that video is very interesting re: the lion and the lamb...

Mandela Effect/remnants of former timelines...

(03-03-2018, 10:07 PM)MO Wrote:


It was ALWAYS 'lion shall lay down with the lamb'...


I have even heard preachers say it in sermons.

There are all kinds of images of the lion and the lamb due to this bible verse...

Strange, strange days indeed.

Dude I honestly love this lady. I really think she's super friendly and whatnot.

6:30 I fucking hate this space faring bullshit... humanity is such a gaggle of fucking idiots. They want to fuck up space just like they've given it their best effort to fuck this planet up... absolutely fucking pathetic. They're gonna fail so hard... not like they can't get out there, but more like everything they build will be destroyed. Absolute complete and total idiots.

27:05 oh so NOW they want the fucking migrant invaders to leave, eh? Covert infiltration war going as planned, eh? Fucking disgusting. Good luck, Sweden... good fucking luck. I sure hope you can "bring the situation under control" without sacrificing any more of your people... you've already totally failed them.

35:40 she starts talking about the 50th anniversary of the release of Rosemary's Baby and what the meaning behind the movie was re: satanism and ritual abuse. She slips an interesting theory about dementia in there too.

45:30 she talks about the GMO genetically modified white dot tick which carries the (supposedly bio-weapon) Lyme disease.

Great info, again, this lady is amazing.

14:31 re: civil war, I absolutely could not agree with her more. I commend her.

25:20 - 25:56 exactly.

39:00 re: China surveillance... absolutely chilling.

This woman's videos are amazing, she's the modern Mae Brussell.

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