You Are Free TV: Odin's Eye, Snowden, Assange, QAnon, and the Deep State Takedown

4:02 - 4:27 she's basically talking about loosh harvesting...

A "caravan" of 8000+ illegals is an act of war... period. And it needs to be dealt with as such.

If we don't defend our border, America will turn into to one of those "shithole countries"... like Germany, France, Sweden, and every other European nation that has allowed migrant hoards to come and buttfuck their land and their people (literally). Nah, no thanks. America doesn't wanna be like Europistan. Defend the fucking border.

4:27 the "Deep State New Age Movement", exactly what I was talking about today re: Prince Ea:

14:00 she addresses the Space Force subject.

20:10 they're rolling it out "super fast" because Space Force has already existed for decades.
What a coincidence! I had just started watching this video on YouTube before I clicked over to the forum.

Let's be clear. A large force of people entering a country bearing foreign flags is, in fact, an invasion and should be met with military force.
(10-24-2018, 02:09 AM)Guest Wrote: Let's be clear. A large force of people entering a country bearing foreign flags is, in fact, an invasion and should be met with military force.

I don't think there's a clearer definition of "INVASION"... anyone debating that doesn't have a leg to stand on. This is a defining moment. They better be made an example of.
I've always wondered about California's moronic water management. Every year it's alternating floods and droughts. It's common sense to capture the water from flooding to use during drought.
That was one of the points in this video that really stuck with me...

She's right...

The planet does naturally replenish these resources.

It's all just a bunch of lies.

I like this lady, she's got nice hair too.

I think that might be the first time I've ever heard her talk about the pineal gland.

9:20 so Hillary is moving her ops to Shanghai/China. The bought that move a long time ago by selling out top secret info to the Chinese. Another indicator that China will not be the next super power like everyone seems to enjoy believing.

14:04 she starts addressing Space Force again.

16:55 addresses the "Smart City" in Quayside, Toronto...

The former CEO of BlackBerry said that the project is a "colonizing experiment" and is the epitome of surveillance capitalism.

17:58 addresses Facebook Portal...

It's a device with a camera that follows you all around your house under the guise of being there just in case you want to... what, talk to somebody on Messenger? Fucking ridiculous, and all from a corporate monopoly that literally sells user data.

24:43 addresses the VentureBeat Summit, which is a conference based around AI, for corporate vice presidents and all higher level executives... essentially it's the Bilderberg Group of Silicon Valley.
I watched that one earlier today. I subscribed to her awhile back. Not too crazy about the hairdo, but she has a pleasant demeanor.
(11-09-2018, 04:49 PM)MO Wrote:
7:45 he mentions Broward county in the news again because thousands of ballots are surfacing out of nowhere...

We all know Broward county is the most corrupt county in Florida, home to many ops.

These threads in part discuss the wrong-doings of Broward county and its officials:

So much corrupt shit has gone down surrounding Broward county lately that it's now being dubbed "The Broward Effect"...

This blatant corruption needs to be called out publicly on a national scale.

17:44 she gives a good summary of current events.


Wow, Health and Human Services Daniel Best dead?! A "suicide" with multiple blunt force traumas!?!?!

13:00 re: the tanks and the invader forces on the southern border.

24:17 re: Mugu airbase radar anomalies.

32:00 "a quantum system".

Deep shit going on here...

Rub Hands


2:16 LOL how fucking great would it be if they put all these geriatric bloodthristy criminal elite in fucking GITMO!?!?!?!?!?! ROFLMAOOO!!!

23:30 the muslims do own a shitload of the social media sites, I've posted about it before re: Facebook...

(11-20-2018, 10:49 PM)MO Wrote: Back when you could still look through the profiles in order by the URLs (user 1, user 2, etc.) Fuckerberg was nowhere to be seen and all the first profiles were middle eastern dudes.

11:15 wow.

19:30 EXACTLY.


2:19 LMFAOLOL she's so fuckin' right.

2:41 "He's gone downstairs" ROFLMAOLOL I love this lady.

17:25 I had actually thought about this possibility earlier today re: their firstborn.

23:00 wow.

While I watch this lady, a few thoughts occur to me...

I've always felt she was a bit like the modern day Mae Brussell...

But the truth is, unlike Mae's material... in 40 years, these videos of her probably won't be around.

There will probably be many scrubbings of public internet platform ghettos, like YouTube etc., between now and then, which wipe out what would have otherwise been priceless stores of historical information.

The only reason Mae Brussell's materials are still around is because they were on hardcopy, and she distributed copies to anyone who wanted them.

Everyone is being encouraged to keep everything digital, and to store things 'on the cloud'...

None of that material will survive.

Nothing that isn't brought into hardcopy will survive.

1:19 I agree with her, it's hilarious what a troll Trump is... he's got such a badass sense of humor and attitude, love him.

5:15 it's a 'smart' fucking nightmare.

This shit has to be rejected at all costs...

We need a full scale, mass 'smart' device ABANDONMENT.

9:25 she says the plan for Santa Rosa, CA is 'stack and pack' micro apartments.

9:43 she's right, I've seen it in my own personal life, this is what they do... and they always use fire to get their way.

I really do love this lady, she is a great chick.

So... talc causes mesothelioma due to levels of asbestos in baby powder. That's terrible.

20:12 she explains that we are energy, and we are essentially batteries and electrical beings.

She says "we are quantum beings".

25:00 see this is what I'm talking about when I say this...

"Smart phones (and other devices) read and record your energy signature"

They're already doing all these things. But I don't see how it ties into a potential monetary system... I dunno, elements of what she's saying don't ring true to me. But it's not because SHE'S being dishonest or something, it's not like that. It's more like just a misunderstanding in semantics.

30:13 this is exactly why I say, there is a SLOW KILL which has been taking place for DECADES. The "war" isn't what you see in all the movies... it's THIS.

31:29 such a sad, sick story... re: the drag queen children and the pedophilia agenda. This shit cannot be allowed. This poor Desmond kid is a total victim of child abuse and so are any of the other children being pimped out by their parents as drag queens.

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