blondie's men
no homo  i promise but i was amazed at how pretty debby harry's band was , LOL never ever looked at the guys before  

@ 5:00

I'll take the one in blue.
I want men.
here is a quirky , obscure  but awesome blondie cover song   

i love the clarity of this for its time  and  its just so bizarre 

That's from a movie or something.
Here it is:
Oh no they killed Kenny, and not a single fuck was given that day!
Her anus hairs are black lol
(02-01-2018, 12:43 AM)Fungus Wrote: Oh no they killed Kenny, and not a single fuck was given that day!


(02-01-2018, 12:44 AM)Fungus Wrote: Her anus hairs are black lol

(02-01-2018, 12:43 AM)Fungus Wrote: Oh no they killed Kenny, and not a single fuck was given that day!

i love you  ... man from  nuburu  

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL   ,  i see gemstones   in your future bro  

(02-01-2018, 01:09 AM)Trix Wrote: YAAAAAAAAAAS.


Are your anus hair black? Once I was banging this chick when I was 28 she was like 20, she had waxed and shaved all her hairs except for this like 6 inch long one hair which they obviously missed for a long time. I cracked up laughing while banging her and she got all upset and wanted to go home. The sad thing is later she hit me so I kicked her out of my house at 3am and she didn't even know where she was cos I picked her up from the station. Fuck im fucked ey?
You should have just pulled the hair out bro.
@3:30  , that smile is just exquisite 

subtle yet so magnetic and playful

Asking if it's a wig?!?!?!?

That's like asking if she's wearing a tampon or a pad...

What a fucking intrusive question LMAO what the hell is this interviewer bitch smoking!?

"Hey Debbie, you got granny panties on under there or are you wearing some cheekies for us today?"

It's at this point I gotta be 100% honest though, I think this might be the first time I've heard Debbie Harry SPEAK.

2:40 you can see Debbie's body language toward this interviewer is like "Wow, WTF lady, really?"

The interviewer is fucking outrageous, I'd have had a few choice words to say to her.

Debbie is literally nervously laughing about it after the bitch keeps rambling on about whatever other shit she's gonna ask her...

I mean holy hell. I am sure Debbie's had to talk to a lot of assholes over the years so she's used to it, but still... damn.

Makes you glad to only deal with men.

3:18 dude this lady is a cunt, oh my God.
LOL , i was so fixated on blondie's hotness i never really bothered listening to how bitchy that other woman was - must be a guy thing 

 ... you are right she was super mean !

Debbie Harry was so lucky to be surrounded by men...

Every woman should have that!
This blue lagoon is where we make our aryan babies

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