blondie's men
Dude I think Hanging On The Telephone is such a bitching song, it's probably my fave Blondie song, but I gotta be real...

I'm low key freaked out by the lyrics...

It's like a way less disturbing version of Father Figure, like I talked about on this thread:

Only in that song, George Michael specifies who he's talking about has a 'tiny hand'.

In Hanging On The Telephone, Debbie Harry just mentions somebody's mother leaving the building and then inquiring whether she went to work, or to the store, and then saying to 'ignore' what the mother has told [whoever Debbie is talking to] about her.

So that alone suggests the song is about a romance between Debbie Harry and a younger person...

Because Debbie Harry was 33 at the time of the release of that song.

And back in the 70s it was a lot more common for people to leave home pretty young, so one can only assume whoever she was 'talking to' in the song must have been a teenager. Logically that's the only explanation.

Now if the song had been written today, Debbie could have been singing about any 30 year old out there who still lives with their parents, LMAO, but because of the time period... when I hear this song, I'm thinking teenager.

I'm thinking 33 year old Debbie Harry perving out on a 17 or hopefully 18 year old across the hallway in an apartment building.

Call me over analytical but... y'know, I like to think about what I'm actually hearing when I hear it.
And yeah 18 + 18 = 36, Debbie being 33 at the time, she was probably more or less twice the age of whoever the fuck this song was about.

And you can say well, maybe the song was about a younger person and a younger person, maybe it wasn't even about Debbie or maybe it wasn't meant to be seen from the perspective of Debbie but..

Let's be real about it, Debbie is singing the fucking song so that's obviously what we're gonna think.

And getting even more real, LMAO, I'm sure Debbie Harry or no one else in the band even WROTE that fucking song, so let's look it up and see who spoonfed Debbie this crap to sing...

So yeah the song was written by this random fucking guy:

So I mean...

Why give the song to 33 year old Debbie Harry instead of some younger chick?

Why did Debbie Harry take the song and go "Yeah this sounds great, let me just be the face behind this slightly creepy micro story that suggests some weird underhanded shit between a grown ass woman in an apartment building and somebody across the hall who lives with their mom, I wanna be seen that way!"


Just saying. Just fucking saying.

All this crap in the 'entertainment industry' has been right under our noses for all these years...

And even the mindless fuckers who sing it don't even get it, I guarantee you Debbie Harry doesn't actually even get it and never even thought about it or cared at all.
The lyrics say she's in a phone booth across the hall...

So my bad on that.

But still...

Like that's EVEN CREEPIER.

And saying she'll just keep calling even if there's no answer...

Stalking the shit out of this person and talking about how their mom just left...

Dude OMG what the fuck is with this song, I'm so creeped out right now what the fuck??
OMG this is creeping me out so hard right now like...

Look the lyrics up.

This is so freaking weird and the lyrics don't even make sense at the very beginning either...

What the fuck is this song ABOUT??

What the fuck is this song implying??
You know what this fucking reminds me of?

That song by ZZ Top, "Gimme All Your Lovin'"...

Check this shit out...

2:26 it sounds like he says "Use it like a school boy would" but supposedly, he's saying "screwball", which doesn't even make sense.

But don't be relieved or anything because in the next line he apparently says "WORK IT LIKE A NEW BOY SHOULD"?!?!?!?!?!?!?


If this GUY singing is supposed to be talking to a chick about fucking him...

Trix you got me erect on the first commentary about debbie aand a teen thats some good milf porn i wont even need tntt for a bit , the other stuff though is a sick
God she's so fucking hot.


That’s my girl...

Debbie’s tits were fucking bomb.
I get hard when i see this blondie cuz she reminds me of trix who is so delicious and a super freak...really love to taste her
Was just reading about peter madsen/kim wall and it was mentioned that blondie was in a 'snuff' themed movie

Never could watch Videodrome, rubbed me the wrong way.
Thats one yummy lady just like trix.
She makes me never wanna wear a bra again.
(09-16-2018, 12:10 AM)Trix Wrote:

Damn I love a braless woman
(09-16-2018, 12:43 AM)Crow Wrote: Damn I love a braless woman

I do too and I’m really starting to feel like it’s time to give bras up, it’s for the best.

Bras are bad for health.
Besides I feel like if the problem really was that your tits sag and you need to hoist them up, why not just invent a much more simple way to do it? Just use a wide ribbon to hoist them up and tie it around your neck or something.

Regardless there’s no reason to wear a bra, especially if you have little titties.

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