Kevin Spacey's dad and Hitler buttscrewed and that's how Kevin was conceived...
S C I E N C E.
dude i still love his acting , so what if he is a little over sexual maybe its in his numerology charts - its definitely in mine !

we can't help reaching out and touching people
Creepy lookin fucker. I did enjoy House of Cards though. Shame, Kevin, Shame... Shame.
Visiting is pretty Visiting is good!
(02-02-2018, 12:30 AM)MO Wrote:

"Video Unavailable"

so apparently mr. spacey was groping an 18 year old guy near a piano ...the boy getting is dick grabbed  is the son of a television news anchorwoman   , says he has video of the incident  

I'm betting this latest thing with KS is all a smokescreen to divert attention
and the question of guilt away from his far darker sins on Jeffrey Epstein's

Put it into the public's mind that he's "innocent" of this seemingly lame "charge"
[he probably had a flunky approach the boy and set this deal up with him and
his mother.]

Take a nice little payout [the boy & his mother] for this made-up bullshit so he can have
a Win, THEN, when the other crimes come calling, people will already have this
false sense of incredulity over this nonsense case of him grabbing an 18 year
olds junk.

"If they didn't convict me of this, then they'll never even believe I could be capable
of doing all this other!"
Epsteins owls removed from pedo island
and beiber thinks his owl tattoo is just for fun
hollywood mafia strikes again
Isn't that the second or third victim that has been murdered?
(10-02-2019, 03:59 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Isn't that the second or third victim that has been murdered?

They should go ahead and make him an honorary Clinton already.
In fact, I bet a little ancestry dot com Google-fu might even turn 
up that they're somehow related. Would not be surprized.

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