Near death experiences...
This was the first one I watched tonight:

Totally amazing.

I blame Kelli for sending me down this rabbit hole...

This one is beyond words for sure...

I think it's probably the best one I've ever heard, but I haven't really listened to or read that many NDE stories.

It just really rings true...

13:02 - 14:32.
This was the next one I watched:


The last few mins. of this vid are pretty profound, and an amazing story in general.
Here's a thread I wrote after coming across another NDE vid a while back:

(04-01-2017, 11:09 PM)Trix Wrote: I do think that these coordinate points (us and all conscious vessels as 'individuals') are all unique. Maybe different configurations of the same patterns for each coordinate point.

It's hard to explain...

But essentially I think existence is simple.

I think it's just the same set of patterns over and over...

But at the same time there is a super complex element of combining the elements in super intricate ways or something.

It's a duality sort of dichotomy.

The concept of there being infinite combinations for only a certain set of patterns...

Doesn't really throw me off from the belief that 'existence/reality' is simple to explain and conceive of.

But it is a concept sort of on the level of the "Then where did God come from?" issue Christians run into.

Not as mind boggling by a longshot though because that question is spurned from a faulty belief system anyway...

You don't run into that "brick wall" trying to figure out this whole patterns/combinations thingy.

Okay so maybe it's that the combinations of this set of patterns builds on itself throughout the macro expression/expansion of the reality matrix and that is what causes the 'individuality' of the coordinate points.

So it's the same patterns, but it's just like... more of the same patterns on top of each other in all these varying combos.

But the whole multiplication factor makes it so that the variation of combinations doesn't matter that much anymore because by nature of the 'building on itself' aspect, the coordinate points are 'individual' enough as it is.

Alright, I'm satisfied with this explanation, makes total sense.
I think love is definitely a genuine thing that exists beyond our mere physical existence.
I mean if it wasn´t then why have a universe in the first place.

10:17 dude I try to tell people this, it's so damn true...

Be careful around dead bodies because they can still potentially hear you if the head/ear area is intact.

The possibility of that doesn't go away until stiffness starts to set in.
I wonder if "heaven" exists in a way where former human souls can actually meet. And if it does, can you meet any soul you want?
Could you even meet souls of other species?
And then there´s the whole question of will your soul plop into another physical body ever again. Does that only happen if you want it to happen?

This Richard dude is pretty hot.



5:21... it honestly makes me think that the people in some of these stories are just talking to aspects of themselves when they meet this 'other' consciousness.

Wow man his story was powerful.

That second story...

how did the smallest particle or even empty space come into being in the first place ?

there is magic beyond what our brains can comprehend

as humans we love to organize and pretend everything is under control

what a joke we are with our confidence
(02-04-2018, 04:52 AM)Trix Wrote: 5:21... it honestly makes me think that the people in some of these stories are just talking to aspects of themselves when they meet this 'other' consciousness.

Yeah I don´t doubt NDEs in general but some of them, like the one you´re referring to^ could just as well be the guy dreaming/hallucinating.

The more credible stories to me are the ones who see light and feel warmth. That actually seems somewhat realistic. I don´t buy that God wouldn´t like him seeing his face. An almighty all-knowing God wouldn´t care if you saw his/hers/its face I´m sure.
Ofc I can´t be sure about that last bit, but to me, it´s just such a huge turn off that God would care about something like that. I honestly doubt God has a face at all. It´s probably just light and warmth. :D That´s my guess anyways...
I find near-death experiences very interesting, inspiring, and extremely hopeful...

Hey Trix, have you read this?

It's an article about how intelligence cults can technologically cause someone to go into out-of-body experiences by using trauma based mind control, sending them into alternate dimensions of metaphysical reality.

It's a long article to read, but it has very "profound" information in it.
Oh yeah, I have heard all about the scores of human 'lab rats' they abuse and put into altered states.

Really sick and terrible.
But I was speaking to someone earlier about the fact that a lot of these people who say they've 'died and come back' haven't been clinically dead. Some of them were. A lot of them weren't. But they seem to have basically the same stories regardless. It's interesting. A lot of time it's trauma that throws people into these NDEs rather than situations where they end up clinically dead. They get close to death, but they're not clinically dead, so they can't technically say they 'died and came back'.
But don't get me wrong, I understand that it's called a NEAR death experience.

My qualm comes into play when the ones who weren't clinically dead say they 'died and came back'.

Cried super hard watching this vid, not even gonna lie.

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