Near death experiences...

Her descriptions are amazing.
There's a lot of debate about whether to go into the light or not. Some people think it's a reincarnation trap. I've listened to a lot of stories and thought about it a lot... I just kinda think if there's any question about it, there's probably no harm in NOT going into the light right away. I doubt it's possible to avoid going into the light forever though. I just really think being absorbed into the light is inevitable. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. But you could probably suss it out and play it by ear when the time comes, lol.
I think listening to a bunch of NDE stories is about the only way to come to a conclusion about the "light" question though... the experiences are not all 100% the same.

The part about the blueprint was fascinating.
The part about "The Council" might sound ridiculous to some... but I've seen the white room with the "council" people. I was thinking about that experience fairly recently, and I did a keyword search to see if I've ever talked about it here, but I couldn't find anything.

One of the greatest NDE stories I've personally ever heard. Epic.

Legit, if I could call any NDE story "iconic" it'd totally be this one.
Is this the light?

Dude... the medical industrial complex is a jooooooooooooke.

3:30 oh my God that is WILD, I have NEVER heard anything like this in any other NDE story.

13:17 I swear I'm about to cry like a bitch right now.

19:38 wow man... it's almost hard to believe this info is REALLY being shared, REALLY being given to us.

Damn, that was truly epic.

The way some of these people describe their experiences, the words they use, the terminologies...

I completely relate to what they're saying.
"PSA: Going into the light when you die might be a bad idea"

Shit, I dunno y'all... just putting it out there. I mean, I think this is kind of an important topic.
Whether or not to go into the light when we die is kind of a big deal.

19:05 in the second video he says the neurologist verified that there was no brain activity while he was having this experience, which would suggest that it may not be just a DMT trip happening in the brain. Either they can't detect the kind of activity that happens in the brain at that time, or these people really were straight up dead and in another dimension/plane of existence.
That guy said he had Guillain-Barre and the symptoms disappeared after his NDE... another lady said she had cancer which disappeared after her NDE. I've heard a lot of stories where people had been sick but were cured after their NDE, and I think it suggests that the experience might reset the body's systems. If it's all an electrical system, it would make sense that a hard reset could fix such problems.
I think the brainwave monitors look for electrical activity in the brain. So, if all electrical activity shuts down, they wouldn't detect anything.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!

15:32 - 18:34 the way she puts it totally makes sense. I think this is the truth.

Man I dunno what's up with some of the clickbait thumbnails on this channel, but that old lady is fine as hell.
4:33 see these kinda details are the reason why I think these are real experiences instead of just trips taking place in the brain.

6:40 I meeeean, who wouldn't wanna get the fuck out of Anchorage?!

6:52 these are wormholes.

8:42 see it's like Naya said in the video posted before this one... there are all these different realms and some people only go as far out as the "Jesus realm" etc.

12:38 ermergerd, it's the Akashic Records.

15:33 fucking EVERYONEEEEEEE tells the same story. I've seen people refer to these videos as "Christian propaganda" but I'm sorry, no. Lmao. It's NOT propaganda, it's genuinely WTF happened to these people and NDE stories have been the same since like the beginning of time.

15:44 she's got one of the best stories for sure. Not that it's a contest or anything, lmfaaaooooo. "MY NDE WAS BETTER THAN YOURS!!!!!!" NDE envy. Have you ever heard anything more 3D!?!

Another epic NDE and another story of a reset of the body system resulting in spontaneous healing.

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